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Of Life and Death

Religious cults have always seemed weird to me. Political cults, equally bizarre. But I’ve never encountered anything quite as dangerous or strange as the current medical cult of eugenicists running wild upon the earth. A nihilistic death machine masquerading behind a mask of health care. But peel back the thin veil and it’s all really just a sick joke. Get it?

I always wondered how in the world people like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao could have ever risen to power and been provided with the opportunity to unleash their systems of methodical human extermination. But the mainstream “pop” culture of the modern era has put all doubt aside in my mind regarding that question. Because I now realize perfectly well how it happens.

The psychology of the general public allows it, even cheers it on, even joins in to parrot all the propaganda they’re fed from the approved authoritative sources, mouthpieces, and talking heads.

Fascism and communism are no longer far-off ideologies being implemented by adversarial forces across the pond that we can point toward and warn about as being slowly approaching threats. They’re now staring us straight in the face on a regular basis in the newfangled form of technocracy, transhumanism, and globalism. It’s called the New World Order, darling, and its tentacles are sinking deeper by the day.

The part about this whole ordeal that shocks me the most is just how well-coordinated and effective the suppression of free-flowing information has been in the public sphere, despite the fact that everyone connected to the internet has access to and the ability to find the truth if they only put in the effort of seeking it out.

Partly, the problem arises from the fact that a certain percentage of people don’t actually want to hear the truth because once knowing it they are then presented with having a larger responsibility to actually do something about it in their lives. So it is much easier for them to just keep a low profile and flow with whatever the consensus bias happens to be at any given moment and simply go along to get along without causing any disturbance or drawing any unwanted attention to themselves.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the quote from Thomas Gray, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Well, there’s another quote from Thomas Jefferson that I find appropriate for those who want to keep their heads buried in the sand:

The amount of tyranny you get, is the exact amount you put up with.

In that vein, the more insidious, draconian aspect of this corrupt situation doesn’t involve people’s willingness to set aside their critical thinking, but rather is a direct product of the censorship being enforced by the corporate media, social media, and government institutions. Basically, anyone who tries to speak out and raise truth up to the surface level gets their voice silenced and online presence axed out of existence.

We’ve watched it play out with the thousands of doctors and nurses who bravely touted the effective nature of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as treatments for the virus. They were swiftly demonized by the system and banished to realms not easily observed by the mainstream. Now we’re witnessing the same basic theme repeat with people like Dr. Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon, Dr. Peter McCullough, and so many others who are warning about antibody-dependent enhancement and the adverse effects of the mRNA spike protein.

Regardless, the data is still readily available and provided directly from different governments’ own systems. It can be accessed by anyone. The most alarming statistics are found in the weekly reports released through VAERS in conjunction with the CDC here in the US which shows that from December of 2020 through July of 2021 there have now been over 12,000 reported deaths and 545,000 adverse reactions (of which over 70,000 are serious injuries).

It boggles my mind that more people are not aware of this information, but it just goes to show the type of stranglehold the Beast System has over the public discourse and narrative. It’s unfathomable, really.

One of the great ironies and tragedies of human psychology is the propensity of our minds to facilitate behavior that is self-destructive and irrational in its nature.

And so, when a mistake is made, it is common that a person, instead of assuming responsibility and altering their course appropriately to avoid the same pattern from being repeated in the future, will, rather, shun such responsibility and project blame outwardly on others or on the world at large or on God or on nature or on any other force that can be raised up in their consciousness to point at and target as a scapegoat.

And, instead of viewing the situation from a logical perspective, they will enter into a state of cognitive dissonance, denial, and learned helplessness that allows them to block out the problem and not have to deal with it. A sort of Stockholm Syndrome where they begin to subconsciously identify favorably with the very circumstances that have caused them harm to begin with, thus entering into a vicious loop where the oppressive energy remains in control.

Basically, the concept is that upon realizing they are in a hole, instead of climbing out when it is still relatively shallow, they continue digging even deeper, hollowing out the space for their own potential grave.

