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The International Contact Group Supports Juan Guaido

At the initiative of Uruguay and Mexico, the International Contact Group met at Montevideo on last Thursday on Feb 7 2019. Its agenda was to help to resolve the Venezuelan Crisis. All its members were states the European Union deemed to make the cut. Mexico, formerly a member of the Lima Group, sought to define a roadmap that steered clear of the use of force. Many States, including China and Russia, made it known that they wanted to join the Contact Group, yet they were rejected. The (...)

Turkey condemns China

Serious human rights violations perpetrated against Uighur Turks and the passing away of folk poet Abdurehim Heyit Practices violating the fundamental human rights of Uighur Turks and other Muslim communities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region have worsened, especially during the last two years, and have been brought to the agenda of the international community. In particular, the official declaration of the "Sinification of All Religions and Beliefs" policy in October 2017 was (...)

China responds to Turkey

Question: On February 9, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey criticized China on the situation in Xinjiang and its relevant policies. What is your response? Hua Chunying: I have noted these very bad remarks made by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. The Chinese Embassy in Turkey has already made a response at the earliest time possible, and the Chinese side has made stern representations with the Turkish side. Before saying anything (...)

Gavin Williamson at RUSI, by Gavin Williamson

Transforming UK Defence to Meet the Global Threats of Tomorrow Malcolm [Chalmers] thank you so much for having hosting this event here today at RUSI. It's a real privilege and honour to be able to come along. It's important to start off by asking the question why do we fight? It is fundamentally, to protect our people, protect our interests, and, of course, to defend Britain. As a nation, we've never shied away from acting even if that has meant standing alone as we did in the darkest hours (...)

High chance that Iran has built precision missiles in Syria

According to Israeli Channel 12, Iran has constructed a factory to build precision missiles at Safita, a district of Latakia (Syria). The Israeli Press assumes that these missiles – if the information is correct – are meant for the Lebanese Resistance to use to threaten Tel-Aviv (which has attacked Lebanon several times and continues to violate its air space and territorial waters). This information comes just as the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution announced that they have Hoveizeh (...)

France recalls one of its ambassadors from an EU member state

A move without precedent since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1958: France has recalled its ambassador from an EU member state, Italy. The crisis between France and Italy started simmering following the formation of Guiseppe Conte's government. It came to the boil after Luigi de Maio (Head of the Cinque Stelle movement) and Vice President of the Italian Council met with a group of Yellow Gilets at Montargis (see photo). France denounces this as Italy interfering in its internal affairs. (...)

Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address 2019, by Donald Trump

Madam Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States — (applause) — and my fellow Americans: We meet tonight at a moment of unlimited potential. As we begin a new Congress, I stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans. Millions of our fellow citizens are watching us now, gathered in this great chamber, hoping that we will govern not as two parties but as one nation. (Applause.) The agenda I will lay out (...)

Erdogan will not recognize Assad but will talk to his cabinet

The Turkish president, Erdoğan caused a commotion on 3 Feb 2019, when he declared during an interview with the TV Channel TRT, that Turkey was still keeping up diplomatic relations with Syrian personalities. He emphasized that it was not in Turkey's interests to cleanly sever all ties in any relationship, even one with its enemies. Up till now, President Erdoğan had declared that the reason for Turkish military presence in Syria was primarily to topple the “dictator”. On 4 February, the (...)