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Nuclear “disarmament” according to Gentiloni, by Manlio Dinucci

The snapshot: a crowd in San Carlo Square in Turin, seized by a panic which had far-reaching consequences . This photo symbolizes the situation we are in today, suffering from a psychosis induced by the fear of a terrorist attack, which been skilfully propagated by the political-media machinery. True, the psychosis is grounded in reality, but the true causes and objectives of terrorism are hidden from our eyes. The fear of a terrorist attack has allowed our basic survival instinct to burst (...)

The G7 «order» is the Nato order, by Manlio Dinucci

“An international order based on rules that promotes peace between nations, safeguards sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of all states and ensures the protection of human rights”: this is what the G7 leaders say they want. These leaders have gathered at Taormina, near the Sigonella base, the strategic centre in the Mediterranean for US /Nato wars and covert operations that have demolished the Libyan state and tried to do the same thing in Syria, accelerating the (...)

Trump making his way to the “G-Nato” at Taormina, by Manlio Dinucci

After visiting Saudi Arabia and Israel, President Trump, will be in Rome tomorrow. Then on 25 May he will proceed to the Nato Summit at Brussels and return to Italy for the G7 meeting at Taormina (26 May – 27 May) and will also visit the US/Nato base at Sigonella. What is he actually hoping to achieve by this, his first visit abroad? General Mc Master, the President's advisor on national security, explains that his President has three core objectives: • to launch a “message of unity” to (...)

The US Generals: “the Bomb for Peace” , by Manlio Dinucci

Just two days before the North Korean missile test set off the nuclear alarm across the world, the journal, Politico, featured an article entitled “Why the USA is right to invest in nuclear weapons” . The article was not authored by a pundit, but two generals, the controlling minds behind three quarters of the US nuclear forces: Dave Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and Robin Rand, Head of the Air Command for Global Attack. They declare that, “though it may seen counterintuitive, (...)

So here it is: the Pentagon’s plan for Europe, by Manlio Dinucci

In preparation for President Trump's visit to Europe (24 May: Rome; 25 May: the Nato Summit, Brussels; 26- 27 May: the G7 Summit at Taormina), the Pentagon presented its strategic plan for the “European theatre”. Its spokesperson? General Curtis Scaparrotti who, as the head of the US's European Command, automatically becomes the head of Nato, holding the office of Supreme Allied Commander for Europe. On 2 May, in the US Senate, the General recalls that “the European theatre remains critical to (...)

Lined up in bases, just a few minutes’ plane ride from Russia, by Manlio Dinucci

On 25 April 2017, two US F-35 fighter planes arrived at the Ämari air base, Estonia, for their “first practice deployment in Europe”. This is code for their first war drill in Europe. Shortly afterwards, on 28 April, another two fighter planes arrived at the Graf Ignatievo airbase, Bulgaria for this same purpose. These planes form part of the group of six F-35A Lightning II that, on 15 April, were transferred from the United States to the English base situated in Lakenheath. The U.S. Air (...)

When it comes to military expenditure, Italy can hold its head high, by Manlio Dinucci

“Italy is participating with its head held high in the Atlantic Alliance in which it is the fifth largest contributor and has confirmed that it aims to reach the target of spending 2% of its GDP on military matters”. So announced Gentiloni, the President of the Council, on 27 April, when he received Stoltenberg, the Nato Secretary-General, at Rome. He has thus repeated what he has already told US President Trump, namely, that he is “proud of Italy's financial contribution to the Alliance's (...)

The Chains of “anchorage” to the U.S.A., by Manlio Dinucci

In the newspapers and on the TV news, there is barely any coverage on the meeting between Trump and Gentiloni. Yet this was an event that was anything but formal. For Gentiloni, the challenge was to dispel the doubts on the attitude of his government to the new US President. Such doubts were the legacy of the Renzi government (in which Gentiloni was the Minister of Foreign Affairs). For the Renzi government had not sought to disguise that it was supporting Obama and Clinton against Trump (...)

Nuclear Escalation in the Italian Peninsula: the B61-12 bomb has been tested , by Manlio Dinucci

The political-media spotlight beams in on the nuclear escalation in the Korean peninsula, and lets slip, unnoticed in the shadows, a similar escalation in on the Italian peninsula. On 13 April [2017], The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center communicates that, in the polygon of Nellis in Nevada: “An Air Force F-16 aircraft released an inert B61 nuclear bomb in a test recently, demonstrating the aircraft's capability to deliver the weapon and testing the functioning of the weapon's non-nuclear (...)

From Camp Darby US weapons for the war in Syria and Yemen, by Manlio Dinucci

It goes by the name, “Liberty Passion”. It is an enormous, state-of-the art, US ship of the Ro/Ro type (designed to transport vehicles and cargo on wheels): 200 metres long, it has 12 decks with a total area exceeding 50,000 m2, sufficient to transport cargo equal to 6,500 automobiles. The ship is owned by the US company “Liberty Global Logistics” and it was on 24 March that the ship made its first stopover at the port of Livorno. Thus is established an official, regular connection between (...)