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The Macedonians boycott the Nato Celebrations

On 14 July, the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia had planned to celebrate the opening of negotiations for it to become a member of Nato. For the Alliance, Macedonia's membership is very important because the majority of Macedonians, like the Greeks, are orthodox and therefore their culture is close to Russia's. 15 concerts along the theme “We love Nato” had been organized by the Socialist Party of the Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, and were going to be recorded and broadcast on public (...)

China over-saturated with evangelical missionaries

The People's Republic of China, which for a long time now has had to tackle the sect of Falun Gong , is horrified to discover the resurgence of the “Return to Jerusalem Movement”. This evangelical sect was powerful in the 1920s in the province of Shandong (North East China), a region with a religious syncrétiste tradition The light of this sect was smothered out by the nationalist revolution yet today its torch of belief has been relit and is being passed around the Chinese diaspora in (...)

Can a bank fight against the financialisation of the economy?

The Raiffeisenbanks in Switzerland and the principle of cooperation, by René Roca / Summit of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin / “The purpose of Raiffeisen is the common self-help” Felix Walker calls for the bank to return to its cooperative roots, by Georg Koch / What can Germany hope for?, by Karl Müller / Europeans should not follow the American sanctions against Iran!, by Roland Hureaux / Angela Merkel definitely rejects Emmanuel Macron's United States of Europe, by Alain Morau / The front against Russia is caving in, by Eberhard Hamer / “Working for human rights takes patience, perseverance and passion”, Interview with Alfred de Zayas / Alfred de Zayas' 23 principles of international order / More than a well-founded plea against German war policy. Willy Wimmer's new book „Germany in Upheaval“, by Johannes Irsiegler / EU-Europe faces a self-inflicted shambles, by Willy Wimmer / Human (...)

LaFarge: a concrete source for Daesh

Fresh evidence has been handed over to the judicial investigation that is being conducted in Paris, into LaFarge's activities. The new evidence is that in Syria, Daesh had made requests to purchase cement and was ready to buy LaFarge's factory so that it could continue to produce cement for itself. We must not forget that the cement that LaFarge produced during the war against Syria, could only be used in the area occupied by the Jihadists and NATO and not the area controlled by the Syrian (...)

The Coronation of “Sultan” Erdoğan

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has assumed his new functions as President of the Republic of Turkey. These duties are new for two reasons. First because he's been re-elected and second, because from now on, Turkey's new constitution will apply which grants him new prerogatives. At the end of a sumptuous ceremony that took place in the White Palace (Spanish translator's note: the White Palace is the enormous Presidential residence that Erdogan had constructed for himself) the “sultan” jetted off to (...)

Bannon’s attack in Italy followed by Obama’s counter attack in Spain and Portugal

In response to Steve Bannon's trip to Rome, Barack Obama is making a trip to Madrid and Porto. Whilst Bannon (Donald Trump's former special advisor) called for those who hated the system to unite and for the EU to break up, the former US President, who has now converted to a TV producer, denounced the “rise of nationalism”. The row between the Jacksonians and the Wilsonians (the names of the former US Presidents, Andrew Jackson et Woodrow Wilson) continues in Western (...)

Joint Statement on the “Resolute Support Mission” in Afghanistan

We, the Heads of State and Government of the nations contributing to the Resolute Support Mission, and the President of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met today in Brussels to reaffirm our shared commitment to Afghanistan's long-term security and stability. The people of Afghanistan demand peace and we are encouraged by the momentum building in that direction. We remain united in our commitment to help Afghanistan attain it. We pay tribute to the sacrifice and (...)

Chairman’s statement on NATO-Ukraine

NATO Heads of State and Government met today with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, to reaffirm their joint commitment to further develop their Distinctive Partnership and its contribution to a peaceful, stable and undivided Europe. They discussed the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where, for more than four years, Ukraine has defended itself against Russia's aggressive actions. Allies expressed their unwavering support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its (...)

NATO-Georgia Commission Declaration at the Brussels Summit

We, NATO Heads of State and Government and Georgia, met in Brussels today to discuss security, defence reform, and cooperation. Allies congratulate the people of Georgia on the centennial anniversary of their independence. Allies and Georgia emphasize the unique scope and depth of Georgia's relationship with the Alliance. Allies welcome the substantial progress on reforms in Georgia over the past decade in consolidating its democracy and achieving stronger economic development, more (...)

NATO Declaration on Transatlantic Security and Solidarity

NATO guarantees the security of our territory and populations, our freedom, and the values we share – including democracy, individual liberty, human rights and the rule of law. Our Alliance embodies the enduring and unbreakable transatlantic bond between Europe and North America to stand together against threats and challenges from any direction. This includes the bedrock commitment to collective defence set out in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. NATO will continue to strive for peace, (...)