This is why it is not unusual that people are unable to alter their lifestyle until they have reached rock bottom. I happen to have learned this lesson repeatedly in my younger years so I speak from experience.

The theory doesn’t only apply to individuals, though. It can be extrapolated out to better understand collective organizations as well. And we are, indeed, at that point as a society and a species.

It is now a matter of life or death in the eugenics-based Beast System of the New World Order. Those who do not realize the implications of continuing along in obedience to its methods of persuasion and propaganda will wind up wandering straight off the edge of a cliff. Those who resist, assume responsibility for their own destiny, become fully informed, and make wise decisions will at least stand a chance of surviving and making it through to the other side.

Not the cheeriest message I’ve ever delivered, but certainly the most somber and realistic.

We are – to weave another metaphor into the thread – in the belly of the whale. So one can either curl up in a fetal position and wait to drown in the abyss or muster up a bit of courage and begin to claw their way out of the monster to then swim back up to safety on the surface.

There will never be a more welcome and peaceful breath that purifies the lungs than that first inhalation after breaking loose from the shackles of tyranny and escaping the grasp of the technocratic transhumanist agenda to fully embrace the blessing of true sovereignty as renaissance reignites upon the earth.

Humanity can only be submerged for so long before survival instincts kick in and start working on overdrive to make up for lost time. Such are the signs being seen recently as concerned citizens take to the streets to protest in France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the UK. A beautiful sight to behold as massive waves of hundreds of thousands of people point the way toward a great awakening here in the age of Revelation.

Well, I say the signs have been seen, but only by those who are actively seeking. Because footage certainly isn’t being served up on a silver platter by the corporate media or Big Tech oligarchs. The truth about reality on the ground is still kept hush-hush in those circles. But the control mechanisms of the corrupt Priest Class are breaking down at an increasingly accelerated pace and so they won’t be able to keep the lid on this boiling pot for much longer. The scenes are, however, being broadcast widely on platforms that remain free and open to transparent communication. I’ve been feasting on a steady diet of late, and my digestion has never been smoother.

Despite all the lunacy underway in this world right now, honestly, I’ve been having the time of my life so far this year. When you were spit out of the womb with a rebellious streak slashing straight through your soul, existence tends to take on a heightened sense of meaning and more purposeful intensity once the chaos really starts ramping up. These trying times are just a test of character in the end. So, as I continue to say, walk steady with a sturdy spine in good spirits. Hallelujah.

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Jabberwocky Theater

Well, they say that time flies when you’re having fun, and as you grow older such an expression seems to have an increased impact and meaning as each new cycle spins. But I’m not sure that any point in human history has seen as much flux as this still-young decade of the 2020s has already been through.

We began the journey with a cool launch as version 2.0 of the roaring twenties commenced, but that quickly gave way to the Age of  Terror in which the villainous machinations of mad scientists were revealed as they unleashed their plagues, which in turn brought us face to face with the next stage of Orwell’s fevered dream that has manifested in the form of draconian lockdowns, suppression of effective medical treatments, massive censorship, propaganda campaigns, forced inoculations in many parts of the world, and the rise of globalist-inspired technocratic tyranny.

It’s created one hell of a whirlwind thus far, so I can’t say I’m surprised that so many peoples’ heads are still spinning and that they can’t make heads or tails of what’s being imposed upon them as the jewels of liberty are methodically stripped away. But, even so, there’s really no excuse for not being informed and having a strong sense of discernment at this point in the process. It’s all been prophesized and warned about enough, no doubt.

Thankfully, it does seem as though some of the heralded signs have been taken to heart.

Protests in Cuba? Beautiful to see. Protests in the UK? Wonderful to behold. Protests in France? Glorious to witness.

Did the World Economic Forum and the Fortune 100 corporations and the United Nations and the World Health Organization and Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation and the Big Tech oligarchs and all the minions of these authoritarian governments across the globe that are continually imposing increasingly despotic edicts outside of natural and common law think that humanity was going to just collectively roll over, assume a fetal position, and suck their thumbs without putting up any resistance when the “build back better” and “great reset” and “sustainable development” and “Agenda 2030” bullshit hit the fan?

