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André Vltchek: In Memoriam

In Kenya during Al-Shabaab standoff (September 24, 2013)

On 22 September 2020, André Vltchek quietly passed away on a night-ride from the Black Sea in Turkey to Istanbul, accompanied by his wife, Rossie. He just fell asleep in the back seat of a chauffeur-driven car and didn’t wake up. His legacy is diverse, heavy in substance and revealing – revealing about the world, about the dark forces that command the world. He never really referred to them as “dark forces” because for him the wars he investigated, photographed, the conflicts he witnessed, the misery he experienced and filmed – were real. The “Dark Forces” came to the surface – no shade, no cover –  NO LIGHT.

André was always there where it was burning – or where there was great danger that soon it might burn – and the population blown apart.

We had some remarkable experiences together on the Greek island of Kos, following the refugee tracks. Refugees from Turkey to Greece, to the European Union. Their sad fate in refugee camps with the most horrifying sanitary conditions – their patience, their HOPE.  Hope is what makes these refugees tick and breathe. Not just those who come from the Middle East and Africa to seek a better future mostly for their children in lush and wealthy Europe.  Refugees all over the world live from hope. If we lose hope, life ends…

Similarly, we visited Puno in Peru, and from there to Rinconada, the world’s highest gold mine, a series of many small and large independent gold mines – controlled by a deadly mafia – some 5,100 – 5,400 m above sea level with indescribable conditions of cold and misery.  Some 70,000 people are living there in extreme destitution, but all on a voluntary basis, all in the hope to finally “hit the riches” – GOLD. They work for 29 days a month for free and what they find on the 30th or 31st day they may keep.  That’s an old mining law that is still the rule for many of the Andean mines.

No heat, no running water, girls of all ages make a living as prostitutes to uncountable miners, who leave their families behind in the HOPE to get rich. Huge fields of garbage – endless plastic waste – and ever-so-often in the midst of such mountains of waste  a cross protrudes – a grave.

These are some of the experiences André and I lived together. They created a bond, and throughout the years we knew each other from writing, from exchanging ideas — friendship in the virtual world, practiced in the real world – philosophizing during half a night in a cheap café in Athens — are unforgotten; their richness cannot be taken away.

André, you are dearly missed.

May your soul rest in Peace.
And remember: VENCEREMOS!

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China in Action: Carbon Neutral by 2050

Transcript of a presentation at a Webinar sponsored by the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing, 23 September 2021.


An early priority for China – at least two to three decades back – was to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) output, as well as that of other greenhouse gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and some artificial chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), to eventually reach carbon neutrality, meaning, eliminating as much CO2 as is produced, by 2050.

With industrialization and excessive consumption, the output of CO2 and other greenhouse gases has increased rapidly and especially in later years. And this despite repeated pledges during numerous UN-sponsored Environmental Conferences, to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Global Carbon dioxide levels reached 419 parts per million (ppm) in May 2021, the highest since CO2 output has been measured 63 years ago. Compare this to China’s CO2 output of 409 ppm by 2018.

China is often blamed as being the world’s largest polluter which may be the case in absolute terms, as China also has the world’s largest population. However, putting China’s CO2 output in perspective, on a per capita basis, China ranks only 5th, after Australia, the US, Russia and Germany:
– Australia: 17.27 tons per capita
– USA:  15.52 tons p/c
– Russia: 11.33 tons p/c
– Germany: 8.52 tons p/c
– China: 7.38 tons p/c (less than half the US level)
– India:  1.91 tons p/c
These are 2019 figures.

China’s 14th Five Year Plan (14th FYP), published in March 2021, included 2025 energy and carbon intensity reduction targets, as well as a mid-point non-fossil share target to achieve her nationally determined contributions, or NDC.

At China’s Leaders Climate Summit in April 2021, President Xi Jinping announced that China will strictly control coal generation until 2025 when she will start to gradually phase out of coal.

President Xi just announced at the UN General Assembly in NYC of 2021, that China ceases using coal powered plants as of now.
To understand the concept and the lingo of the different terms and terminologies, let’s back-track a bit.

It all began decades ago with the First United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the ‘Earth Summit’, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 3-14 June 1992. It set the stage for the reduction of greenhouse gases, the most important of which is Carbon Dioxide.

CO2 emissions are toxic and harmful for the environment and life, when produced in excess.

However, let’s also keep in mind CO2 is one of the most important gases on earth, because the plants use it to produce carbohydrates in a process called photosynthesis. Since humans and animals depend on plants for food, thus, CO2 is necessary for the survival of life on earth.

In the meantime, there have been numerous climate change conferences around the world, most of them UN-sponsored, the latest one – if I’m not wrong, was the Santiago Climate Change Conference, the 25th so-called Conference of the Parties (COP25) of December 2019, meaning the 25th conference to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The names of these conferences and their results are often confusing, at times also controversial, especially between the industrialized countries and the so-called developing countries, or the Global South.

A chief reason for potential conflicts is rapid industrialization – excessive consumption, particularly in the West, or the Global North. The output of CO2 and other greenhouse gases has increased rapidly and unequally between the Global North and the Global South. Yet, developing countries are often asked to take similar measures to reduce greenhouse gases, in particular, CO2.

A safe level of CO2 in the air, according to one of the first 21st Century UN Conferences – it may have been the 2009 Copenhagen Conference — was suggested to be 350 ppm. This figure was already exceeded in 1987, reaching, as mentioned before, 419 ppm in May 2021.

Despite Covid, the concentration has not been significantly changed for the better, in some cases, to the contrary.

Despite pledges to the contrary, the main source of energy has changed little in the last 20 years. Hydrocarbons are still king. Today’s world economy still depends on some 84% of hydrocarbons (petrol, gas, coal) of all energy used, as compared to 86% at the turn of the century.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral – the amount of CO₂ emissions put into the atmosphere is the same as the amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. The impact is neutral. This is not making it actively worse, but it doesn’t make it better either, especially when the average output is above 400 ppm, meaning above the considered “safe” target of 350 ppm.

Carbon negative, or carbon net zero might be a step in the right direction. It means the amount of CO₂ removed from the atmosphere is bigger than the CO₂ output. The impact is positive; something is actively done to reduce the harm to the atmosphere – and to improve the air for every breathing life.

We have the historical responsibility to urgently clean up the atmosphere to eventually get back to the civilized level of 275 ppm.

Since the beginning of human civilization, our atmosphere contained about 275 ppm of carbon dioxide. According to renowned climatologist Dr. James Hansen, these are the conditions under which civilization developed and to which life on earth adapted.  Going beyond this indicator risks disrupting our global climate system’s 1,000,000+ years of relative stability. Beginning in the 18th century, with the age of industrialization, humans began to burn coal, gas, and oil to produce energy and goods. The carbon in the atmosphere began to rise, at first slowly and, then ever more rapidly.

Many of the activities we do every day rely on energy sources that emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. We’re redistributing millions and millions of years’ worth of carbon, once stored beneath the earth as fossil fuels, and releasing it into the atmosphere.

Just a thought.

Apologies for this long background. The environmental agenda is very complex.

As to China,  China’s Ministry of Environment and Ecology publishes regularly CO2 concentration levels. China’s greenhouse gas emission in 2018 reached 409.4 ppm with an estimated annual growth of 1.3%.

While in full action towards carbon neutrality, China was hosting the 5th Ministerial meeting on Climate Action in April 2021. A virtual event attended by the European Union and Canada, plus ministers and representatives from 35 governments and international organizations from all the world’s regions.

The meeting aimed at drastically reducing the carbon level in the air through significant shifts from fossil fuel energy to alternative sources for the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), hosted by the UK, from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Conference will focus at implementation of the Paris Agreement in a comprehensive, balanced and effective manner, building a fair global climate governance system, equitable and centered on win-win cooperation with focus on renewable energy, the phase-out of fossil fuels, zero-emissions vehicles, resilience-building, carbon-pricing, green finance, nature-based climate solutions such as afforestation and reforestation, biodiversity conservation, and waste management.

China is already pushing ahead with this agenda.

The Ministers asked for an equitable transition throughout the implementation process. This may include financial, technological and capacity building support to developing countries, especially the poorest and most vulnerable ones. Implementation of the Paris Agreement should also reflect the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities in light of different national circumstances.

