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The FBI Investigates into the Breitbart and InfoWars websites

According to McClatchy, the FBI is investigating the internet sites, Breitbart and InfoWars in the context of its investigations into whether there was a Russian intervention in the presidential electoral campaign. Breitbart is a news website. Steve Bannon (see photo), who is currently the President Trump's strategic adviser, used to be the editor-in-chief. It has been largely subsidized by Robert Mercer (who also supports Cambridge Analytica, the Cato Institute and the Media Research (...)

The Global Coalition – Working to Defeat ISIS

Fact Sheet Since its formation in 2014, the Global Coalition has worked diligently to reduce the threat ISIS poses to international security and our homelands. Coalition members are united in common cause to defeat ISIS through a robust approach, including working by, with, and through local partners for military operations; supporting the stabilization of territory liberated from ISIS; and, enhancing international cooperation against ISIS' global objectives through information sharing, law (...)

May denies the accusations against the GCHQ, but replaces its director

Finally, Theresa May's government has denied the accusations, formulated [first] by Judge Andrew Napolitano, then by the White House's spokesman, Sean Spicer, that the GCHQ had wire tapped Trump Tower on behalf of Barack Obama. However, at the same time we learn that “in January”, the cabinet appears to have accepted the resignation of the current director of the GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, for personal reasons. The Sunday Times reports that he would soon be replaced by the current director of (...)

Washington halves its financial contribution to the UN

President Donald Trump has instructed his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to reduce by half the US's financial participation for UN expenses over the next three years. This decision was made following the request for an audit of Nikki Halley, the UN ambassador to the Security Council. Since July 2012 and the appointment of Jeffrey Feltman as the head of the UN Policy Department, UN resources are used by the US Deep State to pursue its goals to remodel an expanded Middle East and to cut (...)

Raphaël Glucksmann against François Fillon

François Fillon is the only personality to date, to have checked all the boxes to be a genuine candidate for the French presidential elections . He has been subject to pressures from all sides to ensure that he withdraws. He is reproached for being subject to an investigation which sees magistrates pursuing him even though he does not appear to have committed any crime or delict but because he appears to have paid his parliamentary assistant on the scale of a Grade A public official. In (...)

Voltaire Network denounces the possibility of a parliamentarian being investigated under Art 227-24

The Public Prosecutor of Nanterre has launched criminal proceedings against Marine Le Pen. The legal basis for this? Article 227-24 of the Criminal Code (the so-called “Jolibois article” so named after its originator). The European Parliament is considering lifting the Euro MP's parliamentary immunity. The accused had responded to a journalist (who had compared the French “Front national” to Daesh), by tweeting three photographs of crimes committed by Daesh, already published in the Press. (...)

London spied on Trump on behalf of Obama

Judge Andrew Napolitano has declared on Fox News that it was not the NSA, nor the CIA nor the US FBI that spied on Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate and then President elect. Rather, it was the British GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters). The GCHQ is a member of the “Five Eyes” agreement, established on 5 March 1946, as an extension of the Atlantic Charter and the allies' victory. The links between the United Kingdom and the Obama Administration are all the more (...)

Derivative Rights: will they apply to the Internet in Europe?

The European Union is getting ready to amend its legislation on reproducing radio and television broadcasts. The issue is whether the collective system that governs the reproduction of musical recordings should apply to this type of product. The European Commission also envisages applying this system to press agency dispatches. This was requested by the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) notably with respect GoogleNews. However the European Parliament is opposed to this because it (...)

The Obama plan to remove Donald Trump

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, has relocated his staff to the district of Kaloroma (Washington D.C.). This is because they had no legal right to use their interim premises (occupied in January and February) to conduct politics. Their new headquarters is a manor (see photo) rented to Bill Clinton's former press secretary. The team is led by Valerie Jarett, confidante to the Obama couple. The team mission? To organize the removal of President Donald Trump. Article (...)