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The ICJ: Will it be an option for the US?

Washington is not at all pleased that the International Court of Justice condemned some of its sanctions against Russia. After Teheran argued that its position was based on the Bilateral Treaty on Friendship, Economic Relations and Consular Rights of 15 August 1955, Washington announced that it was denouncing that Treaty. The Court is currently examining a set of pleadings from the Palestinian authority denouncing the illegal transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. The basis for the (...)

Greece detects the massive arrival of jihadists

Up till now, the presence of jihadists intermingled in the outpouring migrants entering the EU Union through Greece, has been anecdotal. The alert has just been set off of a more massive arrival. Following the signature of the agreement reached between Russia and Turkey at Sotchi, the Turkish CIA (Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı) has smuggled more than a thousand fighters belonging to al Qaeda and Daesh out of Idleb. The Greek police has detected at least 120 jihadists among the new immigrants. (...)

Right to reply by the Latvian government

Following the publication on 18 September 2018 of the article by Manlio Dinucci « The new Iron Curtain », the Latvian government, via its embassy in Rome, addressed the following letter to the editors of Il Manifesto. Manlio Dinucci replied and Thierry Meyssan has replaced this exchange in its context.

Russia can sink all airplane-carriers navigating in East Greenland, by Valentin Vasilescu

In his previous article, Valentin Vasilescu demonstrated that it was impossible for the Pentagon to establish an anti-Russian blockade in the Mediterranean nor anywhere else. In this article, he applies his thesis and he shows us that the US no longer has the capacity to lead a naval war against Russia in East Greenland. Moscow has already demonstrated the superiority of its weapons on the ground in Syria. Even if the clash between the two Great Powers has been avoided with care, what is clear, is that today, Russia no longer fears the possibility of a conventional US attack.

Global ramifications of the Russia-India Défence deal 2018, by General Vinod Saighal

While the Hindu government of Narendra Modi seemed to be moving closer to the United Staes, India has just bought five billion dollars worth of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missiles. This return to the historic alliance with Moscow corresponds to the the evolutions presently under way in Europe, particularly in Hungary and Turkey. For General Vinod Saighal, who has always supported this option, only a Russo-Indian military alliance coupled with economic cooperation with China can guarantee peace in Asia.

The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, by Manal al-Sharif

We won't be silenced The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, the prominent Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor, has reverberated among journalists, activists and critics of authoritarianism all over the world. My first encounter with Jamal's writings was in 2011, year one of the Arab Spring, in Al-Hayat, the Saudi newspaper we both wrote for. In his columns, he called for seizing the moment and pushed for reforms within Saudi Arabia. For his courageous views, he was banned from (...)

Letter by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi

Dear Mr. President: The Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act requires the President, upon receipt of a request from the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, to determine whether a foreign person is responsible for an extrajudicial killing, torture, or other gross violation of internationally recognized human rights against an individual exercising freedom of expression, and report to the Committee within 120 days with a determination and a (...)

Mike Pompeo Remarks at JINSA Awards Dinner, by Mike Pompeo

SECRETARY POMPEO: Tom, thank you for the kind introduction. Catherine, it's great to see you. Catherine Herridge is my favorite reporter, but you should know that's a low bar. (Laughter.) I — MS HERRIDGE: You were my favorite congressman. (Laughter.) SECRETARY POMPEO: I – (laughter). Fair enough. (Applause.) Catherine is not only a very talented reporter but an incredibly capable woman, and she and her husband are good friends of Susan and mine. So thank you, thank you for being part of this (...)

The Pentagon’s insect army, by Manlio Dinucci

The Pentagon is busy pursuing all sorts of research. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is studying the possibility of using insects to infect crops, while the Office of Naval Research hopes to use other insects as sensors, capable of detecting explosives. This is not science-fiction.

Washington corrupts Macedonian Parliamentarians to secure Macedonia’s Membership of Nato and the EU

The Macedonians refused NATO and EU membership that the Zaev government proposed to them through the referendum held on 30 September 2018. However, that same evening, the Secretary-Generals of NATO and the EU called to by-pass popular anger and to continue the process for approving membership, this time by a parliamentary vote . According to Milenko Nedelkovski, Washington immediately began buying MP votes. So reveals the Mina Report . An official in the US State Department, “Agent Tesla” (...)