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The Indispensable Radical Left

White collar conservative flashin’ down the street, pointing that plastic finger at me, they all assume my kind will drop and die, but I’m gonna wave my freak flag high.

— “If 6 was 9”, Jimmy Hendrix, from his 1967 album Axis: Bold as Love

A map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth even glancing at.

— Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism, 1891

Nearing the final chapter of late stage capitalism most major media outlets have been absorbed by centralized corporate power, where anyone that doesn’t have a pro-corporate, pro-USA opinion within the bounds of power’s defined normalcy is labeled as radical. The news media has seen fit to no longer report the news through the lens of supporting the people, rather they are purveyors cultural norms pushed onto us by corporations and US intelligence agencies which best suit the needs of power. The perspective of major news outlets is that it’s perfectly okay for the US to engage in unjust wars, and meddle with the rest of the planet by inserting our own chosen leaders into foreign governments; e.g., like they are doing to Venezuela, and generally have no problem promoting mass murder using Orwellian vernacular to peddle support for violently spreading US economic interests to the rest of the world.

Suggest peace or ecological sustainability? Shit, sorry buddy, now you’re a radical; a naive one they’d argue. The powers that be seem to fully embrace the idea that it’s fine as a nation-state to act like homicidal authoritarian maniacs who are pushing the global ecology to the brink of collapse, that’s just fine, so long as you just want to kill the proper people. Should you be a proponent of peace, cooperation, and sustainable non-exploitative living for all, generally creating a world with far less atrocities and horrors, well, that will get you the label of radical even for the socialism lite policies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing in the green new deal. She has since owned the moniker of radical along the general line of thought that if being more humane makes her a radical then so be it, and rightly so, but if the ideas of being more humane are considered radical now, wait till these mainstream hacks hear what is actually necessary to begin to heal the natural world on a timetable that doesn’t end in some rather brutal ways and much faster than most think possible no less. Climate change and species extinction are continually accelerating faster than expected along exponential curves and exponentiation has a way of sneaking up on you rather fast.  Now we’re talking about the type of stuff that will be openly balked by the status quo neoliberal capitalists as potentially extremist.

For instance, Trump recently sarcastically scoffed in a tweet: “I think it is very important for the Democrats to press forward with their Green New Deal. It would be great for the so-called “Carbon Footprint” to permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas, & the Military – even if no other country would do the same. Brilliant!”

Trump frames needed change as an absurdist impractical disposition, while my radical disposition is that I do indeed think it would be great to phase out and eventually eliminate automobiles, commercial airlines, the torturous livestock industry, and scrap the world’s largest polluter and ruling titan in the industry of child murder known as the US military. Further, I’d argue that the majority of the planet would wake up to a life that’s far kinder and more livable without these things. Now I’m not so radical to say immediately eliminate them, but they should be phased out and our communities reoriented to move away from their use within five years. The change would be dramatic; however, the term radical probably isn’t apropos here considering the potential implications of not changing means nature likely forces our hand to change, and the resulting chaos would be far more radical of a transition than an intentionally controlled move away from social hierarchy, global capitalism, and fossil fuel use.

It’s quite the game of semantics being played when corporate news bandies the word radical around, as it only means to deviate sufficiently from accepted norms, it doesn’t innately have a positive or negative meaning. I’m sure we’d all happily accept lives that were radically more peaceful and happy, yet the connotation in corporate news doesn’t usually imply the definition in the superlative. So when news media uses the word radical they use it as an opportune smear, sometimes when even referring to a modicum of change they hyperbolically reach into their grab bag of fear mongering words to create a negative association with those who might cut into their profits and present them as fringe outliers, and they’re also quite aware the term is often used to label people they correlate with violent activities, which is a bonus since what they are attempting to do with the word is discredit the opposition.

The tactic of applying the word radical to the left isn’t just to invalidate an idea, but it’s designed to denigrate the change agents, which is usually the progressive left and those further to the left of them. But the left isn’t really a thing and neither is the right, they are but a spectrum of people who gravitate to ideas based on a set of values and where they feel like they fit relative to the culturally established polarities promoted, and to a large extent in the US what determines left and right ideologies is established by the Republican and Democratic parties. And the people don’t set the agenda of either of the parties. Rather wealthy elites set their agenda, which equates to the people having no real voice, rather only if they want corporate authoritarian plan A or B.

The extremes of the spectrum of left and right are often misconstrued intentionally by those attempting to manipulate the public dialog, and for my purposes here, like the word radical, the word extreme isn’t to mean good or bad only the furtherest realms of thought down a logically consistent path. Most people have a mixture of right and left ideas, but the ideological thinking at the root of the left and right, what I’m referring to here as the extremes, have certain core beliefs at their foundations.

So the extreme right is embodied by the following ideas: An open endorsement of competition, discipline, control, militarism, shame and punishment behavior modification; e.g., prisons and courts, law and order. A might makes right power structure, acting on fear impulses and using it as motivational tool. A culture of violent domination and ownership as a means to an end to accomplish the interests of the installed hierarchy. The right wing embraces an archaic brutal winner take all competition where the hoarding of resources is encouraged to utilize leverage over other people, and warfare and policing is commonly employed to achieve those means if necessary. And because they believe in hierarchy and broken ideas like “leadership” they are innately against mechanisms that distribute power whether they be economic or political. Hence they are against socialist policies of government that limit profits for corporate interests like healthcare, but for the physical authority aspects of socialism like policing, jails, and military. Also due to their belief in ruling hierarchy there is a more natural submission to play the role of unthinking pawn to an authority and those at the top of the pyramid will more commonly exhibit authoritarian tendencies. This tendency for the right wing to adopt authoritarian policies is noted by former psychology professor Bob Altemeyer, where in his book The Authoritarians he cites authoritarianism as primarily a right wing behavior.

Under the doctrine of the right the ruling power acts like a parent to the people. The parent will play nice so long as the child behaves, they may even negotiate occasionally should it be easier for the adult to briefly yield than use corporal punishment, but should the child interfere with the relationship with power to the adult then violence will be used to reestablish power.

The environment and human life are secondary priorities to maintaining the power structure to the right wing. Words are reframed if not outright inverted to mask the extremely negative repercussions from operating in competitive hierarchy, where implications such as war, class subjugation, incarceration, and ecocide are merely the price we have to pay for the good of the nation state and its sacrosanct economic system. Nationalism and organized religion are heavily promoted by right wing authoritarians as these are both ideologies where critical thinking is circumvented in favor of blind allegiance. They both have leaders who serve as conduits to a higher power; in religion this is the priest class and in patriotism a leader like Trump fills this role who gains his power by being conduit to the American mythology and putting a flag in front of every atrocity made while lurching for more power. Every act of violence and abuse of power orchestrated is put in the context of a mistake or a necessity while ostensibly trying to protect ole glory.

The rationale dismisses most actions that might be considered ugly as merely isolated events and not indicative of the system itself which is beyond reproach as the mythology of the founding fathers is sacred, just as the bible itself was infallible to Christians as soon as ink touched parchment. Everything to foster a belief in held power and perpetuate the status quo way of doing things, while attempting to justify all the actions of it. Wholesale “loyalty” to a side is an underlined virtue. Due to blind subscription to ‘isms, the activities of ruling power are never dubious enough to dim the fidelity of the people to the ‘ism, in part because they have personified the ‘ism as a part of themselves, it becomes part of their identity, and thus all misgivings are rationalized through the ultimate good they believe the power represents since they believe themselves to be good. And no matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary it remains sacrosanct to question that authority because it’s akin to questioning their own ego identity.

As for the ideology of the extreme left, they are at root based in human cooperation, sharing, equality, and flattened models of power in a voluntary economic system. Lefty ideas are usually embodied under the umbrella of ideologies like socialism, communism, and most forms of anarchism. Consciousness, and the quality of it, for all living beings is prioritized. Compulsory conformity is frowned upon.The extreme left consists of people who want to be left alone to live free in their communities unmolested by business interests and government. The extreme left chooses symbiosis with nature rather than bulldozing over it. They encompass shamanistic Native America values, with strong ties to community without petty division and being stewards of the land.

A live and let live outlook is embraced, a take only pictures leave only footprints mentality. Peace, diplomacy, and understanding are at the forefront of thought when dealing with others. Violence is a last resort only when facing an unyielding force, such as what western empire is to countries not currently in their financial snare. And again, the left isn’t really the political left, they are merely a diverse group who react to fear differently than those who more closely associate to ideas on the right. Lefties are traditionally less reactionary to fear, and less vengeful to external threats; maintaining a do unto others mentality with a belief that people should not exploit others or the land for profit. Not controversial stuff, just treat everyone like you would like to be treated, the golden rule.

Lefties are funded by almost no one with a big pot of gold, likely because there is an underlying contention on the left that no one needs to be that rich and powerful, so those who crave wealth and spend their days chasing money and power don’t typically have much in common with core lefty values. And George Soros, Bill Gates, and other so called lefty elites don’t support lefty writers, pundits, and journalists like the Koch brothers support on the right wing, mostly because those billionaires aren’t really the left, they are Reagan era conservatives who are only considered lefty relative to Trump era conservatives.

It’s primarily the left that cares if animals are mistreated, the left that finds trophy hunting and abattoirs disdainful, the left that doesn’t support “double tap” drone bombing, or giving weapons to hardline authoritarian allies like Saudi Arabia who drops them on school buses in Yemen.

