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The USA and the EU quarrel, but remain united against Russia and China, by Manlio Dinucci

It is particularly important, in this period of accelerated evolution of international positions, not to become blinded by one element or another, but to conserve all the elements under close scrutiny. By observing simultaneously the G7, NATO and the OCS, geographer Manlio Dinucci reveals the direction chosen by the Western powers.

Italy, Behind the Parade , by Manlio Dinucci

The event on June 2nd (the day in 1946 when Italy became a Republic) was not a military parade, not even a parade, but a "review", according to the Ministry of Defense that directed it (Minister Pinotti's final act). The parade at the Fori Imperiali - in front of the newly-installed government - was symbolically opened by 330 mayors representing civil society, followed by all the sectors of the Armed Forces, to celebrate "Italians' Day - United for the Country”. In his message, President of (...)

Bannon demands ‘Sovereignty’ from Brussels, but not from Washington, by Manlio Dinucci

Steve Bannon – Donald Trump's former strategist and theorist of national-populism - expressed his enthusiastic support for the alliance of the Lega with the 5 Star Movement for "the government of change." In an interview he stated: "The fundamental question, in Italy in March, was the question of sovereignty. The result of the elections was to put into office those Italian citizens who want to regain sovereignty and control over their country, and to put an end to the rules coming from (...)

Israeli F-35s already at war, by Manlio Dinucci

"We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East, and have already attacked twice on two different fronts". General Amikam Norkin, Commander of the Israeli Air Force, made this announcement on 22 May at the conference on aerial superiority at Herzliya (a suburb of Tel Aviv), with the participation of the Air Force chiefs of staff from 20 countries, including Italy. The general did not specify where the F-35's had been used, but he hinted that one of the attacks was carried out in Syria. He (...)

For Italy – a new government, the same “privileged ally”, by Manlio Dinucci

The "Contract for the Government of Change" - stipulated by Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini on behalf of the 5 Star Movement and the League - on the one hand "confirms Italy's membership of the Atlantic Alliance, with the United States of America as a privileged ally”, and on the other, promises "an open-minded attiutude to Russia, which should be perceived not as a threat but as an economic and commercial partner (which would imply the withdrawal of sanctions), to be rehabilitated as a (...)

Nuclear parcel bomb from the USA , by Manlio Dinucci

The new B61-12 nuclear bomb - which the US is preparing to send to Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and probably other European countries - is now in its final stages of development. This was announced by General Jack Weinstein, deputy chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, responsible for nuclear operations, speaking on May 1 at a symposium of the Air Force Association in Washington, in front of a select audience of senior officers and military industry executives. "The program is doing (...)

US Fleet with 1,000 missiles in the Mediterranean, by Manlio Dinucci

The US aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, which set sail from the world's largest naval base in Norfolk (Virginia), has entered the Mediterranean with its strike group. The strike group consists of the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and the guided-missile destroyers USS Farragut, USS Forrest Sherman, USS Bulkeley, and USS Arleigh Burke. Two others, USS Jason Dunham and USS The Sullivans, will rejoin the strike group at a later date. The German destroyer FGS Hessen is added to the Truman (...)

Seventy years of subjection to the US and NATO, by Manlio Dinucci

Manlio Dinucci summarizes seventy years of relations between Italy on the one hand, the United States and NATO on the other. Leaving aside the question of terrorism under false flag organized by the Alliance on Italian soil during the 70s, he notes only the commitment of the Italian armies on behalf of his "ally"; a story that speaks for itself.

Fake “made in USA” and lies “made in Italy”, by Manlio Dinucci

To motivate the 2003 war, the US accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction: Secretary of State Colin Powell presented to the UN a series of "evidences" that turned out to be false, as he himself had to admit in 2016. Similar "evidences" are now presented to motivate the attack on Syria by the United States, Britain and France. On 14 April, General Kenneth McKenzie, Joint Staff Director of the Pentagon, presented a report, accompanied by satellite photos, on the Barzah (...)