China’s ambitious agenda to reach carbon neutrality, or better, by 2050, includes …

  • Investing in projects of liquid hydrogen which can be used, for instance, in hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, and hydrogen metallurgy, a technology that applies hydrogen instead of carbon.
  • Third generation photovoltaic energy with efficiency above 40%, is another sector where China’s world-class development and vast demands may attract global investors.
  • In addition, China has ambitious research projects into generating energy from photosynthesis, the process plants use to transform carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy. It’s an ecosystem’s way of producing fuel at a high level of efficiency (>90%) without polluting residues.
  • Green parks in urban areas and reforestation as well as improved water management, so as to reduce areas of frequent droughts and convert them into green agricultural crop lands.
  • At the same time, China is seeking new alternative energy investments abroad, such as an automotive lithium-ion battery production in Germany – a planned investment of 1.8 billion euros.

And much more….

China is not only on the right track to seek environment-friendly renewable sources of energy, thus, reducing her carbon footprint, but to exceed the 2050 net zero emissions target into a carbon negative project.

China, as in other matters of importance to the world’s societies, just to mention one – poverty alleviation – may be again an example on environmental progress towards a human society with shared benefits for all.

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Are They Disguising mRNA-Experimental Gene-Altering Poison Jabs as Flu-Shots?

The house of cards is crumbling. It’s a known fact that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 “virus” has never been isolated and identified which logically leads to the conclusion that the entre covid-story – what has been keeping the world in a trauma for the last 18 months – is a huge fraud of biblical proportion, not comparable to anything that has happened – or rather, was done – to humanity in recent history.

Global Research’s Correspondent at UN headquarters, New York, Carla Stela, reports on 31 August 2021, that the latest official figures (August 30, 2021) point to 38,488 mRNA vaccine reported and registered deaths in the EU, UK and US (combined) and 6.3 million reported “adverse events”.

Although these are the official figures, they are vastly under-reported. They only represent the figures reported by the official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the US, created in 1990, and to those officially reported by the European Medicine Agency (EMA).  According to CDC’s own account, these agencies report under normal circumstances only between 1% and 10% of all cases. And most likely in the covid cases, where reporting is made difficult, even less. In other words, less than 10% of deaths and injuries are reported. For vaccine adverse events approximately one percent of the injuries are registered and reported.

That would bring the effective death rate, conservatively assessed, close to about 1 million, for a total population of some 830 million (US: 330 m; EU: 500 m), where only about half is fully “vaccinated”. And this, from what they call begin of “vaccination”, on 14 December 2020, during about 8 months only.

This does not account for probably several million serious adverse effects, some of them serious and most of them incurable.

The fact that the authorities continue to push for vaccination – instead of stopping all jabs immediately – is indicative that that there is another, an evil plan, in play. Carla Stela puts it straight as it is:

 Most unconscionable is the fact that the United Nations Secretary-General is mandating this untested and often lethal vaccination for United Nations staff, in violation of every human rights declaration produced by the United Nations in its entire history.

The key to their plan is getting as much people as possible jabbed with this deadly mRNA- experimental gene-manipulation injection. But people are become increasingly hesitant. There is increasing push back. More and more people depart from the mainstream media accounts, from the commanded lie-narrative, and seek their information from alternative media. Which is why extensive, but I mean extensive – censuring goes on. They call it “fact-checking”.

There is so much fact-checking – call it “fake-checking” – going on, looking at internet has become ridiculous, almost a joke. They – those dark cult elitists in command and those super-billionaires, who control the major social media which do the cult’s dirty job – must be getting to a very low level of credibility among the common people. When censoring is becoming a must tool for survival, the downfall is usually pretty close. Examples abound. The Nazi Third Reich is a case in point.

But vaxxing – as fast as possible as many as possible – remains a key element of the agenda 2030.  Why? Because, those who are vaccinated can’t escape anymore. They are doomed in one way or another. Either they die immediately from the effects of the inoculations — just see the figures above — or many may die within 1 to 3 years after receiving the shot.

See herehere, and here.

The survivors are loaded with electromagnetic particles – all part of the mRNA-shot – so they can be remote manipulated by robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) via the 5G and soon 6G, to transit from humans to “transhumans” – Klaus Schwab interview (2-min) on Swiss-French TV in 2016 – see here. At the time of this writing the video was still available. No surprise, however, if it will be “fact-checked” out. See also Dr. Astrid Stueckelberger:  You are Being Chipped

Also, remember the Bill Gates introduced Agenda ID2020.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, renown German-Thai virologist, warns that COVID-19 vaccination is the  greatest threat humanity ever faced.

Above figures represent more vaccine deaths than those occurred in the entire history of vaccination – in only just over six months, when covid “vaccination” began on 14 December 2020. And the heartbreaking and criminal truth is that none of these deaths were necessary – because nobody or only very few people died from covid, the same amount or less, than die every year from the common flu. See Dr. Fauci’s peer-reviewed article, Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted”.

The evil cult has set a target of about 70% to 80% of world population being vaccinated by 2023, in order to reach their key targets – which include:

(i) Drastic reduction of the world population, either directly through “vaxx” caused deaths, or from the mRNA-inoculations occurring sterilizations and infertility;

(ii) Massive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robot-driven transformation from humans to “transhumans”, through electromagnetic brain manipulation (this is – no kidding – the plan of the “Great Reset” – plus fully digitized money transactions, making the surviving “transhumans” slaves of the global banking system, to the point where, at completion of the Great Reset, you will arrive at “Owning nothing and being happy” (Klaus Schwab, “The Great Reset”); and finally,

(iii) a colossal shift of worldwide assets and capital from the bottom and the center to the top.

This is already happening as the world’s ten richest billionaires increased their combined wealth during the plandemic by US$540 billion, while more than half a billion people were plunged into abject poverty – Oxfam report.  This is the result of huge numbers of bankruptcies throughout the world, but affecting more the Global South than the rich West (Global North), since the latter produced – at least for now – debt-financed subsidies to some of the enterprises and to a lesser extent to debt-strapped people.

Back to the enormous publicity-lie-induced, coerced and outright blackmailed vaxx-drive, people interested in risking their lives by accepting a potentially deadly mRNA-shot are getting fewer and fewer. And this even with a system that pays people to get to jab. In Texas the current going rate is US$ 250; in other US states the rates may be different, but on average already above US$ 100 – and rising. In Europe the incentives, or bribes rather, vary also from a cheap €50 to up to €250 per shot. Yet, many realize that life is worth more than that, and they will not succumb to the money trap.

Now it looks like the latest gimmick is offering free flu-shots – and that already in August, in the heat of summer, when the official flu season starts in October/November. This is the case in the US, as well as in Europe. It is probably not far-fetched to assume that the so-called “flu-shots” are in reality mRNA-type covid shots.

This would be the ultimate lie – doesn’t even cost a premium. That shows the kind of respect the dark killer elite cult holds for the population – “reduce” them with one lie or another. Are people really as naïve and lie-indoctrinated that they do not see behind the treason?

Meanwhile, CDC is sued for massive fraud. Seven US top universities, including Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, tested 1500 samples of people, who had “positive” Covid-19 tests. In none of the university lab tests was a single SARS-CoV-2 virus discovered. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with previous findings of other scientists.

Dr. Derek Knauss, one of the testing team, said:

When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the bulls*** PCR test.

This latest gimmick to get people conned into getting a flu-shot in the midst of summer, reeks like mRNA-covid poison jab in disguise of flu-shots. The 193 UN member governments – all enslaved to the evil spell of a deadly cult – need as many people jabbed as possible. Because once they are jabbed, they are doomed, – doomed to die within 2-3 years max, according to Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP – and many others.

And what will happen to these governments, which willingly and knowingly are prepared to actively obliterate their countries’ constitutions, as well as killing their people?

A Nuremberg 2.0 Trial is in order. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, German-American top-lawyer, with his Team for Covid Ethics (over a thousand scientists and medical doctors), are working on it, having already filed class lawsuits in Canada and the US and are suing health institutions and individuals in Europe.

We shall overcome!

Giving-in is not an option.

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Afghanistan: Drug Trade and Belt and Road

All flags are on half-mast in the US of A. The cause is the 13 American soldiers killed in this huge suicide bombing outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Thursday, 26 August.

As it stands, at least 150 people – Afghans, including at least 30 Taliban, plus 13 American military – were killed and at least 1,300 injured, according to the Afghan Health Ministry.

The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the bombing via Amaq Media, the official Islamic State (ISIS) news agency. The perpetrators, the message says, were members of the ISIS-Khorasan, or ISIS-K.

As reported by RT, US military leaders knew “hours in advance” that a “mass casualty event” was planned at Kabul airport. However, accounts from the troops in harm’s way suggest that nothing was done to protect them or the airport. See here.