Not a chance.

Well, of course, they understood quite well that a large swath of the sheepish population would do just that. But, hell, a lot of people at this point would put a bullet in their own brain or jump off a thousand foot cliff if certain experts that they worship as false idols informed them that such actions were the scientifically proven methods toward achieving radiant health and immortality (or even just simple immunity from a souped-up, bio weapon virus). That’s perfectly evident at this point of the game, and such behavior is no different than the people who gleefully lined up to turn their babies over to be sacrificed atop the Aztec pyramid when the priest class of that era convinced them that the sun had disappeared in a fit of anger when really it was just catching some shade during an eclipse and would pop back out at any moment without the need for slitting any throats.

That lemming-mimicking segment of society has never been concerned much with the precepts of common sense, critical analysis, or free thinking throughout the ages, and so their current fear-induced hysteria is no different in the modern epoch we’re currently living through.

But that doesn’t account for a solid 25% of people (or, if we’re fortunate, even more) who do care, greatly, about maintaining their own sovereignty. And so they won’t go down without questioning the so-called authority figures who are pulling all these heinous stunts. And, in the long run, it’s this courageous minority who will be victorious. Though it’s certainly going to be a bumpy ride along the way to reach that point down the line. So be it. The principles of autonomy are well-worth the effort to preserve, and a bit of discomfort in the short term sure beats the hell out of the Satanic one world government system of the beast being offered as an alternative path with an endgame of complete destitution and neo-feudalistic nonsense that will only bring about total enslavement of the species.

So it’s encouraging to watch the resistance as it mounts and grows by the day. It’s no doubt true that order arising out of chaos is a real principle that plays out in nature, society, and individual psychology. It’s just not going to be the type of manufactured decline of civilization that these transhumanist demons at the top of the scam are hoping for so they can offer their depraved solutions after the crash. It is their plans, ultimately, which are destined to fail, fall, and burn. Magnificently. Then the phoenix of renaissance can take flight.

I guess the big question that looms in the air before us now is: when does the Nuremberg Trial redux begin? Because I know that karma weaves its web and works its wiles on its own terms and in its own mysterious ways, but I’m sort of keen on the concept of justice being rendered swiftly and served in a timely fashion at this stage of the plot.

I’ve no doubt it will happen. For though it may seem as if darkness and deception have taken the upper hand and garnered dominion across the earth, there are always reciprocal forces at work behind the scenes keeping the overall energy in balance; and so, as the lies spewed forth from the mud-caked lips of swine become intolerably blatant, truth is risen up more quickly to breach the surface of the collective consciousness.

In fact, that’s why the authoritarians have taken their gloves off. They didn’t foresee in their algorithmic equations that resistance to their schemes would be so large, or how vehement certain folks would be in the desire to keep their freedoms intact. The control freaks feel their grip loosening and losing sway, and so they are doing everything they can in a hurried, bumbling, blundering fashion to try and keep hold of their tenuous grasp.

But we all know how sand slips through the fingers of a closed fist, and we’ve all heard tell about the genie that can’t be shoved back in the bottle once released. Yeah, Pandora is out and about, and there’s no turning back the clock now, darling.

The times have never been more interesting, and I’ve never been more thankful to be alive. The show must go on, and though the action might get a bit more perilous and sketchy as we reach the climatic scenes of this drama, there’s a big bright light shining from the other side pulling us forward with a magnetic tug of love.

So walk steady with a straight, sturdy spine in high spirits. Hallelujah.

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En Garde 2021

From the viral fun of the Wuhan Age straight into the fevered depths of Orwell’s wet dream, welcome to round two of the roaring twenties.

With all the resolutions and excitement of the holiday season that took place of late, we all knew that a simple ceremonial spin around the sun wasn’t going to alter the trajectory of our current orbit. The turning underway at this point in history is of a higher calling, and it doesn’t much matter what numbers are used to timestamp the occasion from one year to the next.