The lefties are the ones suggesting nation states prioritize taking care of the people and living sustainably instead investing in mass murder and ecocide on a global scale. Or that humanity not be an authoritarian shit show, but for these sentiments the argument is inverted by the right wing and the left is called authoritarian. The rebuke from the right wing often lands on a variation of the following argumentation: “Did you hear about Stalin and Hitler? They were authoritarian lefty communist/socialist types, and didn’t you know that communism and socialism always end in tragic failure?“

However, I’ve yet to meet a lefty that would support a modern day Stalin or Hitler regime or any of their methodologies, or their structure of power, or the way they conducted any their of business as usual behavior, but according to some punditry on the right, this is an example of a violent failure from the left. The most horrendous right wing activities are pegged onto lefties as a basic straw-man shell game and intentionally using the most convenient arguments usually blurted from a bully pulpit with a large installed audience where the counter arguments are muted and/or ignored by big media outlets.

The misconceptions of what and who is radical have been driven by the aforementioned right wing. Values are again very intentional. The right wing is what western civilization is based on, and they contort and confuse every successive generation into believing aspects of red baiting propaganda, which works really well when one can control media outlets and silence dissent. Like when they sentenced lefty socialist Eugene Debs to a decade in prison in 1918 for nothing more than giving a speech. And today the ruling elite right wing authoritarians have sought punishment for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and others for whistleblowing on the heinous activities of the state. If the people at the top of the hierarchy had lefty values they’d thank them for pointing out the corruption, but the reaction of the US government tells you all you need to know about the ideology currently running the world.

The proper and reasoned response to this systemic construct of intentional mass inequality, which threatens the very continuance of the human species, is to reject it outright. This is a system that deliberately manufactures inequality so an oligarchy can forever enrich themselves while keeping the lower classes divided, subjugated, and bemused. To create such inequality others must be disempowered to the point they cannot resist, clearing the way to properly rob them of the land beneath their feet and plunder the natural world for resources. The powers that be propagate large scale plans; e.g., the southern strategy, for dividing people and not caring about the human suffering that is a result of their social meddling even should it lead to violence, which is the intended result in most cases where it occurs. Their objective is only to virulently defend the helm of power at any cost, and to serve economic interests of those who already have more than their share.

Radical change starts with understanding that the way things are now isn’t how they have to be. What occurred yesterday doesn’t have to be what happens tomorrow. However, being a radical is not something to be taken lightly. Drawing outside the lines that comprise defined societal norms takes courage, but we should not endeavor to do things simply to prove we are not afraid, or to garner a sense of status, or because it betters our odds of getting laid. But when simple truths go ignored which give rise to widespread abuse and inequality, and standing up to end these practices makes one a radical – Then so be it.

Be fuckin’ radical.

Be radical when it comes to standing up for any action that reduces suffering of another. Be radical to protect all nascent threads of emotional connection, creativity, and courage wherever they may lie. Radically see life and consciousness in everything and treat all as an equal, radically enlighten, be radically sustainable; these are not controversial things yet they are all under attack to the degree that to be logically consistent with these ideas will make one a radical with a negative connotation. So in the face of ecocidal empire we must rebel radically, yet with radical wisdom to know that the methodologies in which we bring about change will determine the values that will be expressed into any new system of change. Divesting from the current economic methodologies, using radical non-participation, radical civil disobedience, and creating self sufficient sustainable communities will help drive power away from the current model and potentially break it. Though, I’m afraid there’s no way forward unless we accept being radical.

Capitalism, Empire, and the Infernal Gloom Machine

Depression is built into this machine and the evidence is plastered on the morose faces of people caught in the clutches of its business as usual activities. Depression is found in the insurmountable debts we owe for spending a lifetime of preparation and labor to serve the machine. In addition to debt, the machine awards us for our servitude with trinkets, gadgets, doodads and gizmos that provide a moment of hollow amusement and then sit on shelves in garages and decay. They represent the planned obsolescence of the human heart. The sacrifice paid for our fetish with materialism is the actual quality of our lives.

The gloom machine tells us the quality of our lives is defined by the machine in the driveway, and the machine that flushes away our excrement, and the machine that chills the tortured slaughtered animal flesh for later consumption, and the machine that flashes pornographic images and supplies numbers detailing how much we are liked by our so called friends. But to us humans it seems that quality of life is more appropriately measured in the amount of disposable time we have to pursue that which we want, and the quality of the community around us, and living without being chronically stressed with threats of being displaced from the land upon which we live for not working hard enough for the machine.

Depression is waking up at 6 in the morning in darkness to sit in traffic for an hour to arrive at a job that we don’t want to be at, only to serve the machinations of people with nothing but greed in their overstuffed bellies. And we go to these jobs so that we can pay rents that are unaffordable, and to service debt we’ll never escape, and we go home in darkness to our lonely lives in places where community is absent with a view of an equally lonely tree or a man-made retention pond which is an upgrade over the view of staring directly at your neighbor’s domicile. Depression is the realization there is no vacation on the horizon, no respite, just more of the same. Depression is knowing that such a life is better than many others have it.

Depression is recognizing the cynics were right about this society, that Cohen spoke truth when he sullenly moaned:

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

Depression is watching art die. The surrealist, the bohemian, the rock ’n roll, and the anti-authoritarian soul has lain down and pledged fealty to the dollar. For money, they’re now all willing to become ready made predictable cubes to be packaged and sold in plastic wrap placed in cleverly designed boxes which deliver to the depressed public what they want, more of something that’s pretty on the outside and vacant within. We are left with monthly subscriptions of more tales of self aggrandizement for the throngs of temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

Depression is watching the worst of us rise to legitimacy and awarded iniquitous riches for it. The popular is depressive, musical hack Cardi B sings about her money money money and she is loved. Jordan Peterson sells cheap self help stolen from better written material decades ago amalgamated with misogyny and dictates of hierarchal subjugation and becomes wildly popular. Trump purveys hatred of people of color and a love of authoritarianism and the depressive people, oh do they eat it up. This is sickness, depressive sickness.

Depression is acceptance of the violent now. The grossly unhappy men with their armaments spread their gloom and horror across the planet and claim righteousness for doing so. Depression is watching society applaud murderous hearts for their crimes who don badges and camouflage and have holidays to celebrate their violent history, while villains are made of those who simply don’t want to stand up for songs of oppression. Thank you for your service to the machine.

Depression is watching notions of resistance and revolution take form in slightly altered subservience. The great reformation desired now is for a “green new deal” that doesn’t come close to mitigating the impending culling of humanity from soon to be ecological catastrophes. Their plans offer only more endless work at the behest of the gloom machine while promising healthcare that will never happen, less debt it will also never deliver, and affordable housing that still won’t solve homelessness. They don’t want to break the machine, just tweak it, and they lack the ability to do that even. Never have I borne witness to such eager slaves and such depressive aspirations. The people seem to adore their cubicle lives, their environmental destruction, their corporations, their debts, their corrupt leaders, their prisons, their banks, and their taxes.

They want to continue to be put to work under the thumb of the status quo western civilization authoritarian mind and this is all the depressed mentally dominated masses can think of as a possible improvement. Instead of wanting to taste real liberty and be actual equals, their dreams are limited to being better treated servants. The gloom machine chugs along fueled with dimwitted ideas sold by boxed-in thinkers without any possibility of escaping the darkness, rather simply offering a more cushy seat for viewing the end of everything.

The machine bellows out demanding more, more, you owe me more, and somehow those wearing red, white, and blue agree and celebrate the demands of the machine. These debts we owe are servitude. The numbers held in digital machines are immoral which demand one must wake up to a dreary existence to do more of what is killing our souls along with the flora and fauna around us.

Depression is the downtrodden plebs who celebrate their corrupt democracy, which is in reality a thinly veiled oligarchy that should be obvious to all. They prop up a system of voting that allows the election of the presidency, a position that shouldn’t exist in the first place in an egalitarian society, to be awarded to candidates who don’t capture the most votes. What little democracy there is in a representative system is lost in totality when the winner of elections need not win the majority of votes. The gloom machine is straight up tyranny.

A non-depressed society would reject being served faux democracy. They’d reject a system absent of reason or compassion and disdain would be for ideas of continuing to support such a destructive way of being. But instead, within the gloom machine shame is reserved for those who don’t want to take part in the busted system, and it venerates those who cast votes for imperialist conquerers and planet destroyers, and those voters are lauded as doing their civic duty for taking part in open public corruption.

Depression is the insincere know it all crowd who are incapable of honest debate and have rarely endeavored to open a book of substance or engage in critical thought, but they know trivialities which they mistake as facts and wisdom. They know arrogance well and emanate it with aplomb. They know how to believe all they see in the corporatized media, but thinking without boundaries or limitations is beyond their capacity. This is not even depression, this is tragedy.

Depression is watching the trees be plowed down for more tract housing, a portion of which will sit empty for years because no one can afford to move there, and even if they could it’s a heinous boring life that awaits which is only significantly better compared to being homeless. Depression is knowing this is the reason why we are rapidly destroying our habitable environment and commencing a 6th mass extinction event which is now accelerating.

Depression is to know there is nothing we can do to stop the country we live in from mercilessly killing innocent people all over the world for no reason other than more economic expansion and our sadistic ideas of exceptionalism that entail spreading pain and hardship so a few elites can have more of what they already have more than enough of.

Depression is the powerlessness to change anything of significance. There is no other way they say other than the desolate gloom machine, they say this is how it must be. And so we remain here waiting for the horror that is soon to approach us all as the gloom descends in ever quickening waves.

