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From Camp Darby US weapons for the war in Syria and Yemen, by Manlio Dinucci

It goes by the name, “Liberty Passion”. It is an enormous, state-of-the art, US ship of the Ro/Ro type (designed to transport vehicles and cargo on wheels): 200 metres long, it has 12 decks with a total area exceeding 50,000 m2, sufficient to transport cargo equal to 6,500 automobiles. The ship is owned by the US company “Liberty Global Logistics” and it was on 24 March that the ship made its first stopover at the port of Livorno. Thus is established an official, regular connection between (...)

Italy: the launching pad for the US attack on Syria , by Manlio Dinucci

After the US missile attack on Syria, Alfano, the [Italian] Minister for Foreign Affairs, declared Italy's concern about “the Mediterranean region's security and stability”. Yet the facts are very clear on how Italy contributes to this: • The two US warships, the USS Porter and the USS Ross, that attacked the Syrian base of Shayrat, form part of the Sixth Fleet; and the Sixth Fleet's principal base is Gaeta, Lazio; • The Sixth Fleet depends on the Command of the US Naval Forces. The latter (...)

The G7 Foreign Minister Summit at Lucca – nothing but a fiction, by Manlio Dinucci

On the heels of the Lucca Comics (the International Festival of Comic Strips), from 10 -11 April the Tuscan city will host yet another international event, again fictional in nature. This will be the G7 Summit of Foreign Ministers. This is the most important of the 11 meetings (taking place at Florence, Rome, Lucca, Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Turin, Bergamo and Milan) with which the Gentiloni government in the year that Italy holds the presidency of the G7, prepares (without keeping an eye (...)

Made in Usa: Democratic Navalni, by Manlio Dinucci

A police officer smashes down the door with a portable battering ram; another one enters, pointing a pistol and strikes several times, a man who, roused by the storm in, reached for a baseball bat; yet other police officers point their guns at a child who has already raised his arms: scenes of ordinary “legal” violence in the United States, reported a week ago, with video clips by the New York Times, that talks about the “trail of blood” triggered by these “raids”, carried out by former (...)

Sicily: the base for a US/Nato attack, by Manlio Dinucci

From 12 - 24 March, opposite along Sicily's Mediterranean coasts, the Nato naval drill, “Dynamic Manta” is taking place. Military navies from the US, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Turkey will all be a part of it. The launching pad for the 16 naval units earmarked [for the operation]? The Californian SSN-781, a US nuclear submarine for rapid attack. Armed with about a hundred torpedoes and almost 150 cruise missiles for attacking land targets, it is part of Task Force 69 and is (...)

Pinotti’s Mini-Pentagon, by Manlio Dinucci

Following France's example, Italy is going to centralize all its armed forces within a local Pentagon. One by one, each Nato member will be invited to restructure, following the example of the US, its big brother. Violating the Italian Constitution, this evolution radically changes the armed forces' missions.

The Nuclear Great Game in Europe, by Manlio Dinucci

The New York Times launched the torpedo: the charge that Moscow has violated the Treaty on Medium Range Nuclear Weapons (“INF” by its English acronym) . And this [torpedo] has struck its target: intensifying tensions in relations between the United States and Russia, slowing down or blocking negotiations of the deal that Trump alluded to even during his electoral campaign. The torpedo is etched with Obama's signature. For it was he who in July 2014 (immediately after the Maidan Square Putsch (...)