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Lafarge was working for the French Secret Services in Syria

The French judicial investigation into the relationship between the French group Lafarge and jihadist groups committed to destabilizing the Syrian government, has just shed light on the close ties between this transnational and the French Secret Services. Lafarge is a transnational group whose core business is manufacturing cement. Judge Charlotte Bilger, tasked with investigating into a complaint filed by several of Lafarge's former employers, has ended up extending her investigations into (...)

US stumped by a Russian e-war

Intervening on 24 April 2018 at the GEOINT 2018 Symposium, General Raymond A. Thomas III (Commander-in-Chief of Special Operations (USSOCOM)), has revealed the extent of the e-war between the United States and “the enemy” (Russia understood). He considers “the enemy” is succeeding in disrupting or systematically disabling the US systems in Syria making it impossible for the Pentagon to survey the combat zone. During the tripartite attack of 14 April, the Russian army succeeded in hacking the (...)

The Second Brussels Conference: Lebanon expressed its opposition

On 25 April 2018 the Second Conference of Brussels in support of Syria and the other countries in the region, organized by the European Union and the United Nations, was brought to a close. The donor states put on show their desire to help Lebanon to continue to provide shelter to the Syrian refugees for as long as it takes to come up with a political solution for Syria . Accordingly, they entreated host countries to give legal status to refugees even if they return on a temporary basis to (...)

17 eyewitnesses testify before the OPCW

Upon the request of Russia, on 27 April, 17 eye witnesses of the alleged chemical attack that took place at Douma, came to testify before the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemcial Weapons. Every one of these 17 witnesses confirmed that this chemical attack never took place. These individuals are Syrian citizens that appear in a video that the White Helmets has broadcast across the world as proof of a “chemical attack” in Douma where the directors of this hospital are based. (...)

Joint Statement by Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America

OPCW investigators have been in Syria for two weeks now. They are conducting their work in extremely difficult circumstances. They have our full support. Instead of working with the OPCW to support their investigation, Syria and Russia have continued to create obstacles to delay their deployment to Duma and to wage a propaganda campaign against the OPCW. Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, (...)

Brussels II Conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’: co-chairs declaration

1. The Second Brussels Conference on "Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region" took place on 24-25 April 2018. It was hosted by the European Union and co-chaired by the United Nations. 2. One year after Brussels I, and following the previous three pledging conferences in Kuwait as well as the London Conference in 2016, the Conference renewed and strengthened the political, humanitarian and financial commitment of the international community to support the Syrian people, the (...)

The anti-Russian hysteria

German-Russian town twinning – a contribution to international understanding and peace. 30th anniversary of the partnership between Volgograd and Chemnitz, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller, Klaudia Kruck-Schaer and Tankred Schaer / Harassment around the Electricity Agreement Switzerland – EU, by Ernst Pauli / A voice of humanity. Farewell to SRF foreign correspondent Iren Meier / The Skripal Incident – Another Anti-Russian Provocation, by Christopher Black / Learning from history! Germany needs to improve its relationship with Russia, by Karl Müller / Germany is the country in which the conflict would be carried out militarily, by Sigmar Gabriel / Disturbing acts of political vigilante justice, by Frank Elbe / Switzerland does not expel Russian diplomats / Cain, where is your brother Abel?, by Moritz (...)

The Security Council meets in Sweden avoiding the public eye

Sweden, a temporary member of the Security Council, has just organized a delocalized session of this UN organ. Each year, the Security Council holds a delocalized session for a friendly debate. 15 ambassadors and the UN Secretary General have convened in a converted farm in Backåkra, in the South of Sweden, with a view to freely debating the war in Syria. This summer house was the residence of the former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld, who was assassinated in (...)

Ankara and Washington Starting to lose their cool

Following attempts to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (one of which culminated in the attempted coup d'etat in July 2016), the tone of the dialogue between Washington and Ankara has been cranked up. Turkey is detaining an evangelical US pastor, Andrew Brunson, who has affixed himself to Turkish soil for 23 years now. Turkey is charging him with colluding with the PKK (Kurds) and Fethullah Gülen. As it turns out, President Erdogan has on several occasions mentioned the offer made by (...)

The emergence of a Christian United Front against the war in Syria

At the initiative of the Patriarch of Moscow, Cyril the First (Orthodox) and in collaboration with Pope Francis of Rome (Catholic), an alliance in opposition to the war in Syria is in the process of being welded between the following patriarchs: Bartholomew the First of Constantinople, Theophile III of Jerusalem, Theodor II of Alexandria and John X of Antioch. The initiative follows the Joint Declaration made by the Greek Orthodox, the Syrian Orthodox and the Greek – Melkite Catholics of (...)