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Bibliography, by Thierry Meyssan

1— Official Documents Australia Syria : Australian military operations, Research paper, Parliament of Australia, September 20th, 2017. 'Islamic State' in a zone of conflicts within conflicts, Research paper, Parliament of Australia, October 14th, 2016. The Islamic Caliphate and Australia, Research paper, Parliament of Australia, July 25th, 2014. International responses to the Syrian uprising : March 2011-June 2012, Research paper, Parliament of Australia, July13th, 2012. Libya and (...)

Donald Trump Executive Order to Impose Sanctions on the Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran

Today, the White House issued an Executive Order sanctioning the Supreme Leader's Office and authorizing further sanctions on those associated with it. This action was taken as part of the Administration's maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime, which has engaged in 40 years of terror and aggression against the United States and our allies. Most recently, it targeted a U.S. unmanned aircraft and executed attacks on international shipping. The Supreme Leader's Office has enriched (...)

Press Briefing with Jared Kushner, by Jared Kushner

Moderator: Greetings to everyone from the U.S. International Media Hub in London. I'd like to welcome our participants dialing in and thank you all for joining this discussion. Today's call will focus on the administration's economic plan and the upcoming economic workshop From Peace to Prosperity in Bahrain. Our speaker today is Mr. Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States. We'll begin today's call with opening remarks from Mr. Kushner and then we will turn to your (...)

US Treasury Targets Senior IRGC Commanders Behind Iran’s Destructive and Destabilizing Activities

The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took action today against eight senior commanders of Navy, Aerospace, and Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). These commanders sit atop a bureaucracy that supervises the IRGC's malicious regional activities, including its provocative ballistic missile program, harassment and sabotage of commercial vessels in international waters, and its destabilizing presence in Syria. Today's (...)

How EU and NATO generate crises

Why are the teachers in turmoil?, by Claude Meunier-Berthelot / Test tasks in German 2017 for the examination of the basic competences (ÜGK), by the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) / How EU and NATO generate crises and pave the way for wars, Interview with Ullrich Mies / By proceeding against Julian Assange, America will dig its own grave, by Karen Kwiatkowski / What exactly is the “Mittelstand”? Its importance for society and economy, by Eberhard Hamer / Should Switzerland automatically have to adopt EU law in future? / A more direct democracy in Germany (Part 3). Federalism, by Christian Fischer / A valuable cultural bridge. To the newly published art book “Julius von Klever - Maler am Mare Balticum” by Alfried Nehring, by Urs Knoblauch / About the pedagogical value of confidence, by Carl Bossard / Hilal starts to speak, by Ursula (...)

Washington’s wager concerning Iran, by Thierry Meyssan

Even more than Syria, Iran is now at the heart of the confrontation between East and West. The astounded public is witnessing Washington's daily about-turns in what seems – mistakenly - to be an escalation towards war between the two countries. But this is not what it is about. Fortunately, the two Great Powers have demonstrated for the last 75 years that they are reasonable, and have always managed to stand down before they arrive at the point of mutual destruction.

Russian Commentary on JIT Inquest on MH-17 Disaster

The statements made by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at a news conference on June 19 about the alleged involvement of Russian servicemen in the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash were utterly regrettable. The Russian Federation once again finds itself the target of completely unfounded accusations intended to discredit it in the eyes of the international community. As was the case at its previous news conferences, the JIT did not produce a single shred of concrete evidence to back up (...)

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin 2019, by Vladimir Putin

Tatyana Remezova: Good afternoon. As of now, we have received some 1.5 million questions from the public. Actually, the figure exceeded 1.5 million this morning. The most popular form of address is a telephone call. We have received nearly one million of them. Each call is recorded and processed by operators and is presented in a special inquiry form. We have received nearly 400,000 text and MMS messages. However, this year the people are very actively using the website (...)

US Statement on Iranian Disinformation

Iran's leaders know the truth is a dangerous thing. It is important to correct the record. First, President Trump did not pass a message through Oman calling for talks with Iran. We have made our position abundantly clear. We are willing to engage when the time is right. It's telling that the Iranian regime rejected the recent, historic diplomacy of Japanese Prime Minister Abe, attacked a Japanese tanker in the Gulf of Oman, and shot down a U.S. aircraft operating in international airspace. (...)

President Trump wants to bring Prosperity to the Palestinian People and across the Middle East

Office of the Press Secretary PEACE TO PROSPERITY: The Trump Administration is launching a new approach, Peace to Prosperity, which will help build a better future for the Palestinian people and the region. • The Trump Administration's Peace to Prosperity approach centers on three pillars: the Palestinian economy, people, and government. This includes initiatives that aim to: • Unleash Palestinian economic potential • Empower the Palestinian people • Enhance Palestinian governance • Peace (...)