A zombified indoctrinated populace can see no other way than capitalism and beating each other over the heads to satiate egos in needless competition that is unnecessary for survival and deleterious to the common good. Capitalism is the primary tool of empire, and a word that should be synonymous with depression. It’s the accumulation of resources in an effort to gain more power in man-made markets to leverage that power over other people and get them to do what the person with the most power desires. Capitalism’s depressing ideology is defined by the lecherous desire for more for the sake of it so the winner can pound their simian chest in victorious celebration of the devastation they’ve created.

Capitalism is inherently unsustainable due the way it allows power to coalesce via the leveraging abilities given to money to buy land, the means of production, elections, and advertising. It allows the whims of the few to overrun the needs of the many where those with the worst intentions aspire to gain more than others because they will attempt to fill the void in their hearts with self importance expressed via power over others. This is why it cannot be used.

If there is no central currency or advantage to collecting huge amounts of resources then the motivation to hoard would evaporate, as those resources would simply rot or become a burden to maintain. There’s no fun in that kind of hoarding. The “fun” comes to the simpleton power seeker when they acquire power to make others do what they want and thus gain the ephemeral validation they so desperately seek.

If one runs the math on players competing for money at different rates of gain over a certain amount of time, there will be a doubling effect which becomes exponential. And this effect will accelerate as it plunders along due to gains in leverage which allows for ever greater amounts of money to be made at faster rates. Eventually it always ends the way a game of monopoly ends, someone has all the power and everyone else is subservient to that entity/person.

These dour thoughts manifest from the recognition of the stranglehold empire has over our lives. The depression is the result of the myriad of expectations I can’t let go of that wants to see a kinder more egalitarian and sustainable world emerge while knowing how unlikely it is. Our collective depression is rooted in the foundations of social hierarchy and its economic tools of control, and understanding what a perfect trap it is, and so it goes, and everyone doesn’t know, but they feel it, though.

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House

I’m done with my graceless heart so tonight I’m going to cut it out and then restart.

— Florence and the Machine, Shake It Out

I brought all this
So you can survive when law is lawless
Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead
No squealing, remember that it’s all in your head,

— Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood

A typical American suburbia circa the 1970s and a typical situation. Parents ask a local teen to babysit so they can have an evening out by themselves. The normal rundown of instructions is given, there’s food in the fridge, help yourself, no sweets for the kids after 8, make sure they’re in bed by 9, and with that the parental units leave for the night ceding power to the babysitter. All is well until the phone rings. A foreboding voice on the other end asks a series of odd questions, unsettling questions. The babysitter assumes a friend is playing a prank so she laughs it off and hangs up the phone.

A half hour later the phone rings again. The same strange voice is on the other end, only this time more sinister, more menacing. Sweat erupts from her brow, her voice quivers, and she tells the stranger “Leave me alone or else I’m calling the police. This isn’t funny anymore!” She hangs up and looks at the phone with a worrisome glance, praying it doesn’t ring again, still hoping it’s a bad joke. She attempts to normalize the situation and watches some TV, washes the dishes, and puts the kids to bed for the evening.

An hour passes and all is fine, then it happens – Ring ring goes the phone, thud thud goes her heart. She answers without pleasantries this time “I don’t have time for this, and I’m contacting the authorities.” There’s no sound on the other end for a moment, and then the strange gravelly voice speaks “You should have plenty of time now that you put the kids to bed.” Panic. She’s being watched. She slams the phone down and picks it back up and calls the police. The police give her the standard routine and tells her to stay calm, they are going to trace the call, and will send an officer to check out the scene. She waits on the phone with the operator counting the seconds until the police arrive, and after a minute has passed the operator in frenzied voice exclaims: “We traced the call, it’s coming from a second line inside the house! Get out now!

And a horror trope is born, but there’s something deeper here, a metaphor which is equally as unsettling. Our minds are a house full of voices making calls to our conscious mind. Within each of us there is a benevolent babysitter that looks out for the fragile innocence within us and there’s also a psychopath with a malevolent spirit.

You see, the problem was coming from within all along. And it’s us, all of us. Our individual and collective suffering is due to ourselves. These social problems we face are created by us humans and the internal psychopathy we continue to foster. Each one of us, and I’m certainly no exception, has been a hypocrite, a gossip, an asshole, arrogant, rude, ungrateful, unneighborly, and fallen into the traps of being divisive.

If everyone awoke tomorrow and decided they were not going to pick up a weapon and harm someone there would be no more war. If everyone decided they would listen and try and understand one another before judging and condemning then most conflict and social predation would stop. If they chose forgiveness over vengeance then suffering would diminish exponentially. This sounds impossible, yet it isn’t. It’s a very possible thing to do, in fact, in this physical realm, really it’s easier and far less painful than deciding to commit acts of violence and aggression.

It only is unfeasible because of the perception of inertia in the moment. However, our perceptions can be and often are misinterpreted. The spell cast by momentum and the cultural indoctrination within our minds has set a path in motion which we ostensibly feel is inexorable. The lecherous desires for power continue to compel us to do things that work against all our best interests.

Personal and social change starts from within each of us, from an understanding of the multidimensional nature of our own hearts. When we consider the dynamics of change it takes an investment of introspection considering our own emotional connections and dissecting why we think what we think, and questioning the foundations of our held beliefs, and the core motivations why we retain these beliefs. We cannot heal a society if we are confused and broken ourselves. The end results of attempted change from a society with misplaced values will be a reflection of those values and will fail to transmute the existing societal framework sufficiently to quell the inner psychopath before the horror show ends horribly.

The decisions we make are often out of convenience, decisions made with a shadow intent where a deed may do some good for others in the short term which provides a rationalization for a darker motivation. When, in fact, the said deed primarily served ourselves and may have been detrimental to others in the long term. These are the types of rationalizations going on in the minds of most of the people sitting in public office now and just about every person chasing after money.

Too often we are seduced by desire and end up chasing those desires while justifying every terrible action along the way while in blind pursuit. A desire for lust, vengeance, money, power, validation, status – as many an ancient book of wisdom has taught, passion and desires are flaws, they are blinding and will lead one astray every time. You are complete as you stand, our time here is to learn, to be, to grow. Stop chasing and start learning.

We have been misled by the psychopathic egotist calling from the second line upstairs. Allowing our own past traumas to justify future wrong doings. Along the way we have all ignored the golden rule. We have all acted on occasion out of spite instead of love, and have been judgmental and horrible in our worst moments. These are our issues to resolve no matter how awful the external world around us is and it does not make it any less true that schadenfreude, bitterness, and resentment are wrong. It’s a suffering to ourselves and others just to think of harming another, let alone to speak or act on it.

The darkness always approaches with subtlety, it takes consistent awareness of our own internal thoughts to become responsible stewards of our own minds. We must monitor all that we absorb externally as well because no matter how well constructed our intent it can be corroded if we allow ourselves to be consistently exposed to the wrong things. It’s not enough to resist temptation but when we feel it to question it and ask where does it resonate from. Further, let’s not mistake outer politeness and dog whistles of hatred to mislead us, as the devil is well tailored, rehearsed in formal etiquette, and has a sophisticated tongue.

Thus it is paramount to our very survival to know we are one.

Remember it. Live by it. Those that have fallen off the path will throw many complex traps of blame to foster resentment instead of focusing on fixing the fucking structural issues before us. And we have all fallen off that path, a time or many.

What’s done is done. Let it go. How to make something better now is the only question before us and this is not an easy question. It takes courage, reason, good argumentation, and honesty within ourselves and to those who dissent against us.

We have to question the very nature of our words, what do they mean to us internally without relying on any appeals to authority. What is this word love? What does that really mean? How does it apply to how we govern ourselves in our day to day lives and what are the externalities of our held beliefs. What is it we are actually standing for?

One may think, “I’m not part of the problem.” However, this simply isn’t so, While an individual will always be able to find a worse case than themselves that doesn’t mean they don’t embody at least some of the cultural rot that has led humanity to this precipice where our planetary ecology has now put us on the clock. We either figure out how to deal with that psycho rattling around upstairs very soon or we perish.

The Least Important Election in History

The US midterm elections are almost upon us, but this is a needless bit of inconsequential trivia. It really doesn’t matter. All the Republicans can win or all the Democrats.  Either way it means about as much as a fart in a category 5 hurricane. The net result of actions taken, legislature composed, or honesty with the populace will be inconsequential.

The primary difference between the two parties, who are merely playing a game of good cop/bad cop, is only if you’d prefer to see a rapid more authoritarian style ecological collapse or if you’d prefer one with a soothing dulcet voice reassuring you everything will be fine at two minutes to midnight. Neither have a workable plan on the table to get the US in a sustainable ecological state before it all comes crashing down, nor do they have any notion of creating such a plan.

The best the Democrats offer are conciliatory gestures in policy shifts, but they have not the wisdom, fortitude, or honest intent to stop the devilish system at the heart of the matter. During Obama’s presidency there was a time when the Democrats controlled the senate and the house and they showed their true motivations. They did nothing to pass policies to assuage the damage being done and stop the plunder of Earth for profit, or to end the wars, or to quell mass incarceration system. Even with total control we know what the Democrats offer amounts to platitudes.

And keep in mind, even if the entirety of congress, SCOTUS, and POTUS were controlled by Democrats we still would not find ourselves in a sustainable society, as again, no workable sustainability assessment and plan of transition has ever been done by the party, nor do they care to do something which might lead to such blunt truths. Because those truths would mean decentralization of power and reduction of economic influence for the neoliberal class. Monied elites know the game, and their egos immediately nix any solution set that doesn’t focus the onus of power and attention directly on them.