Perception isn’t necessarily reality, but it does play a key role in how well one is able to continually adapt through the process of change.

I’m not entirely sure what my exact purpose is in life, as these things can take some time to firmly flesh out and settle upon, but I’m 100% certain that one of the fundamental themes is resisting all forms of tyranny and opposing the Beast System of this world and all its insidious tentacles that are wrapped around the throat of humanity. Unfortunately, some people get their kicks and kinks from asphyxiation and tend to identify favorably with dominating powers. It’s a sad persuasion of influence to fall under. So that’s a bummer.

In an age of great deceit, it has become abundantly clear that it is not freedom which some people seek, but rather freedom from freedom. A willful turning over of consciousness and critical thinking to pundits, officials, experts, technocrats, and other politicized hacks and clowns of the ruling elite/degenerates.

Ah, may you live in interesting times, it has been said; but also, be careful what you wish for.

I’ve been thinking about our ancestors of late, how they emerged from the gene swarm soup and then trudged around naked in the freezing cold for countless ages, surviving, struggling, striving, pushing ever-forward with the fire of creation roaring within their bellies, propelling the species with an inherent urge toward progression.

Humanity gets a bad rap in certain circles. But I’m not feeling that nihilistic vibe. I love our essence of evolution.

And knowing every cataclysm, catastrophe, plague, pestilence, famine, natural disaster, war, revolution, and epoch-shattering event our forebears made it through on earth, I’m heartened by the fact that we will as well.

Every dirty trick in the book has been tossed on our path during the past 12 months, but we’re making it through because that’s just what we do. We are a tried and tested species.

And though there are heavy forces at work in the world that would seek to see us fall, they always end up failing in the end. Because that’s just what they do.

We must always honor the sacrifices made by those who came before by continuously putting our best effort into conquering whatever challenges lie ahead. And one day we’ll be remembered in kind as future generations keep the same promise. Pass it on.

The greatest sin I can think of, during the present moment at least, is to live a life devoid of courage. The blessing of being a part of this magnificent creation of God comes with the gift of infinite possibilities that can be brought forth through ingenuity and creativity, but it also comes with a great responsibility to stand with a strong spine when confronted by forces that sway toward the ideology of victimized apathy, which, in turn, leads to naught but destruction, chaos, confusion, and ruins. Yikes!

Whether it’s the international banking cartels or the Big Tech Oligarchs perched high in their Silicon Valley castles or the propaganda machine of the corporate Medes or the military industrial complex or the pharmaceutical lobbying interests or any of the other corrupted mafia institutions that have failed to serve as honest gatekeepers and arbiters of truth in society, it’s all cut from a similar cloth.

You can call it fascism, you can call it communism, or you can call it a centralized, command-and-control, collectivist leviathan of authoritarianism. After all, a thorn by any other name still stings the same.

Fill me with the Holy Spirit and I will write something beautiful. Or speak of terrible things concerning love, war, God, and what we all saw coming.

The parasitic Priest Class of the entrenched establishment has its fangs sunk deep into the body politics and culture of this world. A decadent empire thrashing and wailing, held in place by fraudulent means. The way of the wicked always weaves deceit in darkness.

But it’s nothing to get all bent out of shape about. Schemes hatched by hyenas are prone to shriek loudest when exposed under pressure. Light burns hottest at the melting point of truth.

The New World Order globalist agenda promises to “build back better” with a “great reset.” No, thank you. The ideology is destined to collapse.

The moral high ground will always prove to be the most precarious perch for hypocrites to hold. Take heart and walk steady in good spirits

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Only One Can Make the Grade

Slow drip in the pipes
of the tenth dimension.

Parachute through the ozone
with your blanket comfort of platitudes.

Wrap me up in fuzzy layers
of plucked feathers and apricot fur.

Breakfast served on a silver platter
with cacao nibs hot to trot and fervent.

Kiss-kiss on a tree limb
when the Tao bends the willow.

Walk atop the river’s thin skin
to manufacture urgent reactions.