RT further reports: “The bombing provoked the US into launching two drone strikes, one targeting an alleged “planner” and “facilitator” with the group responsible, and another supposedly wiping out “multiple” would-be suicide bombers but reportedly annihilating a family and children alongside them.

Why was nothing done to prevent this bloody, atrocious attack?  In fact, the Pentagon announced just yesterday that another massive attack was likely, meaning they have information that another mass-killing may take place?

In the meantime, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed that the last three US military transport planes have departed the Hamid Karzai Airport just ahead of the August 31, 2021, deadline, officially ending the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The war is over. America’s last troops have just left Kabul airport,” RT’s Murad Gazdiev tweeted from Kabul, adding that the war lasted “19 years, 10 months and 25 days.

What he didn’t say is that the monetary cost of the war was at least 3 trillion dollars, that about 241,000 people have been killed in the Afghanistan and Pakistan war zone since 2001. More than 71,000 of those killed have been civilians. These figures include (through April 2021) 2,448 American service members; 3,846 U.S. contractors, and some 66,000 Afghan national military and police.

Twenty years of war – and only ten days to defeat the US military.

Really? Is this really the end of the US involvement in Afghanistan? Too many strange events and occurrences are pointing in a different direction.

Let’s have a closer look. The Islamic State — ISIS — claims responsibility. As we know by now and since quite a while, ISIS is a creation of the CIA. The sophistication of the attack, the Pentagon non-interference, despite their prior knowledge, might, just might indicate that this attack may have been a well-coordinated “false flag”?

Who benefits? Cui Bono?

On August 19, 2021, the Washington Post, referring to President Trump’s Peace Agreement with Taliban in Doha, Qatar, in February 2020, reports:

As President Donald Trump’s administration signed a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020, he optimistically proclaimed that “we think we’ll be successful in the end.” His secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, asserted that the administration was “seizing the best opportunity for peace in a generation.

Eighteen months later, President Joe Biden is pointing to the agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, as he tries to deflect blame for the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan in a blitz. He says it bound him to withdraw U.S. troops, setting the stage for the chaos engulfing the country.

But Biden can go only so far in claiming the agreement boxed him in. It had an escape clause: The U.S. could have withdrawn from the accord if Afghan peace talks failed. They did, but Biden chose to stay in it, although he delayed the complete pullout from May to September.

So, again who benefits from such an atrociously deadly attack like the one of 26 August at Kabul Airport?

President Biden, though unjustified, can and does blame President Trump for the chaos he left behind by negotiating this “irresponsible” Peace Deal. Why “irresponsible”?  Wasn’t it time after 20 years without apparent “success” – whatever that means, or may have meant at some point in time – to end this senseless bloodshed and destruction of a sovereign Afghan society let alone the killing of hundreds of thousands of people, most of them civilians?

It seems that Mr. Trump may have done the right thing. Peace over war should always win, on the ground as well as in the minds of people, and foremost of politicians. However, there are several reasons, why Peace is not welcome. And chaos and destruction and death as demonstrated by the 26 August suicide attack, and who knows, maybe more to follow, might justify sending back US troops?

There are several other irons in the fire about which hardly anybody talks and the bought anti-Trump and pro-Biden mainstream media are silent.

The Heroin Trade

There is a multi-multi-billion, perhaps up to a trillion-dollar heroin trade at stake, for the US and for the US and European pharma-industry – the huge and deadly opioid-market.

As reported by Michel Chossudovsky on 21 August 2021:

One of the key strategic objectives of the 2001 war on Afghanistan was to restore the opium trade following the Taliban government’s successful 2000-2001 drug eradication program which led to a 94% collapse in opium production. This program was supported by the United Nations. (For details, see below)

In the course of the last 19 years following the US-NATO October 2001 invasion, there has been a surge in Afghan opium production. In turn the number of heroin addicts in the US has increased dramatically. Is there a relationship?

There were 189,000 heroin users in the US in 2001, before the US-NATO invasion of Afghanistan.

By 2016 that number went up to 4,500,000 (2.5 million heroin addicts and 2 million casual users).

In 2020, at the height of the covid crisis, deaths from opioids and drug addiction increased threefold.

It’s Big Money for Big Pharma.”

See the full report here.

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative

Both China and Russia have already indicated that they would help the new Taliban regime to gain stability and to develop towards a newly independent, sovereign state. Afghanistan’s border with China, only about 70 km wide, but it forms a crucial connection to China’s western most Province, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is a vital pivot for China’s Belt and Road, or “One Belt One Road” – OBOR – also called the New Silk Road.

While transit routes already go through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean, an OBOR rail and road transit through Afghanistan would connect China directly with Iran, facilitating among other trade, hydrocarbon transport from Iran to China. OBOR would also be an effective development instrument for war destroyed Afghanistan. A reconstruction and economic development scheme for Afghanistan could bring Afghanistan back to a respected nation state — even through the Taliban.

Furthermore, Afghanistan might be prepared for becoming an active member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), one of the world’s most significant political, economic and strategic defense organizations. In addition to China and Russia and the Central Asian former Soviet Republics, India and Pakistan are already full members, while Iran, Malaysia and Mongolia are, so far, in observer and associate status.

SCO covers almost half of the world population and controls some 30% of the world’s GDP. Afghanistan would be in a solid and guiding association as a  SCO member. Afghanistan’s socioeconomic development and improvement of war-damaged people’s standard of living, could benefit enormously.

Washington, however, dislikes OBOR with a passion. They see it as Chinese expansionism and competition. It is actually neither. China has in her thousands of years of history never had expansionist trends, or ambitions, and always respected other countries’ sovereignty. OBOR, an ingenious idea of President Xi Jinping, is patterned according to the ancient Silk Road, a trading route of 2100 years ago connecting Asia with Europe and the Middle East.

OBOR is an instrument to help develop and connect the world, while respecting each nation state’s independence and sovereignty.

The hugely profitable Heroin Trade and the further development of China’s OBOR – and particularly bringing Afghanistan under the wings of the east through association with the SCO – would spoil America’s multi-multibillion heroin trade, as well as another Middle East country would orient itself to the east – and away from the fangs of the ever weakening and crumbling Anglo-US empire.

Hence, commanding US-created ISIS to sow chaos and death in Afghanistan, blaming the Taliban, might be a good reason for Biden to bring back US troops – to fight a new kind of war – fighting for the continuing highly profitable heroin trade and, simultaneously, fighting against OBOR. On top of it all, it would suit Biden and his globalist agenda image and standing in a totally misinformed world.

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Carbon Neutral Green Finance:  China May Take the Lead into a Post-Pandemic World

How the pandemic will be reshaping the world, especially in terms of economic recovery and especially the western world, remains to be seen. So far, western economic, social and health restructuring policies are chaotic, disorganized and totally uncoordinated. Western countries are skipping from lockdowns to “opening up” back to lockdown, from the first covid-wave, to the second and the third and now approaching the fourth. Looks like there is no end in sight.

One could almost think they do it on purpose, to keep people confused and easily manipulated.

What happens in China is a different story. China is the only significant world economy – the second largest for now in absolute terms, and the largest in PPP (purchasing power parity terms) – that has put her economic and financial mechanism fully back on stream. Consequently, the Chinese supply chain on which the rest of the world largely depends; i.e., on pharmaceuticals to 90%, works again in full force. It is rather western ports that are still – or again? – partially closed to receive cargo container ships, especially from China, causing dangerous supply shortages at home.

China is moving forward, always creating and leading initiatives, despite all odds, harassments, outright interferences and lie-based “sanctions” from the west. In this context and already looking into the future, into a post-covid future, China is displaying her Green Agenda towards a carbon neutral – not only China – but world.

Following the idea of President Xi Jinping of promoting a New Era of Eco-civilization, the Eco Forum Global Guiyan, for short EFG, has been held successfully for 10 sessions since its inception in 2009.

As a side line – Guiyang, according to the Nature Index, is one of the top 500 science cities in the world by scientific research outputs.

EFG is the only international high-profile forum in China themed on Eco-civilization at the state-level.

Let me venture saying, the Eco Forum Global Guiyang is, so far, the only international forum of such tenor and action that may — and hopefully will — expand into a global movement aiming at drastically reducing the world’s carbon footprint;  in short, accelerating the objective of making our civilization, our life on earth, carbon neutral and, thereby, healthier.

To be clear, “Green Finance” is often confused, especially in the west. For example, investing in electric cars, when most of the electricity is made from not only unrenewable but also highly toxic CO2-producing hydrocarbon, is not a Green Investment. This is still predominantly the case in Europe and North America.

This does not even take into account the environment-unfriendly mining and often unhealthy work-conditions of exploiting and manufacturing lithium into car batteries.