So what are we doing here in this system? We don’t have a pragmatic solution on the table to avoid ecological collapse, which is accelerating much faster than most think. Meanwhile the people are simultaneously being told by proponents of faux democracy that by not voting for one of the major political parties one is wasting a vote, and not voting at all is akin to a crime by their measures.

What such people either don’t know or won’t admit to is that we are stuck in a system where a financial gun is held at the head of the people at all times. This communicates to the people that if you change, the elites will pull their money out of markets and go Galt. The powers that be will make sure you suffer for your insolence to stand against them. They’ll make finding a livable wage impossible and thus threaten the plebs housing, supply of food, and ability to get healthcare for no other reason than a puerile egotistical insistence that they get their way. They simply don’t care what happens to the people or mother Gaia. Their self interests are why they sought out power to begin with and they’ve devoted their lives to it, and they aren’t surrendering anytime soon.

As it stands, this finger trap of a system will forever spin in place and only create varying levels of profit for capitalist interests. What the system won’t do is solve any of the real problems it has created because it’s been designed to operate to do exactly what it’s doing now, which is drive profits and power directly to the 1%. Democrats only push back enough with pretty sounding words to win your vote over the other guy they are running against, but they’re going to sell out just like their opponent because they themselves are part of the problem.

If this sounds like I’m discouraging people from voting, then good. Fuck voting in this system designed to oppress. As the saying goes, if voting changed something they’d make it illegal. What should be common questions routinely go unanswered around the voting system, like why are we still dealing with the same issues generation after generation; e.g., homelessness. After a couple hundred years of voting it seems like we could have solved this issue as it’s rather easy to work out when there are enough structures to house everyone.

And why would we construct a system at all that awards so much power to so few, and a system that is so corrupted that people ascertain by not voting it leads to tyranny. The system itself should never allow for such a thing, but it’s innately authoritarian in premise, and continuing to vote and pretending like it makes a difference is false hope. It’s like tugging on the controls on an arcade machine without inserting a quarter, where it kinda looks like you’re making something happen on the screen, but everything is on rails. Your input makes zero difference in this undemocratic system which is designed to ignore you.

And in response to the hordes of people who will insist that not voting is irresponsible and support the age old lie that if we just can get the right people in power then, then, the system will turn around – Such naive assertions should be met with a dose of reality which is glaringly clear through a cursory look at history. Such people should have to explain at what point in time there has been a sea change in our system from where it started from genocidal slavers to benevolent rulers, because such a change is nonexistent, and all one need do to figure this out is pick up a copy of Howard Zinn’s book A People’s History of the United States. What’s been there from the get go to present is abuse, stemming from the very origins of western civilization and top down social hierarchy.

When the people claim they achieved a victory what they have really achieved amounts to a gesture that shuts them up. It’s analogous to a hungry child crying that has just irritated their abusive parent enough they finally concede to give them an extra morsel of food. The child then celebrates like they won a battle; however, the child is still in the abusive state but now thinks their wails do something. What they don’t realize is if they get annoying enough what they will be met with is not another conciliatory gesture but a beating.

Thus I call on the people to grow a spine and stand up to our abusers. Stop choosing between which pro-mass-murder psychopath in a suit you want ruling over you and start fighting for something worth having.

Should we not at least try to come up with some kind of plan as a people to organize a real solution that could potentially shake monied elites from their elevated perches? If we are to change, then a real stand has to be made against this archaic and draconian system of social hierarchy presently installed because the powerful aren’t going away and they cannot be reasoned with. They have no plans of surrendering their ill gotten gains accumulated over several centuries of abusive behavior.

Many of our problems are very solvable, as they are merely the result of childish power grabs and a desire to control the labor of others. By not subscribing to this system it doesn’t mean giving up, it means shifting focus. It means incorporating real pragmatism to stop the nose dive into dystopian apocalypse and take a swing at a sustainable egalitarian borderless global society where humanity finally rids itself of the parasites who continue to insist they are more crucial to the world than the hosts they feed from.

If we rid ourselves of those arrogant parasites and their system of abuse, we will find freedom again. A freedom like Native Americans and Aboriginals knew for thousands of years before the bloodsuckers latched upon us. Many will find this vantage point to be highly impractical, but I find naive half-assed solutions, endless extreme unnecessary suffering, and a trajectory leading directly to societal collapse to be far more impractical


Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
— Dylan Thomas

She’s Not There

Our culture is now one of masculine triumphalism, in which transhistorically feminine expressions – empathy, sweetness, volubility, warmth – are seen as impediments to a woman’s professional trajectory in many sectors.
― Antonella Gambotto-Burke, Mama: Dispatches from the Frontline of Love

Femininity is depicted as weakness, the sapping of strength, yet masculinity is so fragile that apparently even the slightest brush with the feminine destroys it.
― Gwen Sharpe, “Policing Masculinity in Slim Jim’s ‘Spice Loss’ Ads,” Sociological Images, August 21, 2012

She has been missed. I looked for evidence of her somewhere in old documents, a remnant left behind, something, but she’s not there. Yet still, when the mistral winds blow cool the stale heat of summer lifts, and there is a scent that reminds me she existed, but there’s no tangible sign. I focus, concentrate, try to remember what she was like, the memory is vaporous, haunting, and then gone. What’s left behind is a feeling. A feeling like something more is possible than this if only she were here.

A feeling reminds me again that she was our collective compassion. She was our gentleness. She was our softer side, the empathetic parts that urged us to let things go, to emotionally connect in the moment, to accept, to forgive. She was our Gaian heart. And I remember this with perfect clarity, she didn’t leave on her own, we got together and plotted her removal, burned her at the stake, and thereafter took up games of vain competition without conscience or compassion.

When Narcissus murdered Venus it was a vicious attack on humanity.  It was when humanity became mankind, when lechery replaced seduction. We are now a culture left without her divine voice, where anatomical women may remain but their voices rearranged. They think strength is being tough like the men, the toxic corrupt hierarchy of men who never wanted equality, that lineage of dominant patriarchy wants a push button, on demand, authoritarian, might makes right, I’m the fucking man of the house so do what I say Biff-topia world. Our destructive suicidal ways of living are thunderously reverberating message, bellowing out that a great balance was lost when the feminine voice was exterminated.

There are more women today who have lost touch with the feminine than not, and too many men who have never had a notion of the feminine, all lost in myopic vanities, algorithms, and financial asset appreciation. Their monied machinations are rigid and inauthentic, designed to exploit society into doing that which serves the good of no one in the long term. However, we cling to what we know, and what we know is competitive games of empire, oppression, hierarchy. Business as usual is a game of acquisition and domination, masculinity without remorse or taste, tough guy attitudes that dictate when times get tough you do the same thing harder, it’s the macho way. To them, collateral damage is always acceptable as long as they get what they want.

The rabid power hungry masculine mind controlling our society wants the feminine voice permanently snuffed out of historical record, but we remember her still, and like a Phoenix she may rise again if we conjure her forth. This isn’t really about our society not having enough women with the proper anatomy in positions of power, though that is an issue, but rather what’s really absent is the feminine voice in our reasoning capacity, the empathetic, the subtle, and the peaceful are gone on the world stage. We are deeply out of balance where the analytical mind rules the empathetic. Competition is favored over cooperation. Tough love, which could also be called cruel self serving apathy, is preferred to a transformative healing touch. The purely masculine mind has run away with our society, stripped out the joy, and left only a rough shell of the superficial.

The role of the feminine is loaded with unknown power. A power perhaps sufficient to quell the ills of the society by restoring balance, that is if she could find her voice once more. However, we are collectively trapped in a lineage of ideas, traditions, and legacies still being paid homage which are holding back the entire planetary evolution. Patriarchal minds that want things their way are sitting on power generation after generation to the detriment of all. A lineage of extreme class hierarchy and inequality driven through might makes right ideology .

To turn the collective mindset is to become conscious to subtleties once more, to pay attention to what feelings are telling us, through meditation we can open up channels within ourselves to feel again. To let our impulsive desires go, and again resonate with a balance of mind that is no longer lurching for attention, but rather strives to become free, peaceful, and cooperative where we reach out with sincerity and symbiosis to help each other and all conscious life. Our collective emotional disposition is malleable through conscious intent of each individual to change. To change we must be consistent stewards of our waking minds and make it better moment by moment.

More ass kicking is decidedly not what the world needs now, rather perhaps now is the time to listen with open hearts and wisdom. There will continue to be lies told from those in power desperately looking to hide for a myriad of reasons, and we must not become so outraged at these lies that we don’t understand what is most important. If there is resentment, anger, or hatred these will all keep the status quo exploitation brimming along, where as softness, calmness, authenticity, emotional connection are all our allies. We have to learn to forgive everyone and no longer seek to punish or lash out in vengeance, rather simply correct what is wrong, as to bring an end to the stream of harm being done so we can heal.

Our society is full of things that lash out in anger and lack gentleness. Every time the US sanctions a country, or they drop bombs, or each time they put someone in a cage for breaking a spurious law created by masculine minds in suits, these are acts of cruelty, minds that want to dole out punishment like an authoritarian daddy. It’s a system that operates with its eyes shut to emotional wisdom.

Regardless of one’s gender and what masculine or feminine traits people identify with, the mind must have proper balance or it loses itself. There is an optimal state where one analyzes when appropriate and also when appropriate to allow one’s self to emotionally open up and connect within and with others. When we find ourselves unable to use proper voice in appropriate situations it’s usually a sign things have gone awry.

