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The 18,000 al-Qaeda Uighurs in Syria

The Syrian Arab Army is preparing its attack plans to liberate the northwest of the country, that is to say the Idleb region where the defeated jihadists have taken refuge. According to the leadership, most fighters would be ready to surrender, only 10,000 men would be ready to fight to the death. However, according to the Syrian press, a Uyghur colony would have transformed the city of al-Zanbaki (just on the Turkish border) into an entrenched camp. We do not know much about what is (...)

The Truth on how the Islamic Emirate of Al-Mukalla really fell

In 2016, al-Qaeda established an Islamic Emirate that included the port of Mukalla, Yemen and 200 km of its neighbours' coasts [1]. From Mukalla, which was established on the territory of a historical ancient Emirates, al-Qaeda controlled the exit of the Gulf of Aden. This allowed it to hold ships to ransom, collecting 2 million dollars worth of taxes per day. Despite opposition from the people living there, Al Qaeda imposed its lifestyle by terror (just see the photo). Finally, the (...)

LaFarge: a concrete source for Daesh

Fresh evidence has been handed over to the judicial investigation that is being conducted in Paris, into LaFarge's activities. The new evidence is that in Syria, Daesh had made requests to purchase cement and was ready to buy LaFarge's factory so that it could continue to produce cement for itself. We must not forget that the cement that LaFarge produced during the war against Syria, could only be used in the area occupied by the Jihadists and NATO and not the area controlled by the Syrian (...)

The rapid liberation of South Syria

The Syrian Arab Army, supported by the Russian Air Force, is making progress in liberating Southern Syria from Daesh and Al Qaeda. This action follows through with para 5 of the Memorandum on De-escalation Zones `. According to the United Nations, almost a third of the region's population probably fled the fighting and gathered at Syria's border with Jordan and Israel. Both borders are closed but humanitarian aid is allowed to pass. The US and Israeli armed forces are making us think that (...)

The Syrian Army’s Attack on Jihadists at Deraa

The US authorities gave prior notice to the “Opposition's Armed Forces” in South Syria that it would not intervene during the attack of the Syrian Arab Army. This decision has stunned its allies. Yet there is no rational basis for their stupor: President Trump's decision is simply following through with his anti-terrorist policy which he articulated a little more than a year ago, in his speech at Riyad . The Syrian Forces, 40 000 men strong, emboldened by the support of the Russian Air Force, (...)

Leader of the Syrian armed Opposition robs organization of 47 million dollars

Several leaders of the Army of Islam (the jihadist group that was once set up in Eastern Ghouta), believe that the head of their organization, Mohammed Alloush, has fled after stealing 47 million dollars from the organization. Mohammed Alloush (face on in the photo with Staffan de Mistura) is Zahran Alloush's cousin. Zahran founded the jihadist group and died in December 2015. The head of the Alloush family was their grandfather, a Wahhabite preacher who had sought refuge in Saudi Arabia (...)

Russia discovers a chemical laboratory in Douma

The Russian army has discovered an underground chemical laboratory set up in Douma in the area that the jihadists who had occupied the city, have now abandoned. 17 April 2018: Alexander Rodionov, an expert on chemical weapons, declared on Rossiya TV, that basic ingredients for chemical weapons such as thiodiglycol and diethanolamine, had been discovered in the lab. Importantly, such chemicals are used to manufacture mustard (...)

Eastern Ghouta has been completely liberated

Thursday, 12 April 2018, morning: Eastern Ghouta has been completely liberated of jihadists. The final liberation of the whole of Eastern Ghouta includes the city of Duma. This was under the control of jihadists of Yesh al-Islam (the Islamic Army) and was where the so-called White Helmets operate - a group that purports to defend civilians and which is funded by the UK. In total, 165 000 persons – civilians and armed jihadists - have been evacuated, pursuant to agreements concluded by the (...)

The “moderate rebels” evacuated from Ghouta

Take a good look at this photo and observe closely the two men on the far left, one carrying the kalachnikov and the other with the headgear. How do you tell a “moderate rebel” (sic) of Ghouta from one of the ordinary residents of Ghouta? All you need to do is contrast the good health and clothes of the first lot with the emaciated bodies and rags of the second lot. The Syrian Arab Army has just discovered that Irbine, an area in the liberated Ghouta, holds stocks of foodstuffs and a (...)

The jihadists of Ghouta bomb Jaramana, by Bashar Ja’afari

At noon on Tuesday, 20 March 2018, on the eve of Mother's Day, armed terrorist gangs perpetrated a new horrific massacre against peaceful civilians in the Kashkul public market in Jaramana near the city of Damascus when they launched a deadly rocket at women and children from their positions in eastern Ghouta. That crime resulted the deaths of 44 civilians and injuries to dozens more, most of whom remain in critical condition. In addition, missiles of hate launched by the terrorists at (...)