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Progress report by NATO and EU

Third progress report on the implementation of the common set of proposals endorsed by NATO and EU Councils on 6 December 2016 and 5 December 2017 31 May 2018 Third progress report on the implementation of the common set of proposals endorsed by NATO and EU Councils on 6 December 2016 and 5 December 2017 On 6 December 2016, EU and NATO Councils endorsed in parallel processes a common set of 42 proposals for the implementation of the Joint Declaration signed on 8 July 2016 by the President (...)

How to Save the European Union, by George Soros

It is good to be here. Thank you. I think this is the right place to discuss how to save Europe. The European Union is in an existential crisis. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. First I will briefly explain how this happened and then I will explore what can be done to reverse the trend. In my youth, a small band of visionaries led by Jean Monnet transformed the European Coal and Steel Community into the European Common Market and then the European Union.People of my (...)

Bannon demands ‘Sovereignty’ from Brussels, but not from Washington, by Manlio Dinucci

Steve Bannon – Donald Trump's former strategist and theorist of national-populism - expressed his enthusiastic support for the alliance of the Lega with the 5 Star Movement for "the government of change." In an interview he stated: "The fundamental question, in Italy in March, was the question of sovereignty. The result of the elections was to put into office those Italian citizens who want to regain sovereignty and control over their country, and to put an end to the rules coming from (...)

Which relations between Switzerland and the EU?

Straighten up EU-Switzerland relations. “Switzerland does not need a framework agreement with the European Union”; by Felix W. Zulauf / “Federal Council hampers small hydro power plants development”, by Marianne Wüthrich / Swiss agricultural policy – what next? / How Switzerland saved itself. Fundamental book on the history of Switzerland in the Second World War / A framework agreement with the EU, which is almost unknown to the public... The previous history; by Werner Wüthrich / “To facilitate the emergence of a community of common destiny”. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) take position to sensitive issues of world politics / The NATO states need to change their business model, by Karl Müller / Military strike against Syria must be brought to the International Criminal Court, by Eva Maria Barki / “Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You (...)

EU-Western Balkans Summit Declaration

Sofia Declaration We, the leaders of the European Union (EU) and of its Member States, in consultation with our Western Balkans partners, and in the presence of relevant regional stakeholders, today concluded the following: 1. The EU welcomes the shared commitment of the Western Balkans partners to European values and principles, and to the vision of a strong, stable and united Europe, underpinned by our historic, cultural and geographic ties and by our mutual political, security and (...)

European Council Conclusions on Syria

1. The Syrian conflict has entered its eighth year of continuous and widespread violence, persistent and brutal violations of international law, including abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law, by all parties as well as the repeated use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime and by Da'esh. The Syrian regime bears the overwhelming responsibility for the catastrophic humanitarian situation and the suffering of the Syrian people. We strongly condemn the continued and (...)

The Militarization of the European Union: Schengen Area Handed Over to US-NATO Forces, by Manlio Dinucci

The European Commission presented the Action Plan on Military Mobility on 28 March . “By facilitating military mobility within the EU, – explains the foreign representative of the Union, Federica Mogherini – we can be more effective in reacting when challenges arise”. Even if she does not say so, the reference to “Russian aggression” is evident. The Action Plan was actually decided not by the EU, but by the Pentagon and NATO. In 2015, General Ben Hodges, commander of US gound forces in Europe (...)

The European Commission’s Proposal: A fifth pillar – Free Movement for Nato armies

On 28 March 2018, the European Commission presented its plan for the creation of a “Military Schengen” . Although the reference to Schengen free movement agreements suggests the contrary, this “military Schengen” is not a European project but something Nato wanted. The aim of this Military Schengen is not to give the armies of EU member states a free pass to roam about EU territory without red tape being put in their way, but to extend this privilege to all NATO armies (including US, Turkish (...)

European Council conclusions on the Salisbury attack

The European Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent attack in Salisbury, expresses its deepest sympathies to all whose lives have been threatened and lends its support to the ongoing investigation. It agrees with the United Kingdom government's assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible and that there is no plausible alternative explanation. We stand in unqualified solidarity with the United Kingdom in the face of this grave challenge (...)

Statement by the UE Foreign Affairs Council on the Salisbury attack

The European Union strongly condemns the attack that took place against Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, UK on 4 March 2018, that also left a police officer seriously ill. The lives of many citizens were threatened by this reckless and illegal act. The European Union takes extremely seriously the UK Government's assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible. The European Union is shocked at the offensive use of any military-grade nerve agent, of a type (...)