If only the analytical competitive brain rules then people turn cold, unsympathetic, and argumentative; conversely if only the feeling emotional brain rules then dramas arise easily. Both are states of an over abundance of ego identification and too much of a focus on self. Equanimity of states arises naturally when the ceaseless mind chatter of narratives ends and cultural perversions are seen for what they are. By recognizing the cultural imbalances we can choose something different, a way of living where she is asked to come home again and have an equal place in the conversation.

A People’s Definition of Capitalism

Capitalism in a truthful word: Exploitation.

The long form definition is full of complexities purposely installed to hide the fact the short version sounds so ugly, because few would agree to engage in an economic system that was called what it truly is — exploitism.

Through decades of red baiting and condemnation of any alternative system that doesn’t drive monetary resources to the few at the expense of the many we’ve arrived at a state of indoctrination where people cannot see past the wall of propaganda that has been projected in Plato’s cave. Minds are bombarded with falsehoods about the virtues of money and capitalism, and at all times there is temptation to go with what pays and sell out to help exploit others for a salary.

What capitalism fundamentally says about labor is that it doesn’t mind if the people have no will to do a job, simply put downward economic pressure on them for a long enough amount of time and wait for them to be fighting over the exploitative jobs being offered.

Capitalism is a cruel top down system where the one who holds the money holds all the power. It doesn’t so much matter how an employer made the money, but if they have it then you better do what they say if you want to pay rent this month.

Americans wonder why so many are just living paycheck to paycheck, but if you think about it, the more menial and harmful the jobs become personally and to the planet the more you have to keep people poor so they will reluctantly do those jobs. No one wants to spend their life working in a CVS or Wal-Mart. That is zero people’s ambition in life, yet countless do because they are more or less coerced into it since the consequences are having to live out on the street.

Thus a longer form definition while still remaining concise would be to say that capitalism is a competitive bargaining system where one tries to trick others into doing/giving more for less money or conversely from the seller’s perspective to trick someone into paying more and receiving less. Fooling people is admired, shysterism promoted and encouraged, undercutting your opponent lauded.

Capitalism is a system based on gaining leverage over someone and then exploiting that leverage. Much like a game of chess you are trying to corner your opponent’s options to the point there are no options left except for the options you allow. This is how business is done in capitalism.

It should be noted that chattel slavery was always a product of capitalism and could be no other way. A currency of some form being paid so that another person can be a servant and thus profit off their labor, that is the root of the capitalist system. The basis of it is quid pro quo, and even if we didn’t call capitalism by its current moniker it existed in some form during the entire run of western civilization.

In capitalism the people build the buildings, grow the food, stock the shelves, and are then charged to use all the things they collectively produce and use while elites take all the profits. Elites create warfare and climate destruction, and plan a next yacht to buy while the indebted indentured servitude class of everyone else struggles with the basics. Even when the basics are in ample supply, the money supply will be artificially kept low among the plebs to effectively take away any power the people might have, in a system where people are intentionally made reliant on money to create a barrier to entry for having a voice.

Pro-business propaganda sells a meritocracy while in reality offering a very strict class system in an oligarchy. All exploitation to natural systems are done in today’s world through capitalism. The banks socially engineer society when they decide what gets a loan and what doesn’t. What gets a loan gets done, what is denied is repressed.

In the end capitalism is simply a tool for controlling the lower classes. It’s a shell game used for maximum confusion that pits people against one another in a high stakes game that divides the lower classes against themselves where they learn to blame the players instead of focusing on ending the game.

Breaking the Illusion of Power: There Is No Spoon

Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.

— Sai Baba

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

— Daniel Boorstin

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

— Buckminster Fuller

Do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Instead try to understand the truth…There is no spoon. Then you’ll see it’s not the spoon that bends, only yourself.

— Spoon Boy, The Matrix

At the height of empire a boundless stream of lies are told through euphemistic abstractions.  These abstractions are but illusion, they obscure perceptions by never directly dealing with the actual physical reality. Instead an interface is placed over the existing reality for purposes of control.

How often does one hear from corporate news sources about trying to build more homes or grow more food so there are no more homeless or hungry? Almost never, because there is already enough of both food and housing for all in the US, but what there is not enough of is the abstraction of money and that is what corporate news speaks of the most. The one thing we can create an infinite amount of is somehow the one thing we don’t have enough of so the people can have access to housing and food that already exist.

These abstractions are designed with the intent to flummox the people and hold them in place with abstract coercions that intend to create dependence and learned helplessness. We are told the automobiles that kill the environment and weapons designed to kill people are abstractions for freedom. We’re told a government that leads the world in mass incarceration is also an abstraction of preventing tyranny and providing security, democracy, and justice. Organized religion in the US is worth around $1.2 trillion a year, more money than Google and Apple combined, and is an abstraction of spirituality, community, and giving while never making a dent in any social problem.

Science has become an abstraction of wisdom, progress, and reason while evidently receiving their spiritual center from the aforementioned shoddy organized religion, as they continue to ignore harm they cause in favor of ostensible discovery, but what they are really discovering is how a corporation can concoct something that makes more money. Social media and likes become an abstraction for relationships, validation, and human connection. And most insidious of all money is an abstraction of self worth, material possessions, privilege, power, success, and labor.  Our virtual reality is complete sans the clunky head gear.

The illusion is created via layers of interfaces stacked on top of each other, similar to the creation of art which is made by adding layers of meaning through a chosen medium until the aggregate of the layers become a gestalt, or something more than its individual pieces. Such is the way the illusion is created for the people, which is intended to hold them in place.  They see only the gestalt and cannot understand the underlying truth around the world of false narratives elites have weaved over thousands of years of ownership and domination culture in western society.

The abstractions are man-made interfaces created by those in power to drive people towards predetermined outcomes. Abstractions are the propaganda by which we live our lives. They are not real, but the imposition of these abstractions forces us down the same illusory paths as they gaslight our waking reality.

Notice again, how nothing in American society is done directly, like when one needs medical care instead of going directly to a doctor they typically first get insurance so one can afford a doctor and are given doctors on a pre-approved list, along with only being approved for select treatments by said insurance. A certain crowd of people talk all day about the horrors of government getting in between them and their doctor, yet in America, predatory capitalism is a perfectly acceptable guest in their doctor’s office, as they assume that no one in the history of time has ever tried to sell people things they didn’t need or price gouge them for things they absolutely do need.

Or in the food situation, we don’t typically grow food directly. We instead go to miserable jobs to get the money to buy the food. Or when we don’t have a place to live, we don’t typically build a house ourselves, not that most people have time to build a house since, you know, we’re stuck at those miserable capitalist jobs so we can afford to eat. And we can’t afford to buy a home either because the miserable capitalist job doesn’t pay enough, and so it goes down the line of needs. A list of expenses that the capitalist jobs are supposed to be able to cover but they don’t. Just about everyone in the lower classes finds themselves in debt and working more hours to end up owing someone else money to live.

The system is as maddeningly irrational as it is cruel. A Sisyphean system that is seemingly inescapable where significantly more debt exists than money to pay off the debt. Now I say irrational only in relation to 99.99% of people on the planet, as it’s a perfectly rational position for lost souls at the top of the hierarchy who are ensconced in the throes of capitalist egomania.

Everyday in modernity people say things like “Well, you need money to live.” – Such utterances are said with an absolute certainty like the money could be consumed for nourishment with a nice chianti and some fava beans. To believe in money to such a degree is a delusionary psychopathy; a diseased state of being, which accepts artificial precepts as a primary necessity for survival. The reality is the money is only a tool for control by power. It’s the neo-whip.

Anyone that has a child knows they can control quite a bit of behavior by limiting their child’s access to funds and controlling what they can spend their funds on, or by altering what the child desires by what they are exposed to. Parents routinely reward certain behaviors to get the outcomes they seek, and you often see parents using their kids like indentured servants forcing them to do work for an allowance or just to be able to socialize with other kids.

Similarly the people are treated like children by a wealthy elite parent class. Most people have little interest in capitalist machinations, evidenced by the fact a whopping 80% of Americans are unhappy with their role as servant, that would be a hundred percent if they understood what kind of world is possible compared to what we are settling for. Very few have an interest in continuing to use oil, but if you can make people desperate enough to pay rent then they’ll go out on an oil rig and drill baby drill, just as they have little interest in war but through desperation they’ll kill baby kill.

The illusion is this system, the man behind the curtain; elites are playing a game and then pretending like their capitalist system is a natural order, like it was ever something democratically chosen. But Arthur Young long ago laid down the basic premise for the necessity of the illusions in capitalism when he said, “Every one but an idiot knows that the lower classes must be kept poor, or they will never be industrious.”  Or in other words, the illusion of scarcity must be thrust upon them or they’ll never show up at the bullshit jobs.

The wars give the illusion like America cares for the safety of the people to the degree the government will aggressively pursue signing up desperate naive teenagers with much life to live and put them in harm’s way to keep us “safe.” It’s not clear what kind of safety is offered to people by a society that throws its youth into traumatic situations so a bunch of old rich codgers can make more money. This form of safety seems like a good recipe to provoke hatred against us and is the antithesis of fostering a peaceful cooperative world.

The edifices of our society are colored and detailed with nebulous misapprehensions, most nebulous of all is universal fiat currency, and everywhere it traverses empire is created without the need for firing a shot. It forces action via coercion and puts people into roles they wouldn’t do otherwise.