The world’s chief energy source, hydrocarbons, has hardly changed in importance in the last 30 years or so. It still amounts to about 85% of all energy used in the world. This just indicates that so-called “green investments”, especially in the west, are mostly “fake” green investments, a new mode of sheer profit-driven capitalism.

These “green” investments have not even come close to a zero-carbon balance. To the contrary. The production of “green investments” used generally hydrocarbon, which lowers the energy efficiency drastically. This is clearly demonstrated in the low energy efficiency of electric cars, on average 35% to 40%, versus cars using straight petrol or gas-based energy.

This is, of course, not to advocate the continuous use of hydrocarbons. Quite the opposite. But strongly suggests investing in research to come up with real novel carbon neutral, or even carbon negative sources of renewable energy. Such investments most likely do not yield “instant profit”, as is the key incentive and neoliberal investment motive, but such research investments are directed towards long-term societal benefits for all humanity.

Real Green Investments are, for example, exploiting renewable and carbon-free sources of power, such as hydropower – wind, solar and tidal energy — with the latter taking advantage of the natural and eternal movements of the sea.

China will also continue being a world example of building “Green Cities”; investing in parks and “green housing” – housing units with plant façades – that absorb urban CO2 emissions from industry and transport.

These are Green Investments, as long as their dependence on hydrocarbon energy is way below the CO2 output of the Green Investment itself.

The traditional, huge, costly, and maintenance-heavy hydropower dams ought to make way for a new generation of hydropower production; namely, small, localized, low-maintenance and even mobile hydropower plants, the latter for use in desertic and monsoon-type flash-flood prone areas. A prime example is Yemen, one of the world’s most arid countries, where floods come when it rains, but where perennial water flows are rare.

Finally, the real challenge is investing and researching in a new generation of exploiting solar energy…. the most efficient way of using solar energy is by photo synthesis. This is what plants do to convert the energy of the sun. An estimated 95% energy efficiency might potentially be achieved, as compared to the current use of solar panels with a best-case energy efficiency of 30% or less.

Imagine the energy freedom humanity would gain by exploiting solar energy by photo-synthesis!  Almost unthinkable, but not impossible by any means. When sincere minds come together, impossible dreams become reality.

In addition, the production of solar panels which have a limited life, requires enormous quantities of energy – energy which is currently mostly produced by hydrocarbons. Plus, solar panels have an average life span of 25 – 30 years, after which they need to be destroyed – or recycled, both are energy-dependent and environmentally challenging.

President Xi Jinping in his address for the 100-year Anniversary said:

We must unite and lead the Chinese people in working ceaselessly for a better life.

And, further:

We must uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics.

These words signal creating a new model for human advancement that is leading the way into a Green China – a China where socioeconomic development meets the concept of carbon neutrality. This sounds like a challenging but terrific initiative – one of many – for China leading the way into a post-covid era.

President Xi further stated:

We must ensure and enhance public wellbeing in the course of development, promote harmony between humanity and nature, and take well-coordinated steps toward making our people prosperous, our nation strong, and our country beautiful.

China may want to take this a step further. Using the Belt and Road Initiative through joint efforts, and joint ventures in Green Investments, inside, as well as outside Chinese borders, thereby providing the world with new opportunities towards improved and carbon-free standards of living, the focus always being on mutual benefits.

True to President Xi’s words:

We must continue working to promote the building of a human community with a shared future.

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The Way to Defeat the Globalist Reset: Local Production for Local Consumption…

The Globalists have semi-clandestinely introduced some kind of “covid-Martial Law” that overrules everything that is an otherwise Constitutional Right. We are in most of the western world a direct dictatorship. In most countries the Constitutional Amendment from “Democracy” to Dictatorship has happened clandestinely or at least semi-clandestinely. That’s what dictators do. Most of the people have no idea. Many of those who do know, don’t agree. They launch initiatives for new laws – that fall by the way side, because they have no teeth under a Martial Law-broken Constitution.

In Switzerland, the situation is slightly different, better of sorts. The Confederation Helvetica (CH) has a semi-direct Democracy. With 50,000 signatures, scrupulously verified for their validity, Swiss citizens can launch a referendum against a specific law. The referendum may eventually come to a popular vote, and a government/Parliament let law may be overruled. Though, this happens very rarely – the money lobby-propaganda is too strong – occasionally the people may have a chance. In these covid-times, it may actually happen.

We are currently undergoing the worst “tyrannification” of society in human history and in all western world countries. Covid-martial law overrules everything. This happened very fast. Within 18 months, from the beginning of 2020 to about mid-2021 citizens have basically no longer the very rights they could otherwise call as a human right. HRs have become worthless. In most cases police and military are under strict orders to obey. Those who don’t may lose their jobs, or worse.

Although, there are vivid and positive signs that the tides are turning. For example, at a London anti-covid-measures, anti-vaxx-certificates rally in London. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Corona Committee, spoke via a huge video screen to the crowd on Trafalgar Square, tens of thousands of people, telling them that class actions suits are under way in the US, Canada, and that institutions and individuals, especially those responsible for the invalid PCR-tests, particularly in Europe and the US, that are the basis for governments lying about “cases”, serving to manipulate up-and-down the “infection” figures, leading to false numbers on hospitalization and death, about a virus that is less deadly than the common flu. Yes, you read correctly, less deadly than the common flu. This is the onset to Nuremberg 2.0 – where justice will prevail, as much as light prevails over darkness.

Dr. Fuellmich closed his talk on a positive and encouraging note.

It is humanity, versus inhumanity. We are human. We can laugh, cry, sing and hug. The other side can’t. The other side has no access to the spiritual side. Therefore, the other side, without any doubt, the inhuman side, will lose this inhuman battle for life….

See this 10-min video.

The transformation is beginning to take place. This is the health side, the human side, the most immediately important side – where real science is overcoming “bought” science, in order to avoid a genocide of biblical proportions – which is the eugenists plan, probably developing over the past about 100 years. However, there are two other, complementary plans which also need to be stopped.

The first one of the two is the digitization of everything. It is already descending upon humanity, had actually started already decades ago – and is now in its final round – just so as to coincide with the massive population reduction. It includes not only digitization of all forms of monetary transactions – which is rapidly pushing forward, through Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and most importantly, the vehicle to drive it all, the worldwide installation of 5G and soon to come 6G. This is foreseen to turn the entire globe into an electromagnetic field. And humans will be turned into “transhumans”, especially those that have survived the experimental, untested messenger spike protein injections called mRNA inoculations, falsely called “vaccines”.

This is not a joke. This is actually the plan already divulged in 2016 by Klaus Schwab, founder and forever CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in an interview with Swiss French TV broadcast, see this 2-min video:

According to Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset”, algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots will soon rule the masses. By 2025, give or take a year or two, about half of today’s jobs will be run by AI. This electronic technology will in turn be ruled by some dirty-rich individuals, who somehow have given themselves the liberty to “run the world”. And we, the people, have let them.

They – the Deep Dark Statlers – call them Satanists – have planned this for about the last century. With great precision and intensity at times – and – what’s worse, much worse, right in front of our eyes. We have ignored them. Anybody who dared to draw attention to their evil machinations was dismissed with the convenient label “conspiracy theorist”.

Imagine, according to the Great Reset, half of our jobs will be taken over by AI, in just the next 5 years or so. By 2030, only about 5% to 10% of the current jobs will be existing and carried out by humans – maybe “transhumans”. All the others may be gone. Massive unemployment?  Maybe. But Schwab tries to tranquilize the world, saying that there will be new jobs for which newly unemployed people will be trained. They may be transhumans, because training is done by, and in partnership with, AI – and for the Epsilon People, the down-to-earth working class, robots will do the supervising.

This may sound depressing, despairing. It ain’t, if we think about the situation which we, pretty much on our own, have allowed to happen. It is not the end of the road, but only a stepping stone, onto which we too can step, when awakened – and not in anger, but with the bright spirit of light – a new world shaped by humans, shaped with the forces of light, Leaving the devil behind. Not even mentioning the beast. No letting it bother our minds. We are up to something much higher, much cleaner, clearer and much nobler. Our project is for humanity, for planet earth with all her sentient beings.

The simple model “Small is Beautiful” may be an appropriate vision forward. It may include another simple principle:
Local production for local consumption with local money, a local community run central bank working with a public banking system. Trade will be practiced with like-minded mostly neighboring sister countries, benefiting from comparative advantages. The money supply will be a reflection of the local economy. It will be backed by the local economy. Quite different from the current globalist-run fiat money pyramid.