Empty sleeves and parlor tricks
hidden in the hollow of crooked teeth.

Pearly white puffs of cloud
signal smoke between huffing lungs.

Collapse the center just for kicks
to see how many giggles come with chaos.

Gene swarm in the hot soup
where juices are sluiced to reveal golden miracles.

Volcano Meets Eruption

If I could crawl
inside your chest
and build a nest
oh my girl
don’t you know I’d rest
with perfect peace
close to your heart

If I could wake
each new dawn
and sing your song
oh my goddess
don’t you know I’d long
for the lyrics
that brought a smile
across your lips

If I could burn
this blazing torch
on our back porch
oh my love
don’t you know I’d search
for the brightest fire
to offer light
all through your life

Cotton Candy Fever Rush

Across my spine is a shiver shake
electric in its natural rhythm
from the boil in the gene swarm
to the lava licking atoms’ lust
all I ever wanted was a true love
back before I was a tadpole
turning tricks in the primal soup
catching waves when the moon cries
cotton candy blistered sugar lips
razor thin with the sweetest shave
cutting years off my lifeline
shove the clock with a deep push

In my mind is a pile of gold
silver shimmer in the syrup heat
when the sheets wrinkle through the night
wake up sweating with a fever rush
hold me close when I crave the truth
shadow dancing with the heart’s pulse
organs singing in the shower loud
twist the echo toward a new realm
screaming lullabies on the mountaintop
when the lion starts to really roar
need my fox here to guide the vision
cast out the cards and close three eyes

Product Placement

Place your tax break
near my lower bracket
and then brace
for balance
upon impact
as I send you swirling
toward the higher class
of holy angels
that walk amongst us
here on earth.

Place your precious lips
around the swollen ego
of my liver
and then start to suck
twenty years of wine
from the organ
one glass at a time;
red or white,
the story remains
ever the same.

Place your nuclear warhead
on the tip of my tongue
and then dance a jig
as the fireworks ignite
in an electric symphony
of infinite explosions
while I tap and tease
every triggered red button
I can find
for my greedy little fingers.

Place your hopes and dreams
close to my weathered ears
with a wanton whisper
until the winds of change
begin blowing hard
across the wonderland of winter
and the scales
of the seasons shift
as the righteous gavel
falls hard and splinters.

Place your lucky penny
between the copper folds
of my blistered palm
and squeeze my hand
with primal passion
until the fist
is red and screaming
as a thousand coins
like grains of sand
slip sadly through the sieve.

Product Placement” via YouTube


Transcendent energy

embracing ego
with soft hands
so as to nurture
its existence
toward the light

Ascendant vibration

allowing truth
to flow freely
without holding back
the absolute necessity
of transformative change

Evolution in a nutshell

breathing the essence
of holy hallelujah
into healthy lungs
that long to exhale
purity back into the world

From out the Silence…Light

Something silent this way comes –
What ancient angles call out the angels?
What sacred shapes complete the cycle?
This gray world is seeking its shine
crying out for color
Stain these windows
Paint these walls
Sing these hymns
and pray for the light at the end
of the tunnel
to pierce through a breaking fog
We’ve been left in the dark too long

Stoic statues waiting on a miracle –
Seeking some corporate master to save the day
when the answers lie not in concrete pavement
and flashing neon billboard advertisements
selling the sickness unto our death
but in the subtle shades of green
still alive and breathing
in an open park where trees are vibrant
and persistent grass pushes up through cracks
A fountain of youth
in the center of gravity’s rotation
A tower to Heaven
we can climb once we’re ready
Unbound of these earthly shackles
Prepared for a higher destiny
moving hand-in-hand toward something more

A cleansing tide is coming soon –
Who will be stuck in the oil spill?
Who will build their Buddha raft
and set sail atop the high peak wave?
A God sent ark built with
our own two hands and conscious ingenuity
Every problem has a solution
once the ways of old perception are smashed
with a hammer designed to demolish false idols
The Kingdom has been here all along
Time now to see who chooses
to unlock the pearly gates within
so the New Age can come in peace