The ruling class likes to shame those they lord over for not working hard while ironically they do little else other than signing documents. They like to claim it’s then a profitable skill they should be rewarded for greatly to manage the complex rigged system they created for their benefit with their lawyers, contracts, corporations, loans, government institutions, courts, weapons, threats, and coercions. A capitalist’s claim to money usually rests on how they learned how to exploit you better and with less compassion. It truly takes someone that cares very little for anything but themselves to hoard power in such a tyrannical manner and then consistently try and rationalize their system as a benefit to all.

If there was real symbiosis in our society no one would have to be forced to do anything because the benefit of the actions would have equal benefit for all. But the creation of most things in capitalism is for the financial benefit of a small oligarchy and hence the people often have little interest in contributing to helping elites since most of the benefit goes to those who are already rich and powerful.

The money is such a perfect tool because it’s so easy to manipulate and it’s more surreptitious in disguising its intents than ordering someone around with a gun. If the masses became wealthy enough where they have better options, and thus refuse to work down in a mine shaft, then this is when the money is tightened by the ruling class. And all you have to do to restrict money flow is give out less loans at banks, or raise rents by increasing interest rates and suddenly you put a pinch on the common man. Add in property taxes so their home, typically their primary investment, can be taken from them at any time if they can’t cough up those taxes, and thus they’ll scramble to take those jobs.

If a ruler is going to adequately hold brutal reign over people, as all leaders do in some form, they must coerce, divide, and manipulate people to get them to do the things they want. And when those things are directly opposed to the held values of a person you then have to frame the action under an acceptable premise. Blinders must be placed on the human animal so that it continues to drag the emperor’s plow and carriage.

There is a sticky social glue that holds the fabric of reality together and it is based on nothing more than a perception and what we collectively believe. The contemporary state of our self-abusing beliefs says we have to wait for a president’s term to end before we can think about making desperately needed changes to this society and change the way we are living. Our held beliefs that capitalism offers some kind of fundamental liberty is an impediment to the freedom of the entire global population, because capitalism has always been a tool of control formulated by elites to rig the game in their favor. The people will not be free under any system where there is a centralized power, and continuing to pretend capitalism is anything but exploitation is to never realize the nature of the trap. But this is not to assume a centralized state run communism structure is any better. It is the opposite side of the authoritarian coin, a double bind coercion. They give you bad cop/worse cop options, China or America, blech and blech.

This way of being was never decided on by a vote of the people, there was never an alternative option. We were simply forced into this state, often violently so. We seem to have no recollection that indigenous Native American people lived prosperously for hundreds of years without much of a mercantile system, no stock markets, no lawyers, no mass incarceration system, no weapons of mass destruction, no corporations – And yet somehow, somehow, the majority of them managed to find meaning, community, and purpose in life.

In truth we cannot be free of illusions manifested in the material until we free our minds of what lies exist in the realm of thought and the false values we live our lives by; the shame, punishment, domination, and ownership installed in dogmatic systems of control have to go. There’s a lyric from Florence and the Machine that goes “It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.” We cannot be free, we cannot dance in the sun, we cannot do anything until enough of us see past these illusions to create a new reality.

And to create this new reality, we must get right in our minds. Take care of our bodies, take care of each other, take care of our state of consciousness. Get strong in the mind. Do no harm to others, be humble and learn from all. Tried and true paths of reaching greater enlightenment often include meditation, walks in nature, learning how to breathe, doing an internet search for Terence McKenna, and a little help from psychedelics if you have the means. Know that your courage will be tested at every moment, and awareness will frustratingly leave you when you feel like you need it the most.

Breathe through that shit.

Face what you are afraid to face in your mind and your mind will be set ablaze, your spirit will flow, your body will beat with new rhythms, and just like that you’ll get it. And all that depression, all that violent negative shit you masochistically torture yourself with upstairs will fall away like magic. Alakazam!

If you should choose then to let go of desire, to let the world come to you, to accept, to forgive, to turn the other cheek, to have gratitude in the moment, well, then you might find yourself feeling like a god amongst common people. But then you come to learn you are equal to all, even to the smallest and most fragile, and you are just in a different place than them, different positions on a path. One may learn to the benefit of all, to always error towards humility, to work to help those who face the same struggles you have in ways that actually help them and are not colored with the shadow of selfish intent. These are truths beyond illusion.

The gaslighting must be unraveled before the shame and punishment systems truly come crumbling to the ground. To break the illusion we must at every moment hold in the forefront of our minds that this is but a chosen system elites have put us in and it does not have to be this way. Things can change quickly if we can find a new spell to cast, one we choose together instead of one chosen for us by a select few who hold illegitimate power.

Always remember, the centralized economic systems, the politicians, the corporations, the banks, and the organized religions are all tools of control in a social hierarchy. These tools of control are put there intentionally to curve your decision making to do what they want you to do, which is make them more powerful. These elites have quite the arrogance to suggest they know better than you, than philosophers, shamans, ecologists, biologists, climatologists, artists, artisans, the lovers, the dreamers, and me; to put it in amphibian terms.

They believe they know better out of convenience to them because if they know better that means ever so coincidentally they grow more powerful, with more money, more stuff, and better looking people to use sexually. Their success is not symbiotic, though, as their success means the exploitation of everything else in existence so they can just take more for themselves.

Never forget, even when we are forced to operate within this system and they put that saddle on you, do not be broken. To quote Margaret Attwood’s words from The Handmaid’s Tale, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

Know the illusion is a game being played with an malevolent intent, and work to bring the underlying truth into the forefront of the conscious mind and the illusion will break. Refuse to be led around by coercions of money or any other control system that attempts to cage humanity or your consciousness while simultaneously wrecking the natural world. The entire earth is now speaking to us in very direct terms, showing us that the way we are living is wrong. Every feedback mechanism screams this way of living is not healthy for body, mind, spirit, flora or fauna. We can change it, but it takes belief in better.

Free your minds. Free the Earth. May it be so.

Is Sharing Ethical?

Hear me out. I realize the idea of sharing may seem like a vulgarity to the sophisticated American mind, could rile a few people up. The mere suggestion of sharing without receiving something in return may tempt good capitalists of the world to spit on me in disgust, call me commie filth, and possibly launch a war against me – And maybe I have that coming, but just to play commie’s advocate for a moment I thought I’d address the extremely controversial idea of sharing.

On the surface, and perhaps in reality, sharing seems awful.  The United States has an abundance of goods and resources acquired via financial shenanigans and strong arming third world countries.  That’s a lot of lost profit potential if we were to start playing around with some rogue ‘ism. Not to mention the fact we’re not done maximizing our profits from when we brilliantly stole land from Original People via genocide, and if America doesn’t profit as much as possible off the land we stole, it will mean that those indigenous people died for nothing.

While genocide is unfortunate it’s now abundantly clear that some acts of horror were a necessary evil for a country as great as ours to emerge. This kind of strength isn’t created from dancing around with a wolf on a prairie or doing some hokey ritual while all hopped up on peyote. Razor sharp American exceptionalism was forged by kicking ass and taking what’s rightfully ours, which is everything. Yippie-Ki-Yay. What didn’t kill us and/or completely wipe out indigenous people only served to make us stronger.

A little genocide here, bit of slavery there, a sprinkle of fabricating a war or four there, a soupçon of regime change in a dozen or so places. It all merely hardened our resolve to be the exceptionally great nation we are today. And we didn’t get this great by sharing things I can tell you that. Still, for argument’s sake let’s ask this. If a few wealthy elites control all the resources and the other lesser people have nothing, then would it be such a big deal for the elites to share? Would that not make them truly magnanimous benevolent gods? And is that not admirable?

But it’s obvious sharing causes murderous ideas in those who are lured into its dark web. There’s no other way to account for the gajillion or so deaths associated with ‘isms that want to share instead of profit. I don’t think for profit societies have ever done anything but set people free, so it’s pretty clear that it’s not a corrupt hierarchical system of government that led to all those deaths, but the nefarious inclinations to share things with the people that seems to lead directly to violence.

However, what if we shared something and contained the urge to immediately kill after doing so. Now I understand the compulsion when one realizes the lost profits from sharing they feel like stabbing someone, but given the superiority of our elites, would it not be in their magnificent power to give things and then suppress the urge to then put people in breadlines or throw them in ovens and gulags?

And in the name of honest inquiry and objectivity, what if it was possible to just share the land together with all people? The people would still have to provide the labor to farm their own food and build shelter just as they do now, but what if the rich simply shared the land for the public to live upon without the people owing a government or wealthy elite something?

Could elites be tolerant enough to not immediately begin incarcerating and slaughtering people soon thereafter? They may feel morally inclined to go on a killing rampage after suffering through that kind of sharing, and it would probably be in their rights, but what if they suppressed the urge and like a martyr messiah they absorbed the pain for all of humanity and shared the land so the people can live sustainably on their own without interference from business or government interests.

Could that work?

However, to answer these difficult questions we must first question our core ethics, and the righteous profit seeking heart must not be fooled into falling prey to emotional frailties when confronted with pathos which might induce the weaker minded of the flock to irresponsibly share. We know the strong are not sharers. They are takers. Further, sharing is a burden put upon our most beloved because they have more important things to do other than share. If all our dear elites did was share then all the stuff we rely on to live would be absent since the wealthy wouldn’t have time to deliver their divine spark of cash injections that fuels the entire economy. In fact, it’s counterproductive for elites to share because in doing so they’re neglecting their godly duty to profit off the work of others for the public good.

Our elites rest easy knowing that by the mere act of making money they are greatly helping the world. And there’s no questioning the value of their contributions. There’s a tacit understanding we’re nothing without our exceptional superstars. Thus sharing more of their gains would mean stealing from our most cherished, and the rich would not be doing the world any favors by giving things away. Real world skills must be attained first before one is qualified to hold money and have access to things; this is the moral way.