This appears like a perfect recipe for de-globalization. And deglobalize we must. We must become again individuals that can and want to bond, not separate, individuals for whom solidarity is not just a term from a rusty vocabulary but means “we do it together”. This is the way to go, we will be satisfied with what we can achieve as a common, as a society with goals that serve the people, with values that do not depend on vertical growth, but rather reflect horizontal expansion of social infrastructure and well-being.

Let’s imagine a new type of economy with novel yardsticks – Happiness Indicators. Actually, not so novel, just not often talked about. In July 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 65/309 Happiness: Towards a Holistic Definition of Development inviting member countries to measure the happiness of their people and to use the data to help guide public policy. The first Happiness report was issued by the UN in April 2012.

If we are able to abandon the magical concept of “growth” and exchange it for happiness, we not only protect and preserve Mother Earth but will also preserve our human health – our sanity. Our today’s society is sick. It strives for ever more growth, for more possessions, for more affluence, for more control – but happiness that is the basis for a healthy life – is but an abstract term in today’s business-driven world. Happiness is more often than not confused with material wealth.

The no-growth, but social growth concept, is the basis for our escaping from the globalist agenda.

Human wealth comes from the heart. And it is through the heart that we may pass it on, replicate it. How does one define Happiness? There surely is no blueprint for happiness, as we are moving away from the all-modelled sets of values, away from the “musts” and the “Must-nots”.

The website “” offers a few definitions of Happiness. Among them, the following two:

Happy people find balance in their lives. Folks who are happy have this in common: they’re content with what they have, and don’t waste a whole lot of time worrying and stressing over things they don’t. Unhappy people do the opposite: they spend too much time thinking about what they don’t have,; and,

According to the Dalai Lama, Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. And let me add, from our actions driven by our heart and soul.

The General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution 66/281 of 12 July 2012 proclaimed 20 March the International Day of Happiness recognizing the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world.

How does the UN define “Happiness”? Happiness is not contained in GDP, and less in GDP growth. To the contrary. It’s most important that we start detaching from material wealth, that we see the moral and friendship wealth in our society. That we see and strive for equality, inclusion, solidarity – that we learn to smile at each other, even in adverse situations. This requires an elevated spirit, a mentality of light that defeats satanic darkness.

Happy people abide by the golden rule: They let stuff go. Happy people realize this, are able to take things in stride, and move on – without fear.

That’s what we have to do – shed the fear – and move on, in a higher spiritual mode, floating out of the darkness into the light. It’s possible. Let’s give it a collective try. ‘They’ are blackmailing us into accepting the poisonous jab they fraudulently call vaccine. They may go as far as blocking us from getting food, from entering supermarkets without the vaccine certificate – or getting the test every time you need food. – No worries. They won’t succeed.

Is this ever-more encroaching human rights abuse-tyranny a malicious provocation? See this.

Are they on purpose driving people to the edge? To provoke a revolution? And bring in NATO and maybe even UN troops to subdue the upheavals, personal freedoms, national sovereignty – and even national borders towards a globalist world, a One World Order, a One Government world, led by the WEF and the club of billionaires directed by a satanic cult?

It is possible. But we are stronger. We will defeat this evil cult. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich et al, from the Corona Council, has already launched class action suits in Canada and the US and is taking legal actions against EU institutions and individuals. The tide is turning. Of course, you will not read or hear about it in the mainstream media.

Think small. Think community – your community, think self-sufficiency as much as possible. Think local production for local consumption with local money and local banks for the wellbeing of all within the community. Think trading with friends and with think-alike nations, societies, people.

We shall overcome – and we will.

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Switzerland, 730 Years of an Independent Sovereign Nation:  Really?

William Tell with a crossbow, is forced to hit the apple placed on top of his son’s head, according to the legend, on November 18, 1307. Colored woodcut, XVI century. Source: (Photo by Fototeca Gilardi/Getty Images)

The legend has it that Switzerland was celebrating her 730th Anniversary on 1 August 2021.  That’s the legend about the creation of an independent, neutral and sovereign nation. It’s a legend that has taken hold in every Swiss citizen’s heart and mind. It’s a legend that has made Switzerland around the world what it still is in reputation and sometimes even in appearance: a neutral, ethical country in the heart of Europe.

When we look closer, this legend was largely born from the pen of a German author who had never set foot in Switzerland. When Friedrich Schiller wrote the play “Willhelm Tell” in 1804, the basis for the heroic, unique and neutral Switzerland, he had never visited Switzerland. However, the legend has become reality, even though it was born 513 years after the alleged event took place.

This little detail is unimportant. What counts is the background to the story, namely that the territory that gradually became Switzerland was originally inhabited by the Helvetians, or Helvetic Celts. As was much of Europe, they were largely dominated by the Habsburg Dynasty until the early 19th Century.

However, the Helvetians rebelled on or around the late 13th Century when, according to the Friedrich Schiller legend, called “Wilhelm Tell” – name of one of the legend’s principal liberating heroes – the Governors of the three original cantons, Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden, got together on a mountain called Rütli, facing the Lake of Lucerne.

With an oath, a promise to God, the three governors united their lands in an act to defend themselves sovereignly against any aggressor, meaning, in particular, the rulers of the Habsburg Empire. According to the legend this happened on 1 August 1291 – 730 years ago. Thus, was the Confederatio Hevetica (Swiss Confederation) born.  This is what the Oath said, roughly translated:

We want to be a single People of brethren,
Never to part in danger nor distress.
We want to be free, as our fathers were,
And rather die than live in slavery.
We want to trust in the one highest God
And never be afraid of human power.

From that date forward the alliance of cantons against the Habsburg dynasty grew, though only in 1848, when a new Constitution was adopted, was the present federal republic formed. Today The Swiss Confederation, or the modern Switzerland, consists of 26 fairly autonomous cantons.

Having been oppressed for centuries as Helvetians, the new Switzerland pledged to become a neutral Confederation. This noble principle of neutrality was also enshrined in the Swiss Constitution. Thus, the Friedrich Schiller legend on which much of the origins of the 730 years of Swiss history is based, as well as the belief and pride for the heroic liberation from oppression, is still part of the Swiss characteristic.

By and large, the Friedrich Schiller “Wilhelm Tell” legend – and the noble belief of rebellion for freedom and of a sovereign but federal nation, benefitted many countries with ideas of their own constitutional and geopolitical structure.

Only few, though, have achieved a true federalism, where regions, provinces or districts remained largely autonomous in budget as well as decision- and law-making. Much of the staunch Swiss federalism may be outdated in modern times, as it seems ludicrous that a small nation of only 8.4 million people has 26 different education schemes, and 27 different tax systems, the 27th being the National Federal Tax. Education is in the process of being harmonized; taxes not yet. This is small fry, as compared to geopolitics, practiced then and what it has become today.

Although de facto Switzerland has always taken the side of the West, her constitutional neutrality has and still benefits Switzerland greatly. A truly neutral country would have been free from taking positions for or against Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela and the list could go on.

A truly neutral country would have been free from taking positions for or against the colonial powers of the past centuries. However, while never a colonial power, Switzerland has often participated, even with soldiers, in colonial wars in favor of European colonialists and has royally benefitted from colonialism.

According to SwissInfo (14 August 2020):

Throughout their modern history the Swiss usually took the side of the colonizers rather than the colonized. It is true that Switzerland as a nation-state did not engage in imperialism, and conquered no colonial territories. Attempts to found great economic empires like the East India Company failed.

But it was part and parcel of colonialism to believe that the peoples in colonized lands were inferior to white Europeans. And in 19th-century Switzerland this was definitely part of the prevailing framework of assumptions about the world.

Generations of Swiss grew up with tales of “half-witted negroes”, travelers’ accounts of naïve, child-like savages, and advertising where the colonized were at best a decorative backdrop for colonial products. This thinking affects the country even today.

SwissInfo continues revealing Swiss soldiers fighting in the colonies:

The problem of Switzerland’s historical involvement in colonialism goes beyond controversies about derogatory names or statues. At times the Swiss were actually fighting as soldiers in the colonies.

In 1800, when black slaves in present-day Haiti on the island of Hispaniola, rose in revolt against their French colonial masters, Napoleon sent 600 Swiss troops to fight them. France was able to draw on these mercenaries thanks to an agreement with the Helvetic Republic. This was by no means an exception; even after the modern federal republic was founded in 1848, Swiss defied the law to fight for colonial powers as mercenaries. They could look forward to considerable earnings as long as they didn’t die of tropical diseases.

And on slavery:

However, the big money from the colonies did not go to the mercenaries, who mostly came from impoverished families and saw it as a great adventure to enlist in Dutch or French service. Instead, trade was the moneymaker, be it in goods or human beings from the colonies.

