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Susan Rice wiretapped Donald Trump’s team

Two weeks ago, Devin Nunes (the Representative for California), Chair of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives confirmed that government agencies had “accidentally” listened to members of Donald Trump's campaign team. The immediate response of the Democratic Party was to try to mobilize the Republican representatives to remove and replace Nunes. Now, according to the former prosecutor, Joseph diGenova interviewed by The Daily Caller, the names of those placed under wire (...)

NATO against Peace

NATO is endangering our security, by Gabriel Galice, Daniele Ganser and Hans von Sponeck / On the role of the West in the Ukraine Crisis, by Dario Rivolta / Nikolai Starikov: The tragedy of Ukraine – a geopolitical diary, by Barbara Hug / Movement in German-Russian relations? / “We decide”. The right to binding popular vote is to be incorporated into the Austrian Federal Constitution / Back to field 1. Federal Council reaching its limits in the negotiations with EU / Which foreign policy position for Switzerland?, by Marianne Wüthrich / Why many of the previous free trade agreements do not correspond to the conditions of the common good, by Ewald Wetekamp / … because democracy is part of human dignity, by Karl Müller / Respect the democratic rules! Media release of the Zurich committee “Lehrplan vors Volk!” from 15 March 2017 / Pisa crash – Curriculum 21 jeopardises direct democracy / “Rose (...)

Supporting the future of Syria and the region: co-chairs declaration

1. The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, the Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations and the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Qatar, and the United Kingdom chaired today in Brussels a conference on the Syrian conflict and its impact on the region. This conference brought together representatives of over 70 countries and (...)

Mexican Journalists award Thierry Meyssan the International Prize

The Mexican Press Club has awarded Thierry Meyssan the International Prize for Journalism 2017 in the category of geopolitical analysis. The ceremony took place in Mexico City and was well attended by Latin American personalities in the media world and representatives from the Mexican government. This prize aims at honouring the quality of Meyssan's analyses or more specifically, his investigations into the September 11 attacks and his coverage of the ensuing wars in Lebanon, Libya and (...)

US Intelligence Agencies admit that they had “accidentally” eavesdropped on Team Trump

The new Chair of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, Devin Nunes (the Californian Representative), gave a press conference on the wire taps of Team Trump. He confirmed that the Intelligence agencies had “accidentally” listened to some members of Team Trump. « Accidentally», should be interpreted to mean that they were not the targets of interception, but they were talking with people who had been targeted by the agencies. Devin Nunes has confirmed that contrary to (...)

The FBI Investigates into the Breitbart and InfoWars websites

According to McClatchy, the FBI is investigating the internet sites, Breitbart and InfoWars in the context of its investigations into whether there was a Russian intervention in the presidential electoral campaign. Breitbart is a news website. Steve Bannon (see photo), who is currently the President Trump's strategic adviser, used to be the editor-in-chief. It has been largely subsidized by Robert Mercer (who also supports Cambridge Analytica, the Cato Institute and the Media Research (...)

The Global Coalition – Working to Defeat ISIS

Fact Sheet Since its formation in 2014, the Global Coalition has worked diligently to reduce the threat ISIS poses to international security and our homelands. Coalition members are united in common cause to defeat ISIS through a robust approach, including working by, with, and through local partners for military operations; supporting the stabilization of territory liberated from ISIS; and, enhancing international cooperation against ISIS' global objectives through information sharing, law (...)

May denies the accusations against the GCHQ, but replaces its director

Finally, Theresa May's government has denied the accusations, formulated [first] by Judge Andrew Napolitano, then by the White House's spokesman, Sean Spicer, that the GCHQ had wire tapped Trump Tower on behalf of Barack Obama. However, at the same time we learn that “in January”, the cabinet appears to have accepted the resignation of the current director of the GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, for personal reasons. The Sunday Times reports that he would soon be replaced by the current director of (...)