In this regard our elites set a noble example, for they have efficiently cultivated only the most useful skills. For instance, elites have developed artisanal skills like lawyering, as the art of tricking people with words is invaluable in a capitalist social hierarchy. Elites also learned from a very early age the skill of being born wealthy. This is something the indolent impoverished types never think to learn and so they remain in their lowly states.

Another common skill the poor need to learn before they can ascend to a state worthy of material gain is how to remove that irritating gnawing empathy trigger that only weakens them. They have to learn to callously say one thing and do another. Learn how to be massive parasites accumulating incredible wealth via passive income and then shame people for not working hard enough for them. Don’t let those pangs of guilt get in the way just because you’re not lifting anything heavier than a pen signing contracts while others do the labor which you profit off of immensely. Dispose of that nagging guilt because the noble thing is always to take the most for yourself, which, of course, is also to the benefit of all of society.

The poor have not yet risen in moral regard, and so this makes it hard to reward them for their behaviors by sharing. We can clearly see how sharing is injurious to both parties in the exchange, as it’s well known that if you should share too much, the people will become dependent upon you and then you have to cage them or slaughter them to curve their malformed dependence. It’s sad, really.

That’s why local police need tanks and military equipment these days. They have to be able to quell the crowds who have become reliant on sharing and demanding more of it. The super-predators of the world wish only to steal from our rulers, effectively biting the hand that feeds them. Unfortunately in such situations unruly corrupted people must be brought to heel so that order and profiteering can be restored.

In today’s age kids all think sharing is cool, as if healthcare, housing, and food should be given out freely rather than hoarded to maximize profits. Pro-sharing attitudes undermine our entire moral core, as parents to this day still naively teach their children how to share with other kids, and while being devout capitalists no less. This hypocrisy is induced through waves of sharing propaganda from liberal commies that attempt to confuse people with the facile idea that sharing is a kindness and creates equality.  This, of course, is a fatal myopia which sets kids up to fail in the brutally competitive society which makes this country great.

Thus telling our kids fantastical things that won’t lead to their success is an abomination, like they are equal just for being alive or should have things they have not earned. This is an equality of outcome that is unacceptable in the world. If everyone had housing,  then how would people know who they were better than? I can easily identify a homeless person now, and that makes me feel like I accomplished something in the world whenever I have a place to lay my head for the night. But if everyone had a home then who would middle class people like me feel better than? Do you see the problem here? And why should everyone be granted land to live on like it was just here for them for free just because they were born on the planet, and why should people just have food as if it grew on trees?

Frankly kids and lefty commie types should be taken aside and put in a tiny box for wanting equality of outcomes, even on the playground. They have to learn the implications of sharing from an early age, as you don’t want the infection to spread.

When we see how sharing makes kids losers then how can we then say this practice is ethical? How can we say that just because someone is in dire need of something, even something that could save their life, that we should give it to them? If sharing is wrong on the playground, then it only makes sense it’s wrong for adults to do as well, and we can’t keep trying to rationalize the behavior like this new wave of Democratic Socialists is attempting to do.

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be fond of sharing by the looks of her political platform. She wants things to be distributed to people who have not earned it, like housing, healthcare, and education. First, let’s question where this money would come from to provide these things, because it’s not as if governments or banks can just magically create money out of thin air through a whimsical fractional reserve banking system, which, if such a thing existed, would function a lot like a financial Ponzi scheme.

No, the money represented in computers is very real and can’t just be created or destroyed with a few keystrokes. We live in the real world, Miss Ocasio-Cortez, and money has to come from somewhere to pay for the food and shelter. We can’t just go bailing out every poor person who doesn’t have a place to sleep. And do not think for a moment we can possibly toy around with idea of cutting military spending to pay for such trivialities when there is so much money to be made by the military industrial complex off dropping bombs and selling our bombs to other countries. In America we don’t punish job creators just because we want to give things like housing and healthcare to people.

And I ask you, with socialist extreme sharing going on how will kids learn about suffering, and who just educates their kids for free? It’s disgusting. And don’t get me started on the travails of providing free medical care for every person who decides they want to jump off a building for a publicity stunt. If healthcare were free, then everyone would be doing this and we’d quickly have a labor supply shortage of medical professionals.

The verity of the situation is this. There will always be discord until the people learn that they must be first exploited in grueling labor to cleanse them of any negative desires to share. They’ll never survive or be the fittest with such weak-minded ideas of cooperation and sharing, and as I’ve already described, Americans didn’t get this great by sharing a thing.

In the end to ask if sharing is ethical it comes down to a simple axiom that rings true — why fix what ain’t broken? Our bold elite profiteers have provided us with clean air and water, a sustainable system of warfare to fuel cash to job creators in the industrial military complex, a reduced threat of being killed by polar bears, the GDP and financial markets are up along with wealth inequality meaning elites are doing great and the money is going right where it needs to, and a world nearing world peace in an egalitarian society all brought forth by elites who stood their ground and firmly refused to share despite the naive outcries for humane treatment by the puerile masses. Elites simply knew what was right and wrong by what made the most money, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing our leaders always land on the right side of history each time they choose to profiteer rather than share. So what could sharing possibly do but incite violence and chaos into a perfectly functioning system? The answer is clear.

May 14th: Just Another Day in a Collapsing Empire

May 14th was quite a day for the empire, the shit show on full display exhibiting lots of swagger in its death throes. The people on the inside are the last to know. They don’t see it but everyone else does. The rest of the world can see the toxic death culture, they see the rationalizations for idiocy and how silly they seem. The US empire has no clothes but wears only a paper thin emotional veneer resembling a child who attempts to lie for the first time after murdering the family dog. This is the modern American mind of empire. Delusional and full of contrived pablum to excuse their wretched actions. Trump is truly the perfect man to represent this country, its true face. A huckster, a gangster, and a liar that says one thing and does the opposite. The actions and the results before us are the real values of empire and not their diseased words, which are devoid of truth.

On May 14th the empire’s best friend Israel continued to show its reverence for death while inhumanely shooting protestors on the Gaza strip. 58 lives lost and 2,700 injured are the current stats, horrors playing out that we’ll never be able to wrap our minds around, but tomorrow Palestinians will wake up and know a life that has more suffering than the day before. Many of the injured will look forward to death knowing the Israeli government lacks all basic compassion for fellow humans and the wounded know the path ahead will contain even more hardship. The implications of Israeli actions won’t make headlines for long in the US, and the externalities we’ll never see directly tied to this story will cause sadness and turmoil they will struggle to fight past for years – if Israel lets them live that long. We humans are more fragile than what is put onto our TV screens. Characters undergo one torturous event after another with little repercussions, but in reality our emotions break, especially when all community has been stripped out from under us, especially when people we love are killed or maimed for no good reason.

Six who died were under the age of 18. Does the US care? Nope, they’d sooner blame Palestinians for putting kids in the line of fire of Israeli soldiers than take responsibility for supporting a regime who sadistically fires openly into crowds of unarmed people. The corporate media have short memories, convenient memories. We forget how upset we were at the Syrian gas attack that may have claimed 40 lives and later the incident was filled with controversy over if Assad was actually responsible, I do not know the truth about this but I smell bullshit from somewhere, regardless of my bullshit sniffing abilities that number is less than the 58 killed at the protests on May the 14th. And there will be not a chirp, a squawk, a snort, or whinny of angst directed towards Israel for these actions by our overlords. In fact, quite the opposite.

The ignoble Jared Kushner said at the embassy opening that “Those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution.” referring to protestors who don’t have guns, didn’t wound one Israeli soldier, they don’t have an air force, tanks, humvees, an organized military, or any of the implements of destruction Israel does, yet Palestinians are somehow provoking violence to such an extent the bully state had to slaughter them? Ok Jared, fuck you. There is no respect for life, zero empathy, and not the smallest hint of a lingering humanity remaining in the logic of the state.

The US operates in a good ole boy league where the fellow goombahs get an automatic pass, they are made men, with made nations, they do as they please. So it would also please them on the day of May 14th to move the US embassy to Jerusalem as nothing more than a provocation to invite targets out for the racist Israeli state to gun down. The ostensible provocateurs are a battered people who are being violently edged off this planet for reasons of insanity from a bully regime and their bully death culture. The provoked are a people crying out for someone in the world to stand up to this machine. Provoked to the point they want the world to witness what those in power will do to people who are of no legitimate threat; To show how vicious and small in character those who wield power are, to show how profound their lack of wisdom. Palestinians are no more of a threat to Israel than an ant is to an elephant, yet this particular raging elephant’s sense of entitled justice is to seek out the ant population and stamp it out of existence, then boast as if they were doing a great service.

In other news occurring on the day of May 14th 2018, the supreme court of American shysterism decided to give states the power to legalize gambling. With the current predicament of the world and the myriad of issues I quite frankly get tired of speaking to…the warring, the species extinction this, the climate change that, the wealth inequal…..well, you get the point. Any logical mind might say that we shouldn’t take time to further line the pockets of the wealthy by allowing them to own these new con games. Also, it might seem a tad exploitative to further entice the poor to desperately gamble away their rapidly diminishing savings before addressing those much larger issues, but all dissent will go unheard because there’s money to be made, boys, so instead we’ll hear people say some ridiculous drivel about how this is good for economic growth, and we’ll continue to live by the obvious lies of supply side economics.

