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Nato’s PESCO rib is born, by Manlio Dinucci

After a 60 year gestation period, Roberta Pinotti, the Defense Minister announces that “PESCO” is on the verge of being born in December. PESCO is a EU “Permanent Structured Cooperation” in the military sector. To start with, 23 of the 27 EU member states are participating in it. Jens Stoltenberg, Nato's Secretary General, explains what this cooperation might entail. Participating in the EU's Council for Foreign Affairs, he emphasizes, “the importance, evidenced by so many European leaders, of (...)

The Myth of a Denuclearized Nato, by Manlio Dinucci

Ican, the latest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, is wrong to think that the Italian MPs of the government majority had been committed to convince their Nato partners to give up nuclear weapons. The fact of the matter is that the commitments the Nato member states make are purely formal: it is the atomic bombs that form the basis for their security. “Nato has traditionally been flexible for the wishes of its members, and open to opt-outs from specific policy areas, such as nuclear (...)

The True Impact of the Italian Pentagon, by Manlio Dinucci

The inhabitants of the district of Centocelle (Rome) are quite right to protest about the impact that the construction of the Italian Pentagon is having on their archeological park and their green belt (il manifesto, 29 October). However, another, rather more serious impact, passes uncommented on: the impact on the Italian Constitution. Earlier this year, we reported the following : • There was a plan to bring together all the Chiefs of the Armed Forces under a single structure, a (...)

News on the Brabant Killers

Articles in the Het Laatste Nieuws and a TV documentary on Flemish television, have reopened the case of the Brabant Killers. Christian Bonkoffsky is the brother of a policeman working in an elite squad. Christian declared that his brother had revealed to him on his death bed that he was one of the mysterious killers. Furthermore, a lawyer for the victims denounced the failures of the judicial inquiry. Between 1982 and 1985, individuals whose identity is still not known today, carried (...)

A Nato attack on Nuclear Disarmament, by Manlio Dinucci

On 20 September, the day after President Trump presents a scenario of nuclear war in the United Nations, threatening to “totally destroy North Korea”, the “Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons”, opens for signature at the United Nations. Voted by a majority of 122 states, this treaty imposes on contracting states: • A prohibition on manufacturing or possessing nuclear weapons; • A prohibition on using or even threatening to use nuclear weapons; and • A prohibition on transferring or (...)

No Blow back but a Nato claw back of censorship in Germany

As planned for sometime now , Nato is accusing Russia of interfering in the German legislative elections after rigging both the US and French presidential elections. To date, there is no proof supporting these accusations. The most Nato can do is emphasize that in these three elections, the Russian government media took positions against Hillary Clinton (US), Emmanuel Macron (France) and Angela Merkel (Germany). The Federal Office to Protect the Constitution (BfV by its German acronym) (...)

Berlin, we recommend you: Grab the Nato bull by its horns!, by German Foreign Policy

While Chancellor Merkel and Macron have already met to discuss governing the EU together, Federal Germany's official think tank, the SWP, recommends that Berlin takes the military leadership of both the EU and Nato. Taking due note of President Trump's position (limiting US influence within the Transatlantic Alliance), the government's experts consider that there is an opportunity for Berlin to become the controlling mind of Nato in its counter-Russia operations. This opportunity has arisen because Germany has made massive investments in developing its army and creating multinational forces.

The new Nato intelligence headquarter, by Manlio Dinucci

On 4 September 2017, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at Lake Patria (Naples), where the Joint Nato Forces Command (Jfc Naples) is based. It was at these headquarters (which cover an area of 85,000 m2 and accommodates a bulked up staff of 2,500 soldiers and civilians), that the “Hub for Nato's Strategic Leadership for the South”(Nsd-S Hub) was inaugurated. Strongly supported by Minister Pinotti, this Hub is mandated to “gather information and analyse a wide range of issues relating to (...)

The US flag covers Three Seas in Europe, by Manlio Dinucci

What a triumph it will be for President Trump, when he arrives on an official visit to Warsaw on 6 July! Poland, assures the White House, is a “loyal Nato ally, and one of the US's closest friends”. As it happens, Poland is the launching pad for the US/Nato strategy that has dragged Europe yet again into a Cold War against Russia. It is to Poland, that the armoured US 3a Brigade has been transferred. This Brigade is one of the four groups of Nato battalions under US command “with advanced (...)

Nato’s strategy for whipping up tension, by Manlio Dinucci

Let us say that the US Defense Secretary (Jim Mattis)'s airplane, when flying from California to Alaska, along an air corridor on the Pacific, had been intercepted by a Russian bomber fighter belonging to the Cuban Air Force. What would happen? The news would bomb the front pages, precipitating a wave of worried, political reactions. Yet no ink was spilt, when on 21 June, Sergei Shoigu, (the Russian Defense Minister)'s airplane, flying from Moscow to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, along (...)