One of the worst kinds of Swiss involvement with colonialism was that of the slave trade. Swiss individuals and companies made money out of slavery as investors and traders, organizing slave-hunting expeditions, buying and selling people as slaves, and, as slave owners, running great plantations which they often proudly called “colonies”.

As a result, quite a few famous Swiss names have started to look bad in recent years. The family of Alfred Escher, a major figure in the development of modern Switzerland, came under a cloud when it became known that it had a plantation run with slave labor. In Sacramento, California, demonstrators pulled down a statue of General John Sutter. The Swiss native son, who hailed from the Basel area, at one time ranked as a hero of the Wild West until historians revealed that he had dealt in child slavery.”

Enough. That’s the past. But fast forward.  Is the present so much different?

Take the covid plandemic the entire world – all 193 UN member countries, have been subjugated to this higher order of – let’s call it – a satanic cult. Its aims are multiple. The key and all overarching goal consists of a massive population reduction, a mass-genocide – eugenics at its worst. Another objective is digitization of everything including the human brain, transforming humans into “transhumans”.

Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO for life of the World Economic Forum – WEF, in a 2016 interview with Swiss-French Radio/TV – SRG, divulges the plan to make from surviving humans “transhumans” – see this 2-min. video interview.

Transhumans will react and obey to 5G/6G-powered electromagnetic-directed Artificial Intelligence (AI); and finally, the last but not least of the three key objectives is transferring the assets of which the lower- and middle-class owners and industries were destroyed by the covid plandemic – to an “upper-class”, insanely rich small elite. This is already happening – and, of course, hardly reported in the mainstream media. While poverty has increased exponentially in the Global South, the dozen richest individuals have added hundreds of billions to their fortunes.

The fact that Switzerland hosts not only annually the WEF Davos Forum, a club of corporate and banking billionaires that has gradually taken over the reins of the world, doesn’t bode well with the Swiss neutrality, the Swiss modesty and the Swiss heroic image of defender of sovereign human rights and justice — the substance of the legendary oath of the Ruetli in 1291. The WEF itself is registered as an NGO in a small, lush suburb of Geneva.

Today this NGO is more powerful than the United Nations. It dictates the rules of the game to the UN. Of course, in many subtle ways, for example, by carefully choosing the people who run the UN and its sub-organization like WHO and others – and by letting money flow and talk, where need be. Money is never an issue for the rulers of the universe. And if money fails, there are other, less subtle ways.

Switzerland remains proud host of the WEF despite worldwide protests against the WEF and the WEF’s machinations and plans for a One World Order (OWO). The WEF’s ideology is closer to the Swiss heart – if there is such a thing as a Swiss heart – than pledged Swiss neutrality, as anchored in the Constitution.

Aside from the WEF – which is a clear sign in which direction neutral Switzerland is leaning – Switzerland is also host to the corporate pharma-directed World Health Organization (WHO), as well as GAVI – the Bill Gates created Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, or short, the Vaccine Alliance. GAVI is physically housed just next door to WHO.

As we know, WHO is calling the controversial and most often contradictory shots on the measures to be imposed by governments with regard to the covid plandemic – and we also know who calls the shots on WHO.

We also know that the WHO recommended mRNA-experimental genetic therapy injections, not vaccines, are causing more deaths than covid does. Here is an insider assessment of WHO and its harmful measures imposed on the world. Dr. Astrid Stueckelberger speaks from the United Nations Plaza in Geneva:

Neutral Switzerland is aligned with pharma-corrupted WHO and GAVI, following the UN-agency’s deadly guidance and dictate. Why?

On yet another score that goes in the direction of global control and population reduction through long-term misery and famine – weaponized man-made weather – what we are experiencing for the last few months almost everywhere on Mother Earth’s “hot spots”, Switzerland appears to be a lead initiator of applied HAARP technologies, as this 5 min video and pertaining text of 4 March 2019 show. See this:

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It was initiated as an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a semi-secret Pentagon think tank.

The pretext and official reason, as usual, for weather manipulation is to stem against climate change and fight for greenhouse gas reduction. When the agenda is a different one, as we live through this northern summer, with never-seen-before floods and droughts, with Siberian heat in the plus 40-degrees C, torrential floods in Saudi Arabia, and around the Three Gorges Dam in China; and with the western US and Canada, all the way up to Alaska extremely hot and burning.

Why would neutral Switzerland be a key instigator of geo-engineered weather that destroys vital infrastructure, harvests – and lives?

As if this was not enough, Switzerland subsidizes her mainstream media by – listen to this! – the equivalent of about US$ 1.9 billion per year. That is about US$ 226 million per capita of the 8.4 million Swiss population.

This must be worldwide the highest media subsidy. It assures that the lies and fears the government wants to instill in the population stick, that the media do not transgress and deviate from their role.

Unfortunately, there is little left of legendary heroic, neutral, sovereign human rights defending Confederatio Helvetica of 730 years ago, of the Gruetli Oath – a noble Oath to God to respect life and to fight for equality and liberty.

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China’s Post-Pandemic Growth:  Reaching Out and Developing Internal Markets and Well-being

“Post-Pandemic” for many countries, especially western countries, is a dream. The west will have to wake up fast, if it doesn’t want to fall prey to a destructive plan of chaos, unemployment, bankruptcies, and, yes, famine – shifting of capital from the bottom and the middle to the top – and leaving misery at the bottom.

Not so for China.  For China, the post-pandemic era is well under way.

When SARS-CoV-2, later renamed by WHO to Covid-19, hit Wuhan in January 2020, China was prepared. Chinese authorities proceeded with warp-speed to prevent the spread of this new corona disease, by a radical lockdown of Wuhan and extending it to Hubei Province. Later, other areas of risk were locked down, including about 80% of China’s production and manufacturing apparatus. The result was astounding. Within a few months, by about mid-2020, China was in control of Covid, and gradually started opening up crucial areas, including the production process, all the while maintaining strict protection measures.

By the end of 2020 China’s economy was practically working at full speed and achieving, according to IMF’s very conservative account, a 2.6% growth for the year. China’s own, and perhaps more realistic projections, were closer to 3.5%. IMF growth projections for China in 2021 stand at 8.4%. China’s economic expansion in 2022 is projected at 5.6%. This is way above any other country in the world.

Compare this with 2020 economic declines way into the red for the US and Europe, of 25% to 35%, and 10% to 15%, respectively. These are real figures. Not necessarily the published ones.

Future expansion in China takes into account that much of the projected growth over the coming years will be internal “horizontal” growth,  helping China’s interior and western provinces catching up with infrastructure, research and development, as well as education facilities – increasing the overall level of well-being to reduce the gap with the highly-developed eastern areas.

China’s economic recovery and her industrial apparatus working at full speed is good for China and good for the world, because China had become in the past four decades or so the western principal supply chain, mainly the US and Europe. We are talking crucial supplies, such as medical equipment, medication and ingredients for medication.  About 80% – 90% used in the west comes from China.

China’s rapid economic growth may be mostly attributed to two main factors: large-scale investments – financed by predominantly domestic savings and foreign capital and rapid productivity growth. These two features appear to have gone hand in hand.

China remains attractive for investors. In addition to medical equipment, China supplies the west and the world with electronic equipment and is meant to become one of the key developers and exporter of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate and facilitate research and manufacturing processes, while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

China’s outlook for the future is bright. However, a number of anormal factors have to be considered, for instance:

(i) The unresolved covid issues in the west, which may be reducing demand naturally or by force – possibly import restrictions for goods from China as a way of constant pressure on China;

(ii) Continuation of a direct and indirect trade and currency war on China. To the detriment of the US-dollar, China’s currency, the yuan  and soon the digital yuan as international payment currency, independent from western controlled monetary transfer modes, is gaining rapidly in status as an international reserve money. According to some estimates, in five years the yuan may account for up to 30% of all world reserves. As a parenthesis, the US-dollar in the early 1990s amounted to more than 90% of worldwide reserve denominations; today that proportion has shrunk to less than 60%; and,

(iii) The west, led by Washington, is intent to harm China in whatever way they can. It will not succeed. Washington knows it. But it is a typical characteristic of a dying beast to lash around itself to destroy as much as possible in its surroundings before it collapses.

Just as an example which the world at large is probably unaware of, China is presently surrounded by about 1,400 US military bases, or bases of other countries which host US military equipment and personnel. About 60% of the US navy fleet is currently stationed in the South China Sea.

Just imagine what would happen, if China or any other super-power, would be surrounding the US with military basis and an aggressive Navy fleet!