And of all the issues in the world to address, of all the ideas in dire need of review, the US government’s highest court chooses to address sports gambling and rules in favor of empowering an industry that has been synonymous with organized crime even in areas it’s legalized. From gangster Bugsy Segal who famously had a role in creating the Las Vegas strip, to Sheldon Adelson who was said to have ties to Chinese mafia, and, of course, like flies attracted to shit Donald Trump comes buzzing around the casino business with plenty of allegations mafia associations, of course, his most verifiable organized crime association being the US government itself.

Legalizing sports betting is an apropos move for an empire doing all it can to emulate the Biff Tannen universe that was widely referenced at the start of the Trump presidency. Sports are already a severely overemphasized part of American culture. The athletes are receiving salaries that rival that of some of the most abusive CEOs, but the US populace worships them, they make excuses for the rampant greed out of addictive impulse. Many of these dollars athletes and billionaire owners earn are subsidized from lower class taxpayers where they are forced to pay for stadiums and surrounding infrastructure owned by the billionaires, just so we can watch athletes whose top salaries are quickly approaching 40 million a year play for meaningless things that will quickly be forgotten in time.

The narrative from states and business interests looking to profiteer off gambling will put on their best act to pretend like the abusive capitalist activity of gambling is some form of freedom, and the narrative of Israeli slaughter of Palestinians is that peaceful protestors are a threat to a heavily armed military, and the narrative from corporate media will be that these are just things happening and not signs of empire collapsing amid the ever growing misery of a global population. And the narrative of the people in the empire who are lonely, sad, and separated from connection will tell themselves that democracy and capitalism will somehow purify to the point that they’ll really deliver on the goods this time around. That surely this twisted form of democracy installed by genocidal slavers will avert disaster in the coming elections. The idea is we wait in futility for events that have no chance of curving the murderous gangsterism inset in this disposable dung heap of a society; I don’t mean to insult dung, lots of good things grow out of dung, nothing good grows out of this disease. It must be transformed at a deep level to be fertile space again, and if we are to heal the disease we cannot continue to sow the lies of false narratives.

The Decree of the Capitalist God

While we were once given a savior who was known as supply side Jesus, sadly it seems the people have again forgotten the holy word. More youth than ever are becoming heretics to the sacred economic texts, but despite these frightening developments not all is lost, for imbued within me is light of understanding from our holy lord, the one true capitalist god; Praise be!In a revelatory dream state I made blessed communion with the divine father, our money bags authoritarian sky daddy. Twas made known I was to be the chosen one; the supreme messenger of his word and to bring an enlightened capitalist perspective to the ignorant indolent masses who do not honor our sacred father. To be pure of heart in his kingdom each must create sufficient profit as sacrament to his name on high.

Divine will is carried forth by doing what best serves the self, all glory to thy self, as each time one maketh money and take more for yourself you are then able to buy more and create a living for your brethren. Yea, it is his holy will that the money trickle from you, and as a disciple of his lord it is thee who will best know how to spend the money you so justly earned.

Holy economic truth states that only by spending money can the economy be prosperous, and to spend money one must have money; therefore, it is one’s godly duty as citizen of the universe to acquire as much money as possible, or be extended enough credit to do one’s part in this world. Each must carry their own weight, each must have skin in the game, thus so we all may be prosperous under this divine system of capitalism.

His lord sayeth on high, worry not of inferior plants, animals, or people. They are here only to serve as tribute to the glory of his divine capitalist orthodoxy. Use them up and extract the liquidity of all resources, and with use of this sage philosophy enormous amounts of passive income will grace thee.

May the rivers run black with tar if it should serve benefit to oil companies. May the fields overflow with toxic waste from the livestock industry should it lead to greater profits. Let the earth frack and crack, let the ice caps melt back to the seas, let innocent people be ruthlessly bombed, let love die in a pit of despair – for if it is in the name of personal gain for profit, then it is divine will and it is no man’s right to impair the free groping hands of unfettered capitalism. Impeding profiteering is a hindrance to providence. The net capital gains far outstrip whatever negative was caused by acquiring the capital. This is the way of the lord.

Sinners who practice the devil’s magic, otherwise known as sharing, are a vile ghastly lot; an aberration to the natural order. They are enemy. And it is equally a sin to be consumed with such malignant indolence where a people would not extract the resources beneath their feet for profit to serve all. Know then it is justice for the lord’s army to lay waste to that which impedes his holy capitalist dictum. The lord giveth his blessing to launch crusades for profit as they are only a form of worship, all done for the greater good of money. Praise be!

His eminence sayeth the mansions of his most devout followers will be the new manses of our age; awarded primarily to the worthy few who have exploited well past their civic or religious responsibility. It is they who represent the highest ideals of our father; the wealthy.

His father sent message that it is better to beat a man over the head for a thing than to ask him if you can borrow it. At least you had to put in work to beat the man or employ someone else to do it for you; however, by asking to share you’re just taking work that isn’t yours for free. And likewise it is not only a sin to take something in sharing but equally a sin to share something of yours with another, for it would rob one of motivation to make their own money to purchase that thing they wish to borrow. Thus it is your godly responsibility to not share or cooperate for what profit lesson have others learned if everything is just handed to them? None, so sayeth the lord!

Sharing is not just an evil to our immediate financial health, but what it may evolve into is even more cultish. People might just think if they cooperated and shared things they might not need money at all, they might want to live like unprofitable savage Native Americans. Who for all their rhetoric about living at one with the land in peaceful cooperative coexistence, all that noise didn’t matter much when they had such pathetic financial portfolios. And it was for this supreme heresy they were forever damned to communist hell, and let me tell you, there’s no valet parking down there.

All evils of our world can be directly attributed to sharing things. This is the most fundamental sin, antithetical to all that is true and just in the kingdom of bling. No loving pure capitalist will be admitted to join the father if they share in any way that doesn’t directly have benefit to them first. This is the way of our lord. Praise be.

The father says do not wail in your meaningless woes, as they are but temporary. Think instead of how you may contribute to the divine order of the corporation, who can exist forever (as long as they remain financially viable), carrying your legacy forward as generations to come will appreciate the accounting entries you made and they too will know their heritage and place in history carried by way of the corporate records, and in those records is where your life will be forever defined.

Underpaid servants to the capitalist father are among the most noble people, not as noble as your financial superiors, but a vital part of the capitalist religion, as without the lesser who would your financial superiors be superior to? This is the natural capitalist order — to have riches you must be rich relative to someone else, thus the greater the disparity the more it elevates your financial superiors to their rightful place.

Therefore it is one’s duty to serve their financial superiors, which is best expressed by way of humility evidenced in your tireless work, so much humility one could almost mistake it for stripping someone of dignity. But your role is to be a humble ascetic servant to your superiors. By the very fact one has less currency you then are not qualified to make such judgments about the distinctions between humility and loss of dignity. It is your job only to serve those who have more money than you. To be modest in your takings, a silent strong worker who does as they are told in reverence to our great capitalist father in the sky. Praise be.

Hierarchy is a natural state of being in our kingdom, as it has been made clear that the act of holding the blessed currency makes one divine. In the divine state one is possessed with the wisdom money imbues. And if the holy spirit should possess thee to buy a Bugatti or a yacht while others starve and go homeless, then so be it. The rich are no less saints upon this world, nay, they are heroes for spending their money quickly on big money items, injecting liquidity and accelerating the velocity of money, which his lord assures us is good for the environment and essential for market stability.

All should know that global affairs may seem chaotic from the outset. This is but an illusion, for our lord always looks down upon us and commands his will. Should two nations clash this is but design of the lord’s will to vertically integrate countries until only one great capitalist nation remains.  His grand sky daddy says: “There can be only one. And Highlander is fantastic fucking cinema! USA! USA!” – these are the words I perhaps remember most clearly spoken to me in my spirit vision.

The lord does not look kindly upon the poors.  If you are starving or homeless don’t think this will be ample excuse to not pay rents to your superiors. No matter how rich the superiors may seem, they are worth your suffering because they are superior by nature. They have likely thought of something superior, or been at a superior place at a superior time. They may have superior genes, superior height, superior weight, superiors tits, superior dicks, superior swag, superior friends, superior inheritance, superior weapons, superior intellect, superior ability to exploit. Whatever the case, their superior nature is proven by the sole fact they hold more holy currency than you.

At the apex of earthly capitalist enlightenment are your financial superiors. While their actions at times may seem a touch self indulgent, especially in light of how many they exploit to get that money, how many they made desperate, how many they put to war, how much mayhem and chaos they cause, how miserable they make the world, how much joy they are responsible for sucking out of daily life for no good reason than to serve themselves – No matter how utterly fucking petty and small and parasitic in nature they may seem, no matter how it may appear to objective eyes that the system being used may look exactly like the highest order of thievery and abuse to all conscious things, no matter how destructive to the totality of flora and fauna…

Know this:

Your financial superiors have an understanding you will never be able to comprehend until you have their money yourself. It is only those chosen to be rich who will be able to carry out his lord’s will. And furthermore, your superiors like all good people on this earth have a right to liberty, equality, and to spend their hard earned money however they choose. The plebeians have no right to judge the rich for any of their actions, and instead of asking something be stolen from the rich why not ask why are you aren’t rich yourself? Have ye not given proper hard work sacrifice to thy gracious lord? Perhaps turn an inward eye to your own filthy abject laziness and intellectual depravity that have distracted you from the successful profitable nirvana we all deserve. Only by carefully following the path our capitalist God has lain before us may we save our financially inviable souls.

Praise be money. Amen.