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An EU Member State Minister on Official Visit to Damascus

The First Vice-President of the Czech Government and Foreign Minister Martin Stropnický paid an official visit to Damascus. He was received by his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Muallem. Since the beginning of the aggression against Syria, the European Union has closed the embassies of its member states, banned Syrian consuls from organizing election offices on their premises, and instituted sanctions against the Syrian Arab Republic and its main elected officials. However, Austria, the Czech (...)

The PKK continues in the forced Kurdization of North Syria

While negotiating their reintegration into the Syrian Arab Republic, the Kurds of the PYD are doggedly pursuing their policy of the forced Kurdization of North Syria, in the region known as the Rojava. The PYD is the Syrian branch of the Turkish PKK (the Workers' Party of Kurdistan). The PKK is the Kurdish Independent Party established in Turkey in 1978. Taking advantage of the situation that arose during the foreign aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, the PYD which brings together (...)

Damages resulting from war against Syria total 388 billion dollars. Who must pay?

The UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) considers that the damages, the aftermath of the war against Syria, reach at least 388 000 million dollars. This figure was the figure announced during a conference that took place in Beirut on 7 and 8 August 2018. The ESCWA will shortly present its report entitled Syria, 7 years at war. The US President, Donald Trump, considers that the conflict that took place in Syria is a war of aggression organized by transnational financial (...)

Israël resumes assassinating scientists from the Middle East

Israel has resumed its campaign of assassinations targeting scientists from the Middle East Israel's approach has been systematic. First it crossed off Iraqi military scientists, then it moved onto Iranian nuclear scientists. Now, the Hebrew State has sponsored the elimination of General Aziz Asber, one of Syria's leading military scientists. Doctor Asber (see photo) was the Deputy Director of Station 4 of the Syrian Centre for Research and Scientific Studies. He was an expert in rockets (...)

Israeli bombing targets members of Isis in Syria

Israel's Minister of Defence, Avigdor Liberman (see photo) has recognized that the government of Damascus is the only valid interlocutor in Syria. During an inspection of the Israeli armed forces in Northern Syria, Liberman admitted that the war against Syria is being drawn to an end with a return to the situation that existed pre-2011. Immediately confirming that the target had now changed, Israel bombed a huddle of Isis members on Syrian soil. At least 7 terrorists died in the Israeli (...)

Blue Helmets return to the Golan boundary line

The Blue Helmets of UNDOF – the UN force tasked with observing the separation of the forces of Israel and Syria on the line marking off the Golan – carried out their first patrol in 4 years along this boundary line. The redeployment of the Blue Helmets coincided with the date commemorating the establishment of the Syrian Arab Army (1 August 1945). The UN Soldiers had been expelled from their position along the Golan boundary line on 28 August 2014 and were replaced by al Qaeda terrorists (...)

United Arab Emirates ready to reopen embassy in Damascus

According to the Iranian Agency Fars, the United Arab Emirates is going to reopen its embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria, following a meeting between General Mahamat Al-Chamsi and General Ali Mamlouk, the heads of the Emirates Intelligence and the Syrian Arab Republic's Intelligence respectively. The United Arab Emirates has already resumed commercial flights to Syria. It appears, Sheikh Mohamed ben Zayed Al-Nahyane (see photo), son of the President of the United Arab Emirates and (...)

Syria takes back control of the line marking off the Golan

The Syrian Arab Army regained control of the region along the line marking off the occupied Golan, previously under jihadi control. The Syrian authorities confirm that the speed with which the Syrian Arab Army progressed in the most recent battles is the result of the decisions taken on June 16 2018 by Presidents Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump during their Helsinki Summit. Following the Helsinki Summit, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov and General Valery Guerasimov, Head of (...)