China is constantly harassed, sanctioned and slandered with outright lies. One of the prevalent examples of defamations, is her alleged inhuman treatment of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. Total population of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwestern China is about 26 million, of which some 12 million are Uyghurs, mostly of Muslim belief.

Uyghur Muslims are regularly recruited by US secret services from across the border with Afghanistan, sent to fight the Jihad in the Middle East, and when some of them return, China makes an effort to re-school and re-integrate them into society.

Could the real reason for this western aggression be that Xinjiang province, the largest and western-most province of China, is also a principal hub for the two or more main routes of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – trans-Asia Routes, by rail through Pakistan to the Gwadar Port in the Persian Gulf, and possibly by road through the newly to become autonomous Afghanistan, connecting China with Iran?

China is perceived as a threat to western hegemonic thinking – to western-style globalization, which is the concept of a One World Order over a borderless western corporate and banking-controlled world – and because China is well positioned to become the world’s number one economy in absolute terms within a few years.

These are challenges to be kept in mind in planning China’s future economic development.

In fact, already today China is number one in PPP-terms (purchasing power parity), which is the only indicator that counts, namely how much of goods and services may be acquired with a unit of currency.

Taking these challenges into account, and following her non-aggressive and non-expansive moving-forward style, China may be embarking on a three-pronged development approach. Overarching this tactic may include China’s 2025 Plan and 2035/2050 vision: A strong emphasis on economic and defense autonomy.

(i) Outreach and connecting with the rest of the world through President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, also called One Belt One Road (OBOR) which is patterned according to the ancient Silk Road more than 2,100 years ago, a peaceful trade route connecting Eastern China through Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

On a global scale, OBOR embraces currently more than 130 countries and over 30 international organizations, including 18 countries of the European Union. OBOR offers their partners participation – no coercion. The attraction and philosophy behind OBOR is shared benefits – the concept of win-win. OBOR may be the road to socioeconomic recovery from covid consequences and cross-border cooperation for participating countries.

OBOR is also aiming at a multi-polar world where partner countries would equally benefit through infrastructure, industrial joint ventures, cultural exchange, exploration of new renewable sources of energy, research and education projects working towards a joint future with prosperity for all.

Here is the distinction between the western and Chinese meaning of “globalization”. In the west, it means a unipolar world controlled by one hegemon, the US of A, with one army called NATO which forcibly holds the west, mainly Europe, together. NATO, with its 2.5 billion-dollars official budget – unofficially a multiple of this amount reaching into the trillions – spreads already with its tentacles into South America, Colombia.

Together the west, or Global North, is a conglomerate of NATO-vassal-countries with little autonomy as compared to Chinese globalization – meaning a multi-polar connection of countries, all the while OBOR-linked countries maintain their sovereignty. This is “globalization” with Chinese characteristics.

(ii) In a precautionary detachment from western dependence, China is focusing trade development and cooperation with her ASEAN partners. In November 2020, after 8 years of negotiations, China signed a free trade agreement with the ten ASEAN nations, plus Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, altogether 15 countries, including China.

The so-called Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, covers some 2.2 billion people, commanding about 30% of the world’s GDP. This is a never before reached agreement in size, value and tenor.

China and Russia have a longstanding strategic partnership, containing bilateral agreements that also enter into this new trade fold. The countries of the Central Asia Economic Union (CAEU), consisting mostly of former Soviet Republics, as well as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), are likewise integrated into the eastern trade block.

The RCEP’s trade deals will be carried out in local currencies and in yuan – no US dollars. The RCEP is, therefore, also an instrument for dedollarizing, primarily in the Asia-Pacific Region, and gradually moving across the globe; and,

(iii) China will focus much of her future development on her internal and western regions – increase the standard of well-being of populations, infrastructure, research and development – industrial development, joint ventures, including with foreign capital. To achieve a better equilibrium between eastern and western China is crucial for socioeconomic sustainability.

This dual development approach, on the one hand, external trade with close ASEAN associates, as well as with OBOR partners; and on the other, achieving internal equilibrium and well-being, is a circular development, feeding on each other, minimizing risks and impacts of western adversary aggressions.

China’s achievements in her 71 years of revolution speak for themselves. They are unmatched by any nation in recent history. From a country largely ruined by western-influenced colonization and conflicts, China rose from the ashes, by not only lifting 800 million people out of poverty, but also by becoming food, health and education self-sufficient.

Coinciding with the 4 March 2021, opening of the Chinese People’s political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Robert F. Kennedy Jr., late President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, asked the pertinent question, “Can We Forge a New Era of Humanity Before It’s Too Late?” – His answer is simple but lucid: “Unless we move from a civilization based on wealth accumulation to a life-affirming, ecological civilization, we will continue accelerating towards global catastrophe.”

This understanding is also at the forefront of China’s vision for the next 15 to 20 years – and beyond. A China-internal objective is an equitable development to well-being for all; and on a world-scale, a community with shared benefits for all.

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How to Dull People’s Minds and Then Kill Them

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, born in Berlin in 1950, is a German medical doctor, a scientist and teacher. He practices foremost in the US, but also gives regular seminars in Germany.

In the following one-and-a-half-minute video, Dr. Klinghardt says it all. What to do to totally control, dumb and eventually kill people: You spray their food with Glyphosate (Bayer/Monsanto), contaminate the air with aluminum dust from chemtrails, and add some more aluminum to vaccines, for example, Covid-19 injections. Actually they are not vaccines.

The US CDC has only granted manufacturers of the mRNA-type inoculations temporary permissions to call them “experimental gene therapy”. They are not to be named vaccines. If governments, the media and the medical community at large does it anyway, they are lying to you.

What is further needed, Dr. Klinghardt says, are certain electromagnetic frequencies (5G), to kill the detox enzymes in your body. And precisely these frequencies are brought to us via our cell-phones, to which 99% of people living in western societies are virtually “married”.

In conclusion, he observes, that behind such a diabolical plan, there must be evil scientists and evil politicians. See the video (in German with English translation), here.

What to do? Abstain from taking PCR tests which have nothing to do with actually detecting the never isolated SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are based – unnecessarily – on taking slime samples from way up in your nose, touching the thin membrane that separates your sinuses from the brain. You may bet that the tests have another agenda. The “tests” introduce chemicals into your brain which dull your Pineal gland, so as to diminish and eventually kill your sensibility and sensitivities.

What these non-vaxxes also do is they have a strong sterilizing effect on women and drastically reduce men’s sperm count. It all fits in with the eugenists’ agenda of massive depopulation.

What to do? Simple. Abstain and don’t let yourself be coerced into taking PCR tests and mRNA-type experimental gene therapy jabs.

Yes, you may be temporarily confronted with many restrictions for travel and attending public events. Stick it out. This crime of epic proportions is in the process of being laid open. Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and his team of the international-German Corona Investigative Committee has already begun filing class-action suits in Canada and the US, and is suing institutions and individuals in Germany and in Europe at large.

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The Gladiators Are Back

A gladiator (Latin for “swordsman”) was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and later in the Roman Empire, in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. The fights were to the people’s delight. At the end of a fight the winner looked to the yelling, hurling and screaming audience or to the “moderator” – what to do next? Thumbs up meant give him mercy, let him live; thumbs down: kill ‘em. A cheering crowd would watch these horrendous games of mostly men fighter. There were some female exceptions. As in today’s world there are also some female gladiators.

Today, there are female competitions in almost all sports. But they are generally in lesser demand than men-events. After all, we live in a macho-world. Wars and other conflict confrontations are mostly led by men, and those who suffer most, are women, children and the elderly.

The Gladiator fights date back to the 3rd Century BC. Nowadays’ gladiator games are adapted to the 21st Century.

The origin of gladiatorial combats is not clear. There is some evidence that they were used in funeral rites during the Punic Wars of the 3rd Century BC. The Punic Wars were a series of confrontations fought between the Roman Republic and the Ancient Empire of Carthage (based in what today is Tunisia and stretching over western North Africa). Those were for pure entertainment of the masses, to deviate from war losses, and to show winner’s ego, pride – propaganda for more fighting and more violence.

The tradition of gladiator games lasted for almost a thousand years, until the 6th Century AD. Their origins appear like ceremonial, but later, when the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire – they served as brutal entertainments for the masses to deviate their attention from what the empire was doing at home, or “cooking” abroad, in foreign lands, with resources – “taxes” – taken from the people. Resources of the people being diverted to causes that served only a small elite.

Not unlike today, where resources from the people, “taxes” from peoples’ earnings are used for purposes that are decided by the elite in power to a large extent, for reasons and projects that do not serve the people at all. Just take the military budgets. They serve a small group — the war and destruction industry — but not the people. People do not want wars.

In the early years of the first millennium (70 AD), the Roman Colosseum was built, where most gladiator games were fought. They were entertaining “compensation-deviation” for the people, so they would not think about what was going on with their monetary resources in foreign lands or even at home against their vital interests of wellbeing. Their attention was focused on small-scale violence, leaving the big behind-the-scenes stuff to the elite.

The gladiator battles that pitted armed combatants against one another in brutal but often highly choreographed duels to the death were by far the most popular kind of entertainment that unfolded in the Colosseum.

Today, modern-day Colosseums are football and soccer stadiums. Thus, modern-day gladiator fights are back. They are not as violent and as deadly as those fought in the ancient Roman Colosseum, but today’s emotion-loaded sports events are also destined to deviating peoples’ attention from the “deadly games”, games played by a minute world elite, well hidden from the entertained masses. So well hidden and prepared for decades that they hit the people like a ton of bricks when they are finally let loose on the innocent masses – masses for years misled by their governments’ propaganda machine.

Right now, the plandemic, called covid-19, has within 18 months already devastated the lives of billions of people throughout the UN’s 193 UN member countries – not by disease (SARS-CoV-2) caused death, but rather by a devastated economy, induced poverty, famine, despair and eventually death from desolation, famine and misery.

Within a year and a half, basic human rights have been stolen, abridged, taken away in warp speed, and what were thought to be at least remnants of democracies, especially in the Global North, have become tyrannies, almost overnight; legalized tyrannies many of them under swiftly and semi-clandestinely passed martial law.

Driven by fake news and lavishly paid false propaganda, people have been lulled into fear – constant fear of death from an invisible enemy “V” for virus – from a monstruous fear-machine – false and fabricated disease figures, that they – and the entire society, what’s left of it — is breaking apart, incapable of living normal lives. Indeed, because normal life has been extinguished with the well-in-advance planned pandemic; i.e., plandemic.

An obscure ultra-rich world elite that pretends to call the shots on everything, ordered governments to submit to The Virus, a corona virus, SARS-Cov-2, the version two of the SARS virus launched principally on China in 2002/2003. The “order” came on 11 March 2020, from the pharma-compromised World Health Organization (WHO) declaring SARS-Cov-2, alias Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic. It is virology 101, no virus strikes naturally the entre world all 193 UN member countries at once. This was the beginning of the UN Agenda 2030, also called Agenda 21.

It’s also the beginning of the modern-days’ gladiator games.

In this ten-year-program, UN Agenda 2030, a complete structural change of society, if not our civilization, is planned to be implemented, leaving behind what the World Economic Forum (WEF) calls “The Great Reset”, a world that belongs to a few diabolical dark, rich beings, served by a drastically reduced world population.

The death knell to bring the population down is a gigantic drive of “vaccination” with precisely what the CDC calls an “experimental gene-therapy”, so-called mRNA jabs. Governments around the globe lie, calling it a vaccine. They spend the peoples’ billions, if not trillions, in tax money to lavishly reward the pharmaceuticals – in return for “vaccines”.

Already the immediate reaction to the coerced jabs is a severe death toll, reaching within the first 6 months of the “vaxx-drive” reported serious injuries and deaths that are exponentially higher than those of regular vaccinations over the past 50 years together.

The European Union reports 1.5 million serious vaccine injuries and 15,500 Deaths from the mRNA-jabs, as of 25 June 2021. See here. And by far, not all injuries are reported.

That already indicates that this tyrannical drive to vaccinate more than 7 billion people on Mother Earth, against a virus which has a proven death rate of no more than 0.3% to 0.8 %, about equivalent to the common flu, has nothing to do with health; absolutely nothing. To the contrary.  Its wanton injury, and even better: death. And 193 UN member governments are coopted, either by (deadly) threats or by lush rewards, or simply by being given a placebo instead of a deadly mRNA-experimental toxin.

While all is done to convert the lie – a universal crime of biblical proportions – into the truth, by billions of dollars or euros spent on false propaganda, the real truth does slowly seep through. Real science is exiting the matrix of the bought and corrupted science – and is revealing against all odds and threats, the truth. It is still largely suppressed, but gradually emerging – and ever more of the lulled masses are waking up to life-threatening lies and crimes of their governments.

“It’s time to insert a break” so, the elite, those who shall not be named, but are invisibly commanding the visible elite of our governments. And mind you, those who resist may disappear.

It’s time for the modern-days gladiator games, sports events like soccer championships, the European Cup, the American Cup, a variety of tennis championships, Wimbledon (UK), French Open, US Open, Australian Open, the summer Olympics starting these days in Japan…

Fights between today’s gladiators are normally not about death and life – but they nevertheless let bottled-up emotions explode — like you’d never think humans are capable of letting off so much steam. Just watch the slow-motion replays of a goal in one of these soccer championships matches. It is almost unbelievable the energy let loose by the players as well as by the public. Reality is forgotten. That’s the plan.

Just imagine the shall-remain-unnamed billionaires, and others belonging to the dark and wicked masterminds behind the scenes and above the governments, leaning back in their armchairs watching a soccer game, elated of joy, smiling.  We have them where we want them to be.  Giv’em another month or two of diversion, then we’ll lock them down again. This time even harsher, so they get used to it, become familiar with the method — with the infamous carrot and stick approach.

And the stick is getting bigger and bigger and the carrot proportionately smaller, just a little piece of sugar, of hope to have you accept the master’s scepter coming down on you, ever more forcefully, bringing ever more hardship, misery, disease and death. You shall learn to be obedient.

Tyrants Don’t Create Tyranny. Our Obedience Does. See also this article.

This may well be the plan. The covid-tyrants will tell the media: After all, it’s their fault. We told them to be careful, to wear masks, keep social distancing; get vaccinated….

And the media go in over-drive: The new strong variants, like the ever-stronger Delta variant is spreading rapidly. It’s affecting sports players as well as spectators. The media is already warning that “infection cases” are rising, related to the sports events, that people were careless in their behavior and may have to bear the consequences at the end of summer, or before, when the virus, or new “variants” of the virus hit and over-burden hospitals.

The Third Wave is in the coming. It is already being announced openly by the media. They never fail to announce their plan in advance.  It’s part of the satanic ritual.

In Australia the “Delta Variant” has already locked down Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and maybe other cities. This is scary. Others be prepared, You may be next.

In the meantime, to keep spirits up and going, to incite even more “transgressions” against obedience, marketing outlets (are being sold to) say that flying in the Global North may be back to “normal” by 2022. Giving hope to normalcy. Nothing is more deceiving than one’s hopes being crashed and that for “mea-culpa” because we, the people, transgressed against all precautions, against risks.

The winter may hit us hard. Lower our moral. Make us more obedient. Make us see the stick, the ever-present stick.

They say, the “D” for Delta Variant is so much stronger – they are already developing a new vaccine for it. So, those who have had already their two shots and are still alive, may need to get a third one to ward off the Delta Variant. Such a nonsense. Variants are usually weaker than the original virus and they usually differ no more than 5% from the original in the case of corona viruses.

But in the meantime, and while we live the northern summer, let’s enjoy football, soccer, tennis, Olympics – what have you – all sorts of sports that brings out the animal in us in terms of emotions, and yelling and screaming and mass waving for a team, a player, mass celebrations, thumbs up, and thumbs down.  Let’s do, and be, gladiators and enjoy their game.

It’s nothing but a prep for the real killing game, where We, The People, are in the arena, exposed to the “swordsmen” – and those high above us, social media giants, computer moguls, eugenists, bankers of the “chosen ones” – again, they shall remain unnamed – those above the UN and all the member governments, those who are watching us, have been watching us for at least the last century – these un-people, will eventually lift or lower their thumbs when they see us crumbling and already beaten by fear.

Shall we live or die?  It really depends on us.

Do we want to wake up, step out of the Matrix and take the Red Pill, taking responsibility for a new world which WE, the People are to create in solidarity? Or do we, as a majority, submit to comfort and to the agenda of the WEF’s Global Resetters, and those that command the Global Resetters, hoping and trusting to be happy at the end when we own nothing.

Mind you, this gladiator game – call it also “the process” — is currently planned to end by 2030 or earlier, if we continue the way we have been. The way it looks right now, from the Global Gladiators vintage point, we will continue to just submitting to massive vaxxing, followed by horrifying “side effects” and death, hoping to survive, being happy as digitized humanoids, owning nothing and being managed by AI robots, becomimg the new norm.

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