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Russian Military Drill off the Coast of Syria

The Russian army is performing a major military exercise off the coast of Syria. This is why air and maritime routes have been temporarily closed in this part of the Mediterranean. This Russian drill follows the destruction of a Russian plane during a joint British-French-Israeli attack on 17 September 2018. The target of this latter tri-state attack was located in the Syrian region of Latakia. Following this war game, Russia could propose to Syria, the adoption of new rules creating no (...)

Emir Tamim’s gift to Sultan Erdogan: a palatial plane

The emir of Qatar, Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani, has gifted the biggest and most luxurious private plane in the world to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The gift is a super well equipped Boeing 747-8i. This gift is worth approximately half a billion dollars. We do not know if the gift was made to the Turkish President or Sultan Erdogan personally, nor what it rewards. The plane, which was built for an 18 member team and 76 passengers, is going to be added to the existing means of (...)

Israel used Russian military plane to shield it against a Syrian attack

On 17 September 2018, at around 22 hrs (local time) a Russian military plane, Il-20, disappeared from the radar screens in the Mediterranean, approximately 35 km from the coasts of Syria. It returned to the air base of Hmeymim, with 14 people on board. The incident occurred when a battle was to be waged in the area. From the international waters four Israeli F-16 planes, attacked the International Institute of Technical Industries in Latakia. The anti- air Syrian defense responded by (...)

The battle of Idleb is pushed back

The Russian and Turkish Presidents met at Sochi, on 17 September 2018. After their previous meeting on 7 September in Teheran, Russia has hardened its tone. For the first time, it recalled the illegal nature of the Turkish military presence in Idleb, emphasizing that this would have to stop. The first thing that Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have done is to sign international cooperation agreements on the construction of the Turkish Stream pipe line and the civil nuclear central (...)

Russia Challenges the Findings of the International Commission on MH-17

The Russian Authorities continue to challenge the version that Flight MH-17 was brought to the ground by an air-ground missile. They declassified information contradicting the conclusions of the Dutch Commission of Inquiry Into the Crash. Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, connecting Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was destroyed on 17 July 2014 as it was flying over the region of Donetsk (Ukraine). This was at the time of fighting between the coup-making government of Kiev and those seeking the (...)

Belt and road

“Silk Road 2018 – A new approach to trading”. International Conference in Nuremberg on 25 July 2018, by Nils Opel / Intra-American power struggle – world peace in danger. Germany is still following in the wake of the US war alliance, by Willy Wimmer / Is there still a solution for the Syrian Idlib without too many victims? / Joint Statement by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President of the Russian Federation and the President of the Republic of Turkey / How to deal with Chemnitz and Germany?, by Karl Müller / The global market must not destroy our food security and our rural agriculture. Initiative for Food Sovereignty: substantive arguments, by Marianne Wüthrich / “No new state control instruments, but implementation of the existing regulations!, Interview with Rudi Berli / European Union and Europe are two different things, EFTA is forward-looking, by Winfried (...)

Statement of Principles for the Syria Small Group

The following statement of principles is meant to serve as a set of guidelines for the members of the Syria Small Group. It outlines a set of objectives for the Group members to pursue collectively and individually. It should guide interactions between members of the Small Group and other foreign interlocutors, particulary Russia, but also the United Nations and others. It is not intended to be a public document. Principles for a resolution of the Syria conflict 1. As a general set of (...)

Memorandum on Stabilization of the Situation in the Idlib De-escalation Area

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation, as guarantors of the observance of the ceasefire regime in the Syrian Arab Republic, guided by memorandum on creation of de-escalation areas in the Syrian Arab Republic as of May 4, 2017 and arrangements achieved in the Astana Process in order to stabilize yhe situation in the Idlib de-escalation area as soon as possible, Have agreed on the following : 1. The Idlib de-escalation area will be preserved and Turkish observation posts (...)

Turkish Journalist Ayten Öztürk is kidnapped in Lebanon by Turkish CIA

On 9 March 2018, the Lebanese police arrested the Turkish citizen Ayten Öztürk at the international airport Rafiq Hariri (Beirut, Lebanon), when she was making her way to Greece. On 13 March, the Minister for Home Affairs, Nohad Machnouk, secretly referred her to the Turkish equivalent of the CIA or MI5 (Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı (MİT), bypassing the judicial process for extradition. Mr Machnouk is a member of the Current of the Future (Hariri's party). Ayten Öztürk is a journalist who opposes (...)

Germany stance conflicts with Feltman Directive

On 14 September 2018, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, tweeted that his country was ready to participate in Syria's reconstruction “if there is a political solution leading to free elections”. For the first time, a Western High Ranking Official is mentioning the option of reconstructing Syria whilst a political solution is being worked out and not once the Western official objectives of “regime change”, have been achieved. By doing this, Germany